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Russia Pounds ISIS With Biggest Bomber Raid in Decades

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posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 06:39 AM
Obama and McCain should be happy.

They wanted to arm these terrorist groups.

Well Russia is giving there bombs away to to them in a very big airdrop

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 08:56 AM
The bottom line is there needs to be a culture change in the Muslim community that does not tolerate these type of radicalized actions.

And that will take multiple generations.

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 09:07 AM
When Humanity stops blowing itself to bits, Healing can begin. Until then we are an insane species, that really doesnt deserve this beautiful planet. If the Western powers stopped bombing, Russia stopped, And all military was used merely as a defense of our species, rather than race, borders, and religous sects. In a couple of Generations there very well could be peace, Due in fact that there would be No one left that felt the need to Revenge what had been taken from them. We could then focus more on the movement of Humanity out into the stars, this will never occur right now. If we were to be wiped completely off the face of this earth, except for a few hunter gather tribes in the Amazon, in a thousand years, what would these tribes be writing about for this time period. That there was once a civilizitions that could send people to space, talk to people on the other side of the world, fly in the sky, and we were too wrapped up in our own selfishness, that eventually killed itself, or were blinded by war, rather than use that tech to secure this planet from incoming asteroids and comets. I fear this is the beginning of the end.

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 09:07 AM
double post
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posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 09:14 AM

originally posted by: ErrorErrorError
Want to end isis ? Find out who their masters are and take them out.

Yes then this would mean eradicate all of the KSA and a few Banksters in the USA.

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 09:46 AM

originally posted by: crazyewok
Just massive financial sanctions would do the job nicely.

Make the piggys squeal

I couldn't agree more. End the racket!

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 10:33 AM
Classic Putin: 'To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me'

Like any other day, Russian President Vladimir Putin woke up, shaved himself with a sharpened axe (didn't even use shaving cream), and then mentioned casually to a reporter, “To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to him is up to me.” Sweet mercy.

Our second favorite Putin quote:

We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere. If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport. And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will waste them in the outhouse. … The issue has been resolved once and for all.

If you think this is empty talk, think again: Russia's air force just used its nuclear bombers to lay waste to a major stronghold of the Islamic State.

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 11:09 AM
I think the OP should change the title of the thread. It should read:

'Russia Lays Waste to the Remainder of the Civilian Population and Their Homes and May Possibly Have Killed Some ISIS in the Process With Biggest Bomber Raid in Decades'

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: jtma508

And you know this how exactly?

I'm pretty sure there are not many innocent civilians left if any at all.

I say bomb them even harder

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 11:27 AM

originally posted by: crazyewok
Obama and McCain should be happy.

They wanted to arm these terrorist groups.

Well Russia is giving there bombs away to to them in a very big airdrop

Isn't Obama really a Muslim? Hence why he is fight FOR this faith group? Importing many Muslims from middle east...calling for a national muslim day, arming muslims over in Syria, giving money to Iran (for nuclear reasons), etc....

There was not ONE Christian thing he has done for the country...NOT ONE!

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 11:49 AM
I see lots of confusion here. Russia and France have been handed US target lists and are hitting those targets instead of the US. The US intelligence generates targets lists and gives them to the US who then spreads them out among the coalition. After the airline bombing and attack on Paris Russia and France have been handed the targets. Although neither of them can maintain a high level of bombing for long so the US will be taking back over as they reduce the number of strikes. Of course overall it will not make much a difference one way or the other. The campaign both in the air and on the ground are long term. This is more symbolic than anything. And sadly yes many many civilians are trapped in ISIS held areas and they will be caught in the middle in particular since Russia uses old fashioned non precision munitions.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 02:48 PM
I'm dumping this here first… you guys picking up on this? Long columns of oil trucks sitting in the desert, 'invisible' to western air strike planners, presumably ISIS oil trucks for financing their "State".
And the refinery they fill them from.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 02:59 PM
One thing to think about. As much as people complain about US bombing there is a huge amount of effort involved to determine where civilian casualties is possibly too, and in many cases the attack does not happen. Russians are different, it is a kill them all and let God sort them out mentality. There is no discussion about civilians when we are talking 3000 heavy bomber sorties.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 04:26 PM

originally posted by: intrptr
I'm dumping this here first… you guys picking up on this? Long columns of oil trucks sitting in the desert, 'invisible' to western air strike planners, presumably ISIS oil trucks for financing their "State".
And the refinery they fill them from.

Proof that you really don't know what is going on. Did you realize that US and Coalition strikes targeted the oil trucks before the Russians?

USAF A-10s and AC-130s targeted the oil trucks. Coalition also targeted the refineries just like the Russians did.
The question is why are you so out of touch with the facts? No they weren't "invisible" but off the target list to minimize civilian casualties.

More videos showing US/Coalition strikes on oil refineries and storage areas

Even Russia Today reported on it.

ISTANBUL — Intensifying pressure on the Islamic State, United States warplanes for the first time attacked hundreds of trucks on Monday that the extremist group has been using to smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria, American officials said.

Until Monday, the United States refrained from striking the fleet used to transport oil, believed to include more than 1,000 tanker trucks, because of concerns about causing civilian casualties. As a result, the Islamic State’s distribution system for exporting oil had remained largely intact.

The new campaign is called Tidal Wave II. It is named after the World War II effort to counter Nazi Germany by striking Romania’s oil industry. Lt. Gen. Sean B. MacFarland, who in September assumed command of the international coalition’s campaign in Iraq and Syria, suggested the name.

To reduce the risk of harming civilians, two F-15 warplanes dropped leaflets about an hour before the attack warning drivers to abandon their vehicles, and strafing runs were conducted to reinforce the message.

The area where the trucks assemble in Syria has been closely monitored by reconnaissance drones. As many as 1,000 trucks have been observed there, waiting to receive their cargo of illicit oil.

On Monday, 295 trucks were in the area, and more than a third of them were destroyed, United States officials said. The A-10s dropped two dozen 500-pound bombs and conducted strafing runs with 30-millimeter Gatling guns. The AC-130s attacked with 30-millimeter Gatling guns and 105-millimeter cannons.

The pilots saw several drivers running to a nearby tent and did not attack them, an American official said, and there were no immediate reports of civilian casualties.

Col. Steven H. Warren, the American-led coalition’s spokesman in Baghdad, confirmed that A-10s and AC-130s had been used in the attack and that 116 tanker trucks had been destroyed.

According to an initial assessment, 116 trucks were destroyed in the attack, which took place near Deir al-Zour, an area in eastern Syria that is controlled by the Islamic State.

The airstrikes were carried out by four A-10 attack planes and two AC-130 gunships based in Turkey.

Yes even Russia Today reported on it. How did you miss it?

I bet that you were just about to start a thread on it? Next time do more research![

See following for background and the new policy of targeting the oil tankers.
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: tommyjo

Yet dispite all this caring about possible civilian casualties, they bombed a hospital in Afghanistan.

Sorry couldn't resist.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 05:00 PM
They just made Syria there new training ground , and all the countries participating are watching with their mouths open what Russia gets out of the closet..

Maybe saying " We did a good job to to involve Russia, now we can anticipate what they bring into this war"
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 05:18 PM

originally posted by: Caver78
This is being downplayed in the US media....

It's at the END of the article! Russia is cooperating with France's carrier group, so where's the US's leadership on this??
Obviously the US was informed about the airstrike, yet everything is downplayed. Kerry is saying there will be a cease fire in a few days on top of all this?


Here's what is being 'downplayed' by the WH/USA--- because after the US led coalition air-campaign against ISIS for over a year already... the Russians launched more sorties against ISIS in 3 weeks than the USA in 12 months...

Obama is being exposed as a Enemy-of-the-State, liar, abetting the enemy, shipping ISIS scores of new pickups, etc.

from a reliable News Source:

Russian jets flew more than 100 combat sorties on Thursday, following 126 the day before, after President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to escalate their campaign in Syria.

He said earlier that Russian warplanes were focusing their strikes on the ISIS' oil production and refining facilities as well as oil trucks.
He said that they destroyed about 500 trucks carrying oil in several days of strikes.

Last month it was revealed ISIS is still making more than £320million a year from oil, despite the US-led bombing campaign
a squadron of Tu-22M3 long-range bombers struck six facilities in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir el Zour, hitting ISIS oil refineries, an ammunition depot and a facility manufacturing and repairing mortars.

Meanwhile, Tu-95 strategic bombers launched 12 long-range cruise missiles on targets, including its headquarters in the province of Idlib, fuel depots and a factory making explosives

Read more: xzz3ryvdRWfM

to address your question 'where is the USA leadership?'

they are in the same Benghazi Mode as before... deny the Russians the ability to bomb ISIS by creating SAFE ZONES in Syria and the Turkish border regions ... Hussein Obama is bumbling his way out-of-office and that's a patriotism & sanity thing ---->> not a race thing !

I did not notice pics of collateral damage to 'civilians' ...I noted that all the targets are stolen resources that ISIS took from the legitimate & elected governments of Syria & Iraq... dang those Russians are sticklers for efficiency !
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 05:29 PM
a reply to: St Udio

Actually it's more like the US is using Russia. They're the ones bombing civilians, and geographically they're an easier target to reach so it sends extremists to their cities rather than ours.

The US gets to redirect attacks to someone else, while Russia gets an excuse to wipe out US backed rebels as collateral damage.
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 05:51 PM
You cannot win a war or take and control territory with airpower alone. Even if we blew up every piece of equipment ISIS has they would be back next month with more supplied by the US/Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
That's just ISIS in Syria; the open military units - they also have clone groups active in several countries even controlling part of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and countless fighters and sympathizers scattered in nearly every country of the world. It's an unwinnable war against an ideology. The harder you try to put it down the more people flock to their cause. It can only spread to become a war against Islam.

Remember all our drone strikes?
Greatest recruiting tool ever for ISIS.
We even gave them a kickstart with billions of US equipment in Iraq.
Looks like Cheney is going to get his 100 year war.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 05:55 PM
Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Ellen Ripley

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