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Some humor to "ease" things a bit...

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 10:16 AM
(This is a fake report spun from a real incident for humor sake, so dont get your skivvies in a bunch)

Breaking News from Jihadunspun!!

"Evil zionist muderers kill innocent Water Buffalo with military aircraft"

"The main airport at Indonesia's Sumatra island has reopened after a US military craft swooped out of the sky to kill a Water Buffalo with suspected ties to Al Qeada leader Al-Zarqawi. A local witness claims the Water Buffalo was a devout Muslim and was minding his own business. The US military was contacted for comment and only offered "We had intel that showed that the water Buffalo in question was a top Al Qeada operative and was about to plave an IED". Jihadunspun suspects that the US "releif" effort is only a cover for new anti muslim and buffalo operations in the Indian Sea region. More as story developes..."

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