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Ideas 4 "America's Army"

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 04:36 AM
Okay, this is a download game, so 4 ya'll who have, what do u think of it now, and what it needs?
1. SF Green Berets, not the IF, can carry a AT-4 with 1 Rocket[got 2 make it fair so u might still want the RPG with 3]
2. Knives
3. Pistols 4 all, and the SF can make their's silenced, maybe not the If, but it would make sense if they could, Like MK-23 or M9-SD, etc...
4. SF soldiers can have 3 Grenades 4 their GL [1 loaded, and carring 2]
5. Knife kills give 100 Kill Points
6. Air and Artillery Suppot[Like the Squad or Fireteam Leaders can call them in]
7. Vehicles and Aircraft that u can pilot, drive, and fire from.
8. more than 13 soldiers per game.
9. Cooperative Missions[That's a chance, right?]
10. New weapons like the M8, etc...., when they come out.
Any others?

P.S. 2 download it, go 2

[edit on 4-1-2005 by SEAL Trident]


posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 11:50 PM
I don't reckon there should be knives and pistols. Someone will find a way to abuse it and turn the game into Counterstrike. The game is good as it is, though i wouldn't mind an AT-4. Other than that, no changes needed. And it is supposed to be a realistic shooter, and in real combat I doubt that you'd be able to get close enough to your enemy to knife them unless you are SF.

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