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Who was i

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posted on Nov, 5 2015 @ 06:09 PM
As a kid, my teacher told me; "You will never become anything in your life" The words etched deep, but i never reflected upon them. Untill one day in college, a teacher said; "Ive been here for over a decade, but you are so different. You take the first step, you plunge towards wrong doings and you are never afraid", those words didnt matter, but the last she said was; "Whatever you do, dont ever change" Today when i reflect back, the choices i made, made me the one i am today. There was a time where i had regrets that i never did enough in school, never the a-grade student, always enough to pass through life.

But i did change, i met someone right after college. The first love, i became someone she wanted and i got lost in her world. But on the christmas day seven years later to be exact, i said. "Its over" I remembered the day, the very same day 300.000 people died in a tsunami.

So i walked alone, reflecting back for the next decade. Until one day i saw the light coming from a chapel and stepped through the doors and saw the virgin mary.

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