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posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 04:23 PM
Ummm...another thought stream that fled swift over the falls...there it lies...within the grip of meloncholy..awash in introspection...


If one is true to what they then believe
Would that equate an effort to deceive
Or could they when traversing inner space
Wear truth as they had found it for a face

If outreach through conversing cross these miles
does intent fall prey to victim as it whiles
If intention cannot span such reaches full
Then every word I've uttered...only bull

Such equation leaves it's saddened sickly tone
Perhaps that's why in journey I'm alone
I find no comfort there though should it be
the one that I'd deceived was ever me

I've tried to touch that inner core of light
But trying morphs as caring's change to plight
These castle stones I've laid dissolve away
Reveals the trailor that I as trash will stay

It's too hard to face sometimes...too hard to admit the truth of place...and self...


posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: YouSir


posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: YouSir

Nicely written and stated. I struggle on a daily basis with myself. And the lies we tell ourselves in our mind are no good .. Much peace to you -nat

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:39 AM
a reply to: trifecta

Ummm...hello Trifecta...thank you my friend...

Be well


posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 11:02 AM
a reply to: natalia

Ummm...hello Nat...Thank you my friend...I wrote this yesterday was reallly a lovely morning...not sure what prompted those thoughts...

Ah well...most days my temperament is well rounded...must have been some leftover subconscious dregs from my dream time percolating to the top...

Be well my friend...


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