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Rock and Roll Strategy

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 11:46 PM
In the early days of rock music, before the consolidation of record label companies, there were lots of independent recording labels that cropped up. These smaller labels obviously didn't have the marketing machine to really propel their product, but the product was so enticing that Rythm and Blues quickly exploded into a whole new era of modern culture and the new music hit the airwaves, but music wasn't the only thing that was hitting the airwaves, some of these guys had something say, and for the first time perhaps in the history of mass marketing, they had an audience that was more than willing to hear them. They actually made a difference in at least American history, and I think at the time, rock and roll was the equivilent to ATS of sorts. There have been some pretty big conspiracies referenced to in music, particularly the sixties and early seventies. I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts, and other examples of this. I'll start with this one...

"Over on the mountain
Thunder magic spoke,
"Let the people know my wisdom,
Fill the land with smoke...
Better run through the jungle,
Woa, Don't look back to see."

I think this is talking about the clandestine drug operations that were going on in Vietnam during the war. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Crap I posted this in the wrong forum. Mod help?

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 12:19 AM
Don't forget the Anarcho-Punk movement in the UK in the 80's.
Some of the most truly independent bands and labels in the history of Rock'N'Roll.

"Big A, little a, bouncing B
The system might have got you but it won't get me

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

External control are you gonna let them get you?
Do you wanna be a prisoner in the boundaries they set you?
You say you want to be yourself, by christ do you think they'll let you?
They're out to get you get you get you get you get you get you get you

Hello, hello, hello, this is the Lord God, can you hear?
Hellfire and damnation's what I've got for you down there
On earth I have ambassadors, archbishop, vicar, pope
We'll blind you with morality, you'd best abandon any hope,
We're telling you you'd better pray cos you were born in sin
Right from the start we'll build a cell and then we'll lock you in
We sit in holy judgment condemning those that stray
We offer our forgiveness, but first we'll make you pay


Hello, hello, hello, now here's a message from your queen
As figurehead of the status quo I set the social scene
I'm most concerned about my people, I want to give them peace
So I'm making sure they stay in line with my army and police
My prisons and my mental homes have ever open doors
For those amongst my subjects who dare to ask for more
Unruliness and disrespect are things I can't allow
So I'll see the peasants grovel if they refuse to bow


Introducing the Prime Sinister, she's a mother to us all
Like the dutch boy's finger in the dyke her arse is in the wall
Holding back the future waiting for the seas to part
If Moses did it with is faith, she'll do it with an army
Who at times of threatened crisis are certain to be there
Guarding national heritage no matter what or where
Palaces for kings and queens, mansions for the rich
Protection for the wealthy, defense of privilege
They've learnt the ropes In Ireland, engaged in civil war
Fighting for the ruling classes in their battle against the poor
So Ireland's just an island? It's an island of the mind
Great Britain? Future? Bollocks, you'd better look behind
Round every other corner stands P.C. 1984
Guardian of the future, he'll implement the law
He's there as a grim reminder that no matter what you do
Big brothers system's always there with his beady eyes on you
From God to local bobby, in home and street and school
They've got your name and number while you've just got their rule
We've got to look for methods to undermine those powers
It's time to change the tables. The future must be ours

Big A, little A, bouncing B
The system might have got you but it won't get me

Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do
I am he and she is she but you're the only you
No one else has got your eyes, can see the things you see
It's up to you to change your life and my life's up to me
The problems that you suffer from are problems that you make
The # we have to climb through is the # we choose to take
If you don't like the life you live, change it now it's yours
Nothing has effects if you don't recognize the cause
If the program's not the one you want, get up, turn off the set
It's only you that can decide what life you're gonna get
If you don't like religion you can be the antichrist
If your tired of politics you can be an anarchist
But no one ever changed the church by pulling down a steeple
And you'll never change the system by bombing number ten
Systems just aren't made of bricks they're mostly made of people
You may send them into hiding, but they'll be back again
If you don't like the rules they make, refuse to play their game
If you don't want to be a number, don't give them your name
If you don't want to be caught out, refuse to hear their question
Silence is a virtue, use it for your own protection
They'll try to make you play their game, refuse to show your face
If you don't want to be beaten down, refuse to join their race
Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do
I am he and she is she but you're they only you."

"Big A Little a" Crass, on Crass records 1980.


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