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Signal. Quicken. Death?

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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 10:25 PM
Written some time ago.

As I walk I can hear the clang of the metal chains that I carry. I hear the metal dragging across the floor and ground I thread upon. For a single moon I was free of the burden. Now I hear the chains as they simply spawned. Only now can I die. Only now am I infiltrated. I did not know. I was a fool. I let my enemy into my brain. Now the neurons of my brain send transmissions to my entire body. Now my heart seems to quicken its pace at random times and at times I fear it will stop. My veins and arteries no longer carry blood throughout but rather allow it to go as it wishes and if it does not wish to move then it shall not. When a guest turns on you. Or rather when you turn them against yourself then you stand no chance as I have little chance to succeed in the fall of that enemy or their rise through a pact unspoken created by mere conversation at a time when the music of the screams of bombs and Stukas fall to the ground. I hear the chains that seem to be eternal and growing still. I suppose prayer should be administered for the conversations of a pact of peace and an internal pact to forget.

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