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'With Open Gates,' A Terrifying Look at the Influx of 'Muslim Refugees' in Europe; Now the US

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posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 10:21 AM

originally posted by: ReadLeader
a reply to: FlySolo

In conversation today with a fellow comrade. ..his statement to me, "not every muslim is evil ya know".... my comment back, "well yes, but every ISIS member is muslim......

Just sayin....

OK, now apply the same to the majority of religions (hint - Catholicism, the IRA murdered hundreds in cold blood, does that make all Catholics terrorists?) and a lot of ideologies that have zero association with any religion.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 10:24 AM

originally posted by: FlySolo
a reply to: ~Lucidity

what are you talking about? Not all Muslims are terrorists, but 100% of terrorists are Muslim. Defend that. and don't give me any crap about Christian terrorists, Hindu or Buddhist because they are not freaking everyone out right now at the moment.

Really? All terrorists are Muslim? You might want to have a little bit of a reality check about that. Sheesh, I think Deny Ignorance.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 10:35 AM

originally posted by: FlySolo

got two posts mixed.

The migration to Eu is not manageable

The regions Muslims inhabit belonged to other religions. Christianity was long before Islam. Specifically, modern day Iran. Hard to believe eh? That region was Christian.

Christianity, which originated in the Middle East in the 1st century AD, had been one of the major religions of the region from 4th-century Byzantine reforms and until the Arab Muslim conquests of the mid-to-late 7th century AD. Christianity in the Middle East is characterized with its diverse beliefs and traditions, compared to other parts of the old world. Christians now make up 5% of the Middle Eastern population, down from 20% in the early 20th century.[17]

Actually Iran was Zoroastrian, are you saying that Christian invasion led to that changing, followed by the faith of Islam later? If so (and if not please explain why) doesn't that illustrate that this is a historic cycle in many senses - if you choose to believe you are being invaded.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 11:50 AM
Not all terrorists are Muslims

Not all Muslims are Terrorists

All Muslims however are Ultra right wing voters in a Democracy, see how that turn out for you.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 01:43 PM

originally posted by: angeldoll
a reply to: ~Lucidity

id you particularly enjoy the part where Trumpet says they're all men? Thousands of videos available to us all show that is simply not the case.

Actually, it IS the case. They are indeed mostly males. The pattern appears to be the men come first and after they are settled they send for their families. For example, these 10,000 men (for example I'm saying men) will send for their wives. Total: 20,000. Add bringing in children pretending like they each have only one child. Total: 30,000.

Additionally, many are then bringing in their older parents and other relatives.

It's the "sea arrivals". Some 500,000-plus. They were 69% male. And they go to Europe, NOT the US. Can read about it here: - Donald Trump: Syrian refugees potentially headed to U.S. are mostly men...

Whether "sea arrivals" constitute most of the immigrants--who fled Syria/ME/North Africa to Europe--is another question.

Also does anyone have anything to say about the low birth rate in Germany? Could it be used as an argument to bring in more immigrants? And does anyone know if it's lower than normal? I know that as people become more educated birth rate tends to go down. I'ts highest in poor countries.

Here's a link showing some of the lowest total fertility rates (TFR): - COUNTRY COMPARISON :: TOTAL FERTILITY RATE...
These're the countries with the lowest TFR:
206 Germany 1.44 2015 est.
207 Hungary 1.43 2015 est.
208 Italy 1.43 2015 est.
209 Serbia 1.43 2015 est.
210 Greece 1.42 2015 est.
211 Japan 1.40 2015 est.
212 Slovakia 1.39 2015 est.
213 Andorra 1.38 2015 est.
214 Slovenia 1.34 2015 est.
215 Romania 1.33 2015 est.
216 Poland 1.33 2015 est.
217 Montserrat 1.30 2015 est.
218 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.27 2015 est.
219 British Virgin Islands 1.26 2015 est.
220 Korea, South 1.25 2015 est.
221 Hong Kong 1.18 2015 est.
222 Taiwan 1.12 2015 est.
223 Macau 0.94 2015 est.
224 Singapore 0.81 2015 est.

The US is 1.87 TFR and Syria is 2.6 TFR.

Another argument for immigration is cheap or large work force. To me this makes the most sense. But it only makes sense if they can do the job and will work for cheap AND native peoples won't (or don't want the job).
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posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 06:12 PM

originally posted by: lucifershiningone
a reply to: scorpio84

I have said if I keep quiet about the blatant BS about Muslims, I would be as guilty as those who condemn an entire religion for the few.

Your talk resembles Nazi Germany..I am pretty sure it started small like your group and than escalated.

For now it is only Muslims you are after, then the blacks who have converted to it.then will be anyone related to them, then sympathizers.etc

Right now, Muslim terrorists are the threat. If it so happens that the gay mafia wants to make everyone homosexual, they'd be the next targets. If my grandmother started a group to force all women over 50 years old to have perms, I'd set out against her group. Support your culture and way of life or support the ones trying to take it from you. What's your pick.

Oh,'ve already made your choice abundantly clear.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 11:06 PM
I have thought a lot about this thread and watched all the discussion, and I have to say... I'm ashamed. I'm really taken aback by the scope of the violence looming here. It's all so confused and bombs are never effective answers.

What do the "extremists" really want? Can we get a clear answer as to why they feel the need to kill innocent people? What's the damn problem? On that note, what is even true? What do they think is going on? What is true?

That's the really troubling part of this. What is true? Where do we even begin to draw lines on this issue? (On which issue exactly?) Obviously masses of Muslim people are indeed migrating to Europe and they are not entirely happy or coercive, not to say the least!

But why? I can't rightly say I know why. I can trek down a multitude of theories and paper-trails but it' all too confusing to me. All I can plainly see is that there are very problems escalating in our world today, that we do not have solutions to.

We have too great a tendency to oppose rather than include ideas... Hence the meat of the topic of this discussion. Here we have sociological weather systems too bipolar to mix together without violent storms. There is not enough space or time on this technologically linked planet for these two jet streams to coalesce peacefully.

I pray and feel remorse for any and all innocent people caught up in this insanity. I am a believer in the Good in people. With rare exception and regardless of upbringing or religion: people JUST KNOW what is good. The monsters both in office and in suicide vests have lost sight of this basic understanding. I pray for some peaceful solution to all of this, but honestly... We can't even begin to fight back until we all know the truth of the matter. You can't slay a Beast until you can see its neck.
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posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 07:56 AM
The problem is not the Muslim refugees? The problem is the lack of action in Europe. We let the US dictate everything we do and don't. Why does the US have to be there (in the ME) in the first place? Since 9/11 they have been bombing and warring in the ME, destroying peoples lives and a lot of them.. Those people flee from all atrocities that are impeded on them. It also makes them hate the West.
What kind of savages would Europeans be to NOT let refugees enter Europe. Those people are running from the same terrors that just happened in Paris. Only there, they happen daily, they just don't get reported in the news. Those people are also humans, just like us..

The US warmongering is making these people flee their homelands in search for better lives. But their wooden boats who can only float for a couple of hours will never make it to the American continent, so they come to Europe, to be safe.
We can't handle the amount of refugees that are coming to us, but we cannot just refuse them, we should put them on planes and send them to the US, they are the reason why they are fleeing in the first place. Europe doesn't attack the middle east, they just do whatever the US decides. And we the people in Europe just have to undergo whatever happens, we have no say in any of this. If America hadn't invaded Iraq with the false excuse of weapons of mass destruction, ISIS would've never existed.
For every terrorist among the refugees there's at least 1000 good people who just run for their lives. You cannot generalise all refugees and all Muslims like that.

We should have strict rules tho..
We should divide the refugees in Europe. Give them 1 equal 'rank' that of a refugee. We decide where they go, they shouldn't mind if they only want safety. And they can go back home whenever they want. If they act like they are illtreated then the reasons they are fleeing is not safety, but money. In that case, a one way ticket to where they came from.
Also, Europe is Christian, I would remove ALL Mosques.. If you come here, you follow our culture and way of life. If you do that, good for you. If you want to practice your relgion indoors, also fine. But if you don't want to adapt and still want to practice your religion hardcore, well, then go to a country where Islam is the national religion.

In your OP you say stop the influx of refugees to America.
You're basicly saying: "# you Europe, even tho we started this #, we don't want to have anything to do with these guys, so you keep em"

And then in the post above mine you say that " I'm ashamed. I'm really taken aback by the scope of the violence looming here."

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