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NASA was right...

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posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 04:59 PM
Alright, some of this information is from this site, tell me what you think...

In 1987 NASA made a prediction about Supernova 1987a. They said that sometime around 2004 the inner ring would light in a celestial fire. Seems like NASA was right on the money. In 2004 it happened just as they said. NASA has made another prediction...

"The gas is expected to glow at thousands of degrees causing a final explosion that will be visible on earth in 2005"

This prediction of NASA would mean that planet earth will undergo a cosmic Kundalini in 2005.

In addition to Supernova 1987a we are also looking upon Eta Carina.


Eta Carina is the 7th Angel of Revelation. It has the appearance of traditional angel. Eta is the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet and initially meant 7. The book of Revelation connects the 7 angels with the Son of David. The astrophysicist in charge of the Eta Carina from the University of Minnesota is Kris Davidson.

This all seems pretty interesting to me.

According to the website, 2005 is upon us and the signs are evident that the cosmic change will wait no longer.

What do you think?

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 05:33 PM
there are events on the horizon, not only celestiail but there influence on us should be apparent as well.

it is hard to say that i predict anything specific, but i do believe that we as a species can achieve greater understanding of our common ground.

in the last few months my interest has grown hugely in metaphysical meaning and histories of our planet. this is justmy experience and i hope more people will find the balance to better guide our emotions and feelings with others.

this is an individuals experience afterall, hope we can all find what make us such.


awesome site btw killer, the info. there is almost too concentrated to dive into. will have to peruse it. tnx

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posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 05:58 PM
Haaas, anybody heard of the famous comet 1997XF11 ? It is suposidly a comet heading towards earth..Dont know when its supposed to get here...but its coming.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 06:18 PM
Hey, mac...interesting site. I'll be checking that link out for any earth shattering news. There's lots of related phenoms out there what with the sun being so active. Last night there was quite an aurora show, but the clouds kinda obscured things for me. I'll be watching this thread for developments.
Crikey...that picture of Bill certainly looks like he built this site out of an 'old folks home'...looks nice, maybe in a few years I'll be sitting beside him there.

in unrelated developments...
Cream soda...I ran your object 1997xf11 through this program...

click on the orbit elements at the top left corner and a box will show where to put the object designation. A model then runs through the orbits. I ran it past 2012 just to make sure it didnt co-incide with the Mayan calendar ending. I noted that there is no close approach before that except with mars.

I think this should have been part of a seperate thread, though...


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posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 06:40 PM
While the site you are quoting here is entertaining, I'm having a hard time finding the credible documentation they claim to have based these theories on. Yes supernoval 1987a does exist and it is easy enough to find record of its having exploded and while I have found documentation on NASAs website: "As far back as 1992 astronomers predicted that the ring would become ablaze with light as it absorbs the full force of the crash." I can find nothing about predictions of affects reaching or affecting the earth.

And it seems a bit of a stretch to tie the visability of this ring which was formed roughly 20,000 years ago "They believe the ring is made up of old gas that was ejected by the star 20,000 years ago, long before it exploded." with the Eta Carina. And keep in mind the very name Eta Carina was given by a man as it seemed to describe its appearance (by the way that is the appearance of the entire nebula we are looking at in the photo - not the star itself)

Anyway - my point is, the site is entertaining but I'm asking if you can clearly connect the dots here for me.

What does one have to do with the other and where is the credible scientific evidence that either pose an immediate threat to earth?

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 06:46 PM
I read as much of the link as I could take in one sitting, but could some one explain to me how an expanding ring of gases from a supernova re-igniting means there will be huge changes on earth?

I think I must have missed something somewhere.....

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 06:47 PM
Heres a pic of SuperNova 1987A quite impressive the last time a supernova could be seen with the naked eye in a very long time.

Enough energy for a 10 to the 28 megaton bomb or a a few octillion nuclear warheads =N

By the way interesting site MacKiller dont really know what to make of this

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 08:24 PM
It's all bunk!

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