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Michael Schumacher Donates $10 Million US To Disaster Fund

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 07:32 PM
Picked this up when i was looking for some F1 News, Michael Schumacher has pledged $10 million US of his own money to the Tsunami Relief fund. Its good to see the old Red Barron has a heart after all. To those who dont follow Formula One Racing Schumacher is probably the Greatest F1 driver who ever lived winner of 7 World titles in Formula One racing.
He has always been viewed as a bit of a cold fish on and off the track, his driving skills are so good some have likened him to a robot behind the wheel who just never makes a mistake, plus he drive a Ferrari

But by this donation he has shown he has a heart as big as his wallet.
I know $10 Million may not be a lot to someone like him but that money will do a Hell of a lot for a lot of people.
Nice one Mike

If this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it.;jsessionid=42DOZB50FOPCACRBAEZSFFA?type=motorSportsNews&storyID=7236649

EDIT: To include link.

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