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Religious cover-up (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 06:07 PM
Hi guys, I thought you might be interested to read a letter that I sent to Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project as well as David Icke for their comments.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Dear Mr. Greer
My name is Tony Addesi, I live in Toronto and have been studying a great deal of religion, paranormal, ufo’s and the whole gamut of conspiracy theories for over 20 years. As of late my studies have included the NWO and politics.
I am a profound believer of the “unknown”. I recently stumbled across your phenomenal “Disclosure Project”.
I sent everyone I know the press video (I’m expecting some criticism).
Another great website I recently discovered is from this gentleman in the U.K, David Icke. I will forward a copy to him for his feedback as well.
My question relates to the connection between the Extra Terrestrials, The Holy See, the mystery and 3 secrets of Lady of Fatima and the governments (or powers that be) reluctance to divulge this 3rd secret to the world. I know that your area of research is more “space-oriented” for lack of a better description but it does tie into religious events.
Please bear with me, I will have to state some points in order to build up to my question:

-1917 Lady of Fatima-The first 2 secrets of three were revealed to the children and immediately to the world as a prophecy of things to come.
-Lucia Santos (I believe still alive in her 90’s probably living in Montreal, Canada) was entrusted by “Mary” to divulge the 3rd secret to the pope in 1960 and no sooner. 70,000 people witness the “sun” at Fatima.
-1940, Lucia Santos confides to a bishop about her secret-the bishop asks her to write down the 3rd secret/revelation. “Mary” appears to the (confused, distressed) Lucia once again in 1940 to approve of this letter being entrusted with the bishop.
-1960, The letter is given to the pope, he issues the statement regarding the revelations of the 3rd secret to Russia, U.S. and England. The pope (probably after feedback by these countries leaders) decides not to divulge this information to the world.
Clearly the letter must have made mention to the annihilation of mankind and the wrath of God if the world leaders did not retreat from nuclear armament and change their evil ways.
-1963 Enter JFK into the picture, (perhaps through divine intervention as is considered the bullet that nearly killed the pope) he’s assassinated by the NWO approximately 1 year after he signs the bill for proliferation and a stop to star wars program, Cuba, Vietnam.
This event marks the end of democracy, so many revolutionary movements take place. Beatles, sexual revolution, increased drugs etc. As an interesting note I was told years ago that a beatle, spelled beadle is a force used to hypnotize through sound similar to the “sirens” of mythology. Curious to know if the Royal Masons had anything to do with this as the Memphis Mafia did in the U.S.
-Unknown year-the leaders of the world are contacted by the higher alien species to offer them methods of free wasteless energy, love, peace and a guide to spiritual life.The shadow government and religions, I assume, do not buy into their offer simply to control the masses and do away with earth.
1978-Father Corrado Balducci writes essay on prophets and reality. (His name has been everywhere for the last no. of yrs. (I still question his area of study-demonology maybe the church has a great scheme how they will first explain to the world that et’s exist and how will they tie the alien existence with the Book of Genesis ie.Evolution vs. Creation.
Doesn’t the existence of aliens negate the concept of Creation of Adam. I have read the stories of the Annunaki and how it ties into the creation of Adam-AWESOME!!!
1988-Holy See reveals 65% of 3rd seceret.
2000-Father Corrado Balducci commissioned by the Holy See to research and report the existence of et’s. to the world.
The f***ks at the Vatican obviously have ALL of this in their ancient scriptures and archives.I was incredibly surprised to see (video) the Attorney on your panel that mentioned that he was required to go through a process of review / approval via the Holy See to the Jesuits-These f***kers rule the world don’t they?

1. In your interview with Father Corrado Balducci did any mention of The Lady of Fatima mystery come up?

2. Was there a spacecraft ie. “sun” present at Fatima?

2. The higher aliens (what else do we call them) are here to protect the earth because of the “uniqueness” of our blue planet and it’s homo-sapien species-why then, should all humans suffer for the choice of a handful of evil-doers, whom with god-given free will decided not to change?

3. If the pope, of his own will or coerced by the leaders of the world did not divulge this information of the revelation of the 3rd secret, why didn’t Lucia Santos, the bishop or her Lawyer Ms. Dias make some sort of statement? (Maybe they did I’m not aware of this).

4. In your opinion, is the pope a hand puppet of the Jesuit order?

Thank You for your time (and website)
Tony Addesi


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