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2 recurring experiences.. anyone else..?

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posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 11:15 PM
I'm not sure where else to put this, but this forum seems to fit what I'm describing..

*** I have never experienced any type of abuse in my childhood, and my parents have been together since they were teenagers and are still married now***

So to start - these are only 2 experiences (recurring) I’ve had out of many. These two situations happened many times from as far back as I can remember (3-4) and stopped right after puberty started (12-13). Sorry for the length of this post.

First: A purple storm. There’s no other way for me to word what this was. These storms were/are definitely not normal. The brightest storm happened around the same time as hurricane Katrina (2005) when the storms reached up north to New York. I was 10 years old, so this was 10 years ago, almost 11 now, but I remember it so vividly because it was such a shock, not even terrifying. My parents wanted me, my little brother (4), little sister (8), and older sister (around 13) to sleep in the same room just to be together because weather + news reports all warned of high winds (we had dying trees around our house) and flooding. We all shared my parents bed, with my older sister moving to the next room before midnight (it was through a connected door, which was kept wide open). So looking at the bed as if standing from the bottom it was me at the end on the left, my dad, my little siblings and then my mother all the way to the right side. I woke up at some point and immediately felt wide awake. I didn’t get out of bed, just stayed curled up next to my dad, my back to him and everyone else, my face toward one of the windows in the bedroom. When I looked out of the window I thought it was weird that the sky was bright - the same color “purple mountain majesty”, a color that made me extremely excited since kindergarten when I first found the crayon - and it was specifically THIS color. The sky was all clouds and it was windy, which made the whole house creak. One noise did catch my attention - like a couple of people sighing at the same time - and it came from near my mom, so I turned my head to look at her side of the best and she was sitting up, facing the headboard, rocking back and forth, her face going just through the spaces in the headboard. Her lips were moving extremely fast, almost vibrating, but the room was silent at this point. I remember being afraid only that she would notice I was awake and her eyes would turn to me, so I closed my eyes and counted to three before looking back at her. She was asleep, her back to me, not having moved. She didn’t get up in the middle of the night and start rocking back and forth - in fact her and my dad snored extremely loud and once I was done counting and all of the normal sounds returned to my house, they were both in their deep sleeps, snoring like normal. I didn’t look outside again after that, but remember that it was really dark in my room like it normally would be at that time instead of that eerie purple glow.
The second brightest storm happened the same year, during the fall / start of winter. I was sharing a bed with my older sister in the room connected to my parents, the door open wide like normal. The window in my room had the blinds open, so I could see outside clearly. I don’t know what time I woke up, but I know when I saw the clouds that bright purple again that I was going to see someone around me. This time I looked at my sister, sleep on her stomach, and when I looked from her sleeping self to the window for a minute and then back, she was sitting up, her back perfectly straight, her eyes open and staring at the window, her lips pressed together. I was so used to seeing this happen (remember, I’m only talking about the two brightest storms, this happened many other times when there was only a dim purple light to the sky and I could only JUST make out the shadows / outlines of my family members - mainly my mom and older sister). I remember reaching over to touch her, but freezing and saying to myself “this is stupid” before closing my eyes and counting to three. When I opened my eyes, the sky was just normal dark cloudy grey, the sun probably rising behind the clouds, and my sister was laying on her stomach asleep again.

Second: This part kind of goes hand and hand with the storms - the worst happened mostly between 2000-2010, but would take place is these horrible nightmares / hallucinations (only way to describe them) where I would “wake up” only to be in another nightmare, to “wake up” again and it would just continue until I would finally really wake up and get physically sick, throwing up or having stomach pains and headaches for days on end. I didn’t tell my family about ANY of this happening because I had the feeling it would make life difficult. The nightmares were filled with horrible abuse (sexual, physical, verbal) happening to me or members of my family / people I knew / strangers while I watched; “monsters” (?) with dark metallic eyes that would take on the form of a family member and try to convince me that they were the “real dad” or “real mom” and their eyes would go from normal to flashing metallic whenever my heart beat rose or I showed any sign of disbelief or fear; my body growing so large that I would get stuck in dark tunnels or containers; me falling and flying, doing flips in the air, and dropping into my bed hard enough to actually wake up.. In many of my nightmares I would hurt myself by pinching, punching, biting or even jumping off of things to “kill myself” so I could wake up because I felt like I was in hell. I did have a few times where I wet the bed, but that was less than 10 times since I could remember. These nightmares had gone on from as long as I could remember and stopped when I was around 14, only happening rarely since then. The last time it happened I could swear that I was wide awake. I walked into my older sister's room that she rarely slept in, and sat on the bed, leaving the door cracked so I could see the kitchen and my family interacting inside, but the bedroom light off so it was too dark to see anything. Something sat next to me and when I looked at it, it was something in my dad's form. It switched from my dads, to my older sisters, back to my dad's a couple of times in a matter of seconds before settling on my dad’s appearance. It looked at me and there were words I couldn't understand in my head, like another language. I looked at the door (only opened about 6 inches) and took a deep breath before looking this monster in its eyes. It’s head turned at an unnatural angle to look back at me, the neck just too long, body facing so straight but the head straight at me. It’s eyes were black, but reflective, like granite or some kind of metal. It smiled and demanded I believe it’s my father. “I’m the real Dad. I’m the read Dad. I’m the read Dad.” I shook my head and said out loud “No, you aren’t, and I’m not afraid of you.” and left the room, running to my dad to tell him I believed him - and he still has no idea what I meant. Since then I haven’t had a nightmare with those beings.

If anyone has had any similar experiences please tell me, because now I’m 20 years old, in college, and working, and feel like I’m going crazy because I can’t find anyone else who has had anything like this happen to them. I’ve been to doctors, I’ve taken tests, and nothing abnormal has come up. So please, let me know.

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posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 08:37 AM
Dude that freaked me out...

Waking dreams are a real phenomenon that effect x amount of people (no idea how many)

They are extremely hard to explain to some one who hasn't experienced them. I would imagine that is what is going on here though I could be wrong.

Having had them before I can understand the mental duress they put you under.
The best I have ever been able to explain. Them is to rip a line from a once popular movie, "a glitch in the matrix" to me anyways it always felt like a ripple in time and space I would sometimes see things that made 0 sense and other times it was like I could see all options and outcomes to come sometimes stretching out for days and years into the future. When I would come to if you will time would have seemed to. Stop and things would be moving as if nothing ever happened. It was an uncomfortable feeling best I stopped really experiencing this feeling situation around the time I turned 25 about 6 years ago. I hope you find the answers you are looking for and that the rabbit hole doesn't run to deep or parallel to reality for to long.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 12:13 PM
You're showing psychic potential.

The purple storm you witness is a manisfestation of your tether region. Or AKA your crown/rising meridian. The upcoming storm is the indication of your rising elevation.

The shiny eyed culprits in your dreamscape are actually lower frequency entities tapping various meridians for resource. Depending on which combination of particular meridians are currently being siphoned, determines your cerebral illustration of the encounter. If the entity is tapping your Root meridian, it may appear as a sexual assault or nocturnal emission depending on your subscriptions to sexuality.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 01:02 PM

See: "Incubus/Succubus" Be fore warned, when You do Your research on the above 'Incubus/Succubus' there is a chance that whomever is providing the info 'may' have an agenda, this is just provided to You to see for Your 'Self'...

Allow both Your 'ajna(intuition)/anahata'(heart) to 'guide' You.. "Purples/magentas" don't 'usually' need much outside interference. I.e. You are Your own 'guide'..

Stay Hydrated.


posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 03:55 PM
a reply to: oblivvious

The first thing I did after reading your post was to pray for you. What you describe sounds like some sort of demonic attack, affecting your dreams, and perhaps even causing hallucinations, though the "storms" and what people seem to do during those could be dreams as well. The best advice I have is to address this issue from that perspective, and you should see some relief. I don't know what you believe, and what you believe is, of course, your choice, but my advice comes from a Christian perspective, and from having some knowledge of spiritual aspects of situations.

Best advice, in any case, is to work out what you believe, and to take a serious look at the Bible. Do some reading before bed, pray, and be open to God having an effect in your life. Specifically ask for protection. Examine where you stand with God, and consider salvation, if you haven't before. I am more than happy to discuss things in PMs if you like, though there could be a day or two delay, depending on how busy things are at home. All up to you.

Add to that, be sure you aren't doing anything to invite such influences. There are many ways that can happen; various types of meditation, ouija board, seances, fortune telling, and many others.

Since you state that you have had tests done, with nothing showing up, a spiritual battle is what's most logical. I also want you o know that I feel deeply concerned for you right now. Please don't delay. This isn't something you have to fight alone.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: oblivvious

May I suggest that you look up the symbolic meanings of some of the key points in your dream state. I know someone has given you a meaning but it is often what resonates with you.

And yes pray... I am not a religious person so I just pray to spirit or whoever is protecting me (because someone certainly is).

I have felt something/someone move onto and off of my bed as well as something walk across my bed while completely awake. Also some heavy air hovering over the upper half of my body...the only thing that scared me.

Please update us on your progress.

Also, seems like a silly thing, but I found putting salt/magnesium salt next to my bed helped. At least when it was there nothing happened.

Best wishes to you

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:32 PM
a reply to: crimsongod21

I've only seen / heard of nightmares/night terrors through TV and books, it literally felt like I was trapped in some kind of hell, and when I'd wake up I'd be moving or sitting up and open my eyes just as my head touched the pillow again. I just looked into it some more and it really explains a lot - my mom suffers from sleep paralysis often enough that she's brought it up to her doctors recently.. I hope it doesn't start up again for me because I am a psychic, I'd hate to experience something when I'm that helpless..

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:39 PM
a reply to: trifecta

I know I'm definitely psychic, it's more a curse than a blessing. Thanks for the response!

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: LadyGreenEyes

I'm a former catholic - praying never did a thing for me during all of this either. Standing up to the metallic eyed-whatevers (which make me think alien or demon, mostly alien because of reports / stories) was what stopped those specific nightmares / storms. The storms would happen while I was awake though and a few times I woke up my parents and they agreed that the sky was too bright for the time of night. My mom continues to pray for me and i appreciate all prayers.

Also, I am a psychic - I have been able to see / hear / know things from an extremely young age. I welcome most of this into my life, but make sure to never do anything that would invite any negative forces.

Thanks so much for the prayer and reply

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: liveandlearn

I pray to whoever is out there that they keep the negative away! These things haven't happened in a while, the most recent nightmare was months ago.. I haven't seen any metallic eyed nonsense for years, probably 6 years now. Those things scared the life out of me.

I keep stones at my (only) window in my room, which is probably a big part of why I haven't experienced any of this in a while.

I will be posting more of my experiences, past and present, on ATS! A lot of them are strange..

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 12:04 AM
a reply to: oblivvious

While what I am talking seems to correlate with night terrors, (something I'm all to familiar with) in reality it is quite different while sometimes it is does start after waking up I was always fully functional I guess with no sleep paralysis it is like being fully awake and in a dream world at the same time. You are able to see and perceive things that shouldn't be or are just impossible.

I am a Christian and the only way I could deal with and alliviate my night terrors were through prayer, the waking dreams though nothing I did ever really helped they just kind of stopped on there own over time.

If you would like to pm me I could explain mmy thoughts on it and what I think the causes are/were but I would hate to derail your thread with something that might not relate or help.

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