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Supernatural feeling

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posted on Nov, 8 2015 @ 12:46 AM
My brother once told me, within you there is always a duality. I never reflected upon those words until i became a teenager. And you know teenagers easily succumb to their instincts and not very much right from wrong. The instincts are easily duped by what you can associate with immortality. And you all know, those hormones makes you immortal. But one day i watched a horror movie about a protagonist who i could relate to, he tried to save everyone. In the end he just saved the woman he was suppose to,well you know, money penny in. I related to the ideals cause it seemed he was i, and the next months i became him, trying to save the maiden.

So one day i said to myself; " Is there someone else in there, and quiet as it was i heard, Stop trying to get into my mind, i am free"

So maybe i can relate to everything. And that tiny little brain of mine, maybe knows when someone tries to get inside.
Or maybe its just a Supernatural feeling.

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