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Who here has Dragon Vision(Dragon-Sight/Eyes)?

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posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 05:47 PM
If you wanna see a Dragon, you should see my future mother in law.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: trifecta

You have just described what others call a Retinal migraine Link

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 10:06 PM

originally posted by: Staroth
a reply to: trifecta

You have just described what others call a Retinal migraine Link

Not even close. My vision is 20-10, I can see at great distances and down to a spot of dust on an ant's thorax. What extra sensory I see, I can turn on and off at will. No headaches, sickness, or disability in any shape or form since I've achieved full activation. I even cleared up a hernia, minor tooth decay, and seasonal allergies to name a few for over two years now, without special diet or medical treatment.

Something tells me it's not a Retinal Migraine. If you noticed in an earlier post in this thread, I am far too familiar with eye conditions. I confess when I inadvertently started this gradual transformation, my first reaction was that of a hypochondriac, coupled with psychosomatic paranoia. My first life pursuit was that of an Electrical engineer. Acedemia trained this monkey strict adherence to the scientific method. What a twist of fate, right? With all this ostentatious and gaudy new age metaphysical garble spewing from my gullet.
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posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 03:43 PM

Who here has Dragon Vision(Dragon-Sight/Eyes)?

Well I can't say I do, but I have been told I have Dragon breath sometimes.

Interesting though.

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: trifecta

Very interesting this thread.

So what is the connection to dragons? Real or metaphorical? And which kind? There's entities infinite.

I googled the derkesthai and I come up on some interesting stuff, bloodline family stuff apparently. A mouthful of the usual 'the profane are infinitely stupid' occultist schtick.. which, I guess I can't repudiate as I have my reservations as well. It's hard to argue the case he brings against modern society and the New Age movement in particular though.

I do wonder though, about these people's dragon obsession.. which kind of dragon?

I'll be following this one closely..

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 05:50 PM
a reply to: trifecta

So can you be more specific about the sensory powers and the process of expanding them?

The full development of the sense is much more astonishing and surreal. If you have it, you know EXACTLY what I am referring to.

A lot of astonishing and surreal stuff has happened, yet there is no way to know if this is what you are refering to.

What are you refering to?

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 06:01 PM
a reply to: trifecta

You don't have to experience pain with a migraine. You can have what are called "silent" migraines. It is a common misperception that migraines always cause head pain. Take it from me, a long-time migraineur.

Migraines have four phases: prodrome, aura, attack, postdrome.

Sometimes, one or more phases can be skipped.

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 06:17 PM
a reply to: trifecta

I did not know what you were referring to OP so I had to go digging for information and answers.

You asked if anyone had seen mobius spheres, red electrical arcing, blue beam projections and vortices...after full meridian activation and those look like energy apparitions to me. Being that your working with energy flow I can only imagine that you are talking about things you are seeing/sensing/feeling after you have done energy flow through your meridians ?

Anyways... for what its worth you have me intrigued. Won't you please enlighten me if I am looking in the right direction ?

What is a Meridian?

Acupuncture vessels, or meridians, are located throughout the body. They contain a free-flowing, colorless, non-cellular liquid which may be partly actuated by the heart. These meridians have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods, electronically, thermaticly, and radio-actively. With practice, they can also be felt. There are specific acupuncture points along the meridians. These points are electro-magnetic in character and consist of small, oval cells called bonham corpuscles, which surround the capillaries in the skin, the blood vessels, and the organs throughout the body. There are some 500 points which are being used most frequently in a definite sequence, depending on the action desired.

We name meridians by the life function with which they seem to associate. In most cases, this name is similar to the name of a gross organ we’re familiar with, yet muscle indication of energy blockage doesn’t mean there’s damage to the organ named. We cannot say that a weak muscle means a weak organ – we can only note that a portion of the meridian energy flow indicates blockage or constriction.

The Chinese physician can detect imbalances in meridians by feeling the pulses, but this is a sensitive touch, and it may take 10 to 20 years to develop proficiency with it. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to detect these same imbalances, taking advantage of the body’s own wisdom to let us know what’s going on.

As Yogis, we can correct imbalances by “being with” the imbalance. We create a pressure in the body system through asana that challenges our minds to make a peace with the moment. When we can come to a place of non-reaction while in the posture, we have made a shift in our internal and external relationship to a set of stresses once we have left the mat.

The Meridian Cycle Meridians are classified yin or yang on the basis of the direction in which they flow on the surface of the body. Meridians interconnect deep within the torso, but we work with the part that, is on the surface and is accessible to touch techniques. Yang energy flows from the sun, and yang meridians run from the fingers to the face or from the face to t he feet. Yin energy, from the earth, flows from the feet to the torso and from the torso along the inside (yinside) of the arms to the fingertips.

Since the meridian flow is actually one continuous, unbroken flow, the energy flows in one definite direction, and from one meridian to another in a well determined order. Since there is no beginning or end to this flow, we represent the order of the meridians as a wheel.

As we go around this wheel following the meridian lines, the flow follows this order on the body:
from torso to fingertip (along inside of arm-yin)
from fingertip to face (along outside/back of arm-yang)
from face to feet (along outside of leg-yang)
from feet to torso (along the inside of the leg-yin)

We go through this four-step process three times to cover the twelve major meridians. Running the meridians with the hand can be a quick energizing massage. Complete the massage by running the central and governing meridians, which run directly up the back and front of the body to the upper and lower lip.

When this energy flow is unrestricted, the body harmonizes the flow to optimize body functioning. Sometimes, though, the life we lead and the abuses we heap upon our bodies cause stress, and sometimes the stress is so intense or so constant that, in effect, it “overloads” the circuit. The “circuit breaker” pops, and needs to be reset before energy can flow properly. Our indication of whether this has occurred is the muscle test. If a muscle tests weak, we know we have to go to certain spots on the body and press or hold to reset the body and restore proper flow. This restoration of flow is immediately indicated by a strengthening of the muscle.

How energy travels in the body

Mobius Spheres


Blue Beam Projections

Electrical Arcing

Meridian Cycle


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posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 07:01 PM
I apologized for being vague on this subject. My objective was to add some blood to the water and reel in some authentic experiencers. I figured without inserting much suggestive material, I could pick up on a responder's subtleties in their language to see if they are the real McCoys.

Tomorrow I will disclose as much as I know/can on this matter, and shed light on the phenomenon. Hopefully the ATS audience will be open minded. It will be a lot to digest.
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posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: Atsbhct

exactly one

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 10:44 PM
Are we talking about seeing patterns in plain sight? My mind seems to open up to such things as i start to get tired at night. I noticed patterns all around. I can only do this if I unfocus on the world around me. I have/can do it during the day but the effects are less profound. I can only describe it as seeing with my third eye, while i block out what my real eyes are seeing at the time and let my inner mind do what it wants. Its weird and after having some profound psychedelic experiences it seems I can control when I "want to see" the world differently for moments of time.

posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: trifecta

don't mind what others think of it. Some of us are genuinely interested and you will not hear complaints from us.

So who cares what others thinks...please share.

Who knows, maybe this info will help someone someday.

posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

"Dragon vision" may seem childish as a name but is as good as any if not better, for the third eye vision which is what allow all ESPs. Perception comes in layers. You perceive the physical world with your body senses adapted to the species you belong to as well as defined/refined by your environment. This is one layer.

Extra sensory perception, which is perception of immaterial things be it energy, consciousness, thoughts, and more indescribable-by-words things, is another layer and is the normality among natural and evolved beings such animals and aliens.

The more narrow minded and ego centered, the less perceptive and open you are. And since the ego is much promoted today, most people are borderline retarded and blind to the spiritual worlds. Hence why it is so hard to teach spirituality properly, try conveying visual informations by words to a stubborn blind man that believe light doesnt exist because he cant perceive it and you get the picture...

posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 07:11 PM
I would like to preface.

Reality is stranger than fiction. We exist is a physical, third dimensional plane, manifested synchronous with the Universal Whole at large. Our reality is a gossamer power grind, mirroring the lattice of a neural framework. Endless branches and clusters, stretching throughout existence. These clusters are nexus points pinned and plotted in a plutonic arranged, forming constellations within the webway. This structure craves deliberate alignment, internally, which is expressed through the range of frequencies that constitutes its composition. It thrives for phosphorescent radiance, to contrast the Void, its shadow and duality.

The frequency spectrum is vast and wide, with scales ranging onto the infinite. Each block of tones and vibration strive for volume and luminosity. This contest to shine fosters Will and conceives Consciousness, forming melody and concert. Choirs of frequency in the primordial soup. This expression of Consciousness reflects among the lattice of the Whole, in effort to tune and calibrate the foundation of clusters throughout the framework to activate the frequency for resonance and synapse. Specific constellations within the geometry, constitute the fabric of its dimensions. Each dimension has properties that refract and diffuse frequencies to a varied degree for growth and retention. A register of resistance and challenge level to said frequency. "As above, so is below". The Whole, and its smaller parts and dimensions is a fractal of itself. It is the mirror that stares back at itself, creating reflection upon reflection ad infinitum. The micro, a diffusion and echo of the macro, scaled. Its Laws thread throughout.

When a frequency seeks to enervate a dimension and cluster, it maintains its tether to the choir. It donees a new suit to adapt to the environment. A catalyst effect as a result of clashing frequencies gaping the spectrum, resident to said constellation. This crossing of streams gives air to static and discord. The avatar of its migration is born a chimera. A distant reflection of its pure state, labored with the burden of realignment of self, coupled with calibration and tinker of the main objective at hand. No task for the timid when you're the minority.

Each frequency is a representation and aspect of the overall narrative consciousness of the Whole. Archetype and constituent to the multi-faceted complex. The Whole being an amalgamation of all frequency. It is inconsequential to the Whole of the contrast in frequencies and corresponding dispositions. The Whole cares not the winner at this game. The Whole only cares for a good show, no matter what prevails. Though, each frequency and facet of Consciousness is equally important. They are counterweighed diametrically. The clash of contrasts, fans out the peacocks feathers, giving rise to new dimensions to the structure of the Whole. Each frequency heralds a color and narrative in itself. Lower frequencies cater to the carnal, dense, and physical. Higher frequencies cultivate expansion, the abstract, and discovery. Lower finds isolation, self severance, gravity to designation. Higher finds interconnectedness, continuity, mobility, and mutuality. Its the difference between a mountain and a river.

The Human is the offspring of a higher frequency. It has been corrupted by systematic poisoning to the spirit of its frequency. The river struck a mountain impasse. Keepers in the mountain look to wall themselves in even further, and sculpt the river into a moat, for waste refuge. The mountain is a cancer that grows from within, giving rise to eruption. The river populates circulation of life to all territories. "Man" was not born WITH Sin. Man was born into Sin. Man has sailed into the Maelstrom, aiming navigation to the eye of the storm for sanctuary and growth. The storm's turbulence and tide keep Man in a perpetual defensive stance. If man is too busy dodging bullets, Man has no time to for self inflection and growth. Man is groomed to think in lower frequencies, and sole reliance on the physical senses. It's a corruption of kinesthesia. Man's tether is being reeled in and grounded, drawn into the gravity of lower frequencies. The real estate is shrinking rapidly at the eye. Counter torsion to the maelstrom's pirouette is required to balance posture and align your own power grind within. When you learn to harness the power of the storm, you become the radiant beacon of your natural frequency, transforming into receiver and transmitter to your higher state and resonate choir.

This elevation and alignment within yourself unlocks the tools for your objective. When you harness the storm, you can clear visibility, use the torsion force to fuel your tether, and fade the barrier between your frequency and this dimension.


I'll explain the sensory in my next post.

posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: trifecta
Using a technique visualizing a "Mobius" strip opened my third eye. It is there as a constant pea shaped revolving orb that warps strait lines. I have had the pleasure of *seeing* a beautiful linear egg shaped form come across my vision (your Dragon Eye)? and thought the FIRST time I was having a stoke (not so). The line making it up moved clockwise and was a series of checks, dashes and forms I had never seen before in brilliant colors; almost like coding me to a sound (light or color frequency combined with sound). Its all one long spectrum that is the same, just occupies different ends of it. Lately; Lightening strikes perceived in my right eye. I am curious. What is the purpose of this? I am one of those people that can differentiate millions of colors and duplicate them; DuPont, Sherwin Williams would have loved me.

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posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 08:09 PM
a reply to: trifecta

Looking forward to the next post... keep it coming

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 03:08 AM
The Vision.

I'll begin with a brief arrival at this juncture. Bits of this story are my personal conjecture on the ties and theory of this phenomenon's development.

Not long ago I had a life-staggering event. I'm not at liberty to go into details of it. But safe to say, the moment I lost consciousness, I should have permanently faded to black, as in death. Miraculously, I survived and to this day I am still perplexed by the occurrence. I had my reservations in bringing up this point, because of the religious metaphors it attracts. But in my research for this condition, later on this point may hold water. Safe to say, in the aftermath of this near-death experience, I retained all of my mental and physical faculties.

This benchmark in time is the earliest I can possibly conceive and remember the acceleration beginning. This closest brush with death had a resonating effect on my disposition. I felt relieved of a subconscious burden associated with the fear of death. Fear of death had very little impact on my life previous to this happening, but now it was traceless. Looking back in hindsight, my life took a detour for a more deliberate cerebral and emotive existence. A mid-life crisis matched with monastic type vows, best describes the shift in gears. My priorities in life drifted into a more selfless domain geared towards family and friends and healthy living.

During this impasse, much of my headspace was focused on inflection and world crisis. Before I closed my eyes to sleep, I spend countless hours staring into the dark in deep contemplation. Inadvertently, without revelation, this quiet time was likely the culprit in this progression. While torpid, and awake staring at a dark ceiling, my palate was cleaned. The stark silence and pitch black invoked attention to the subtleties in my environment. The small sounds and movements in my peripherals. It was in effect, a simulated meditation unforeseen. During these bouts to sleep, is when I first started to perceive these photo-anomalies.

As referenced in my OP, a faint overlay of a red electrical arcing effect began to develop. My initial reaction was stressed capillaries in my eyes, or some type of retinal separation. Inquiry into this subject proved insubstantial, except for one discovery. The mention of a condition coined "Snowy vision". I was clueless to this being a condition at all. I figured everyone saw a layer of transparent static in the air. Apparently I was wrong. As early as memory serves in my childhood, I've always had this condition. Even though I'd hardly classify it as a bona fide condition or aberration. If anything, the Snowy Visions enhanced my depth perception, and a greater contrast and refraction in light, movement of air, and overall visual alertness. It just so happened that the static snow worked in sync with the red arcing effect. There is no empirical cause for this ultra rare condition, genetically, and the degenerative symptoms of other cases, for example moments of intensity of static, were never an issue or deterrent.

After exhaustive research into ocular degeneration, I just accepted it, and actually encouraged its use for twilight conditions. Within a few weeks of toying with it, the red arcing took shape. Now the arcing evolved into conic projections tracing from my eyes that spun like two separate pinwheels, eventually merging into one, when my eyes both focused on one point. Now this is the point I took a mental inventory of potential psychotropic drug use in my youth, lol. This is when you take extra measures to look into possible neurological disorders and the like. Still conclusion. The closest condition with remote resemblance was "Kaleidoscopic" vision. But even that conclusion didn't make the grade.

Dumbfound by this state, I also noticed a faint white-blue projection from my hands, then my knees, crotch and chest develop, under the same twilight to pitch black lighting. Now I just gave up on the medical jargon, and steered into a new direction of research. Meta physical topics were on the itinerary. I had some fundamental knowledge on the topics but never put too much stock or lip service into it. While engrossed in the research, I continued experimenting with these perceived lights and effects. I soon realized that converging the blue emissions from my hands with the merged, spinning arcing created a purple haze (Yea, Jimmy Hendrix, I know), and ultimately formed a virtual Moebius sphere.

At this point my mind is reeling with possibilities, and I'm itching to disclose this with somebody to get feedback. I'm not ignorant to the fact that even suggesting this to a friend or family member may incur rolling eyes and question of my health and sanity. With little doubt, you can imagine the reaction. As states from another poster, it's irony at its best.

So to cut straight to the chase and sum this up a bit, the story takes a turn into the surreal and preternatural. These Moebius sphere I was generating shared properties with a vortices. In time during these exercises, I noticed a new player in town. They were these white orbs. The white orbs literally came through the wall of my home and gravitated towards the vortices. At this point, I really didn't know what I was doing with the vortices. I didn't see an application for them other than a cool light show for my eyes. The white orbs did one of two things. They either latched to the rim of the vortices and eventually dematerialized/disappeared OR they changed color! They went from white, to red, to blue, to indigo. Shortly after a few days of the interaction with the orbs and vortices, I also begin to notice the color change that projected from my chest and crotch. My crotch light turned deep red, and my chest light turned light red-dark orange in shade.

Seeing this development, I started doing experiments with all variables in the mirror. Projected vortices on various parts of my body in conjunction with the other light sources. That is when life as I knew it would be changed forever. Inadvertently, this whole time I believe I was opening chakras along my body. This ultimately lead to the third eye and crown chakra opening. I was certainly able to see the indigo glow between my eyes, and the purple tether 6"-8" off the back of my head. Upon this evolution, a whole, unseen world opened up to me. I felt like I was living in a dream. For some, it may be characterized as a nightmare. What was more shocking to me that this revelation, was the fact that I was at total ease with what I was seeing. I think a normal person would fill their diapers if they saw what I am about to describe.

When I look into the dark, whether it is outside at night, or the interior of my house, I see a swathe of entities. Similar to a 3-D holographic image with seamless, fluid movement and life. Imagine the outlined drawing of a huge, winged serpent, filled with that same red arcing effect described earlier. Now multiple that by a dozen. A varying degree in shape, size, and species. All majestic, aerial beings with matchless grace and beauty. Along with manners and mannerisms. These benevolent entities are populated heavily throughout the landscape. Although, I've noticed a higher density of them outside of urban sprawls. I can also see their individual chakras too. They too have seven.

But this is not the only entities I have witnessed in my travels and experimentations. (ran out of typing space, TO BE CONT>>>)

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 04:30 AM
wow, this is great! Good stuff!

very unusual experiences to say the least!

This snow visuals which you describe is not new to me, because during the night since childhood I saw it to. And now in adulthood during meditations this starts to change into various shapes and sometimes into images or visions. But far from the stuff you mentioned.

I am really looking foreword for more from you

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 05:48 AM
a reply to: trifecta

During this impasse, much of my headspace was focused on inflection and world crisis. Before I closed my eyes to sleep, I spend countless hours staring into the dark in deep contemplation. Inadvertently, without revelation, this quiet time was likely the culprit in this progression. While torpid, and awake staring at a dark ceiling, my palate was cleaned. The stark silence and pitch black invoked attention to the subtleties in my environment. The small sounds and movements in my peripherals. It was in effect, a simulated meditation unforeseen. During these bouts to sleep, is when I first started to perceive these photo-anomalies.

It sounds to me like this just naturally happened upon you. That you did not practice heavy meditation or any other metaphysical energy work on your self which in turn then opened things up for you. It sounds as if it came effortlessly to you without any prior conditioning on your part. Am I interpreting this correct ? Not that it demeans your experience in any way, its just something to consider when I look at how it happens for some and not others. Some people work very hard at invoking this type of energy work for lengthy periods of time and it ends with nada, nothing, zero...happening and they are left wondering why. It is a mystery to me why that is. Of course this is just a very superficial assumption on my part as I know not much at all about the people who have practiced it for years but seem to have no results compared to the individual who experiences it so profoundly such as you without too much thought based only on what I am reading here right now. I could be way off though since I know not much at all about you and your normal habitual practices and involvements in life.

I am enjoying reading about your experiences. So please continue...


posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 01:48 PM

The white orbs I've previously encountered, turned out to be these entities Crown chakra, through my growing, young eyes. There is a relationship between our pulsating energy emitted from our chakras and these beings. An exchange dynamic. I soon realized that when a person cleanses their meridians and chakras, it is in cooperation with these entities. I'm not ready to disclose all of the inner workings and relationships with these beings, publicly. But that notion may change in due coarse.

Back to the other types of entities I have interacted with and witnessed. Mind you, this sensory and these interactions are not manifested in some dreamstate or deep meditations exercise. These experiences are done at will, eyes wide open. But as mentioned, the optimum condition for me is a dark backdrop, to accentuate the color contrast of their frame.

These beings are, so to speak, color coded. Although, I figured out a way to enlarge their frame and change their overall color matrix. It's like a virtual upgrade. As far as I can tell, I can take a red colored wyrm and change him to blue, then indigo, and finally purple. The color cycle is static. Never have I seen a color skip in line, during this process.

The default color of the winged serpents are red. I have also encountered, through self purging, what many would consider evil looking entities with red shade. The two that come to mind look undead. One is a hunched over, malformed skeletal figure with lanky limbs. The other is pretty creepy, but cool at the same time. It appears to be the head and exposed spine of a woman who floats around. Images of some Japanese creature from their mythology comes to mind. The name escapes me.

Blue colored entities have the most range in motif. I've seen everything from a Rakshasa, to Ganesh, to Assyrian styled griffons, faeries, radiant faces, some type of animal spirits, angelic forms, and alike. Pretty much the whole cavalcade of what you would expects from mythological texts. Also in the blue range I saw what can only be categorized as alien types. Your stereotypical greys, a squid-headed being, an insectoid type with tendrils coming out of it maw, advanced human types, and so on.

Now the purple range has the more exotic forms. Flaming eyeballs, Pyramid shaped entities, a blazing effigy of a very god-like face, and very rarely a winged serpent. Theses plenty more of these entities I've witnessed, but you get the drift. The beings outside of the resident serpent/dragons, don't just randomly appear. they only appear during specific focus exercises I perform in conjunction with planetary bodies and stars in the night sky, or for some time, temporarily, when I was experimenting with extractions from my third eye and crown. Again, I had no idea what I was doing at the time, and I'm suspicious that I might have made a boo-boo, when extracting some of these more divine and transcendent forms and beings, for dragon food. I guess time will tell.

The two cautions I must note in specific encounters are the "Black Gnats" and these parasite type entities. These entities actually glow white, which at first thought, seemed counter intuitive, since the color white is traditionally associated with sacred or purity. Well, it turns out to be quite the opposite. These critters are NASTY. What I also failed to mention is that I too can feel, smell, and occasionally taste these entities with the most limited ability. I can't hear these entities, but they think I know how to read lips or play charades. Which is a horribly failed attempt at commune.

The feeling comes in three manifestations. One being in the form of direct static electric applied to a specific part of my body when the serpents make direct contact with me. Two, when the serpents want my attention, the literally breathe down my neck or any other exposed flesh. Now three is the weird one. When I came in contact with the Gnats and Parasites, it felt like they were burrowing into my skin and circulating into my lymphatic system like a long tapeworm. Lucky the serpent relieve you of these parasites, by chewing them out of your system. It feels like a long hair is being draw out of the interior of your body, starting from where the parasite entered to the end of its navigation. A truly unsettling feeling when I dealt with those two forms of parasite. The Gnats feel like sand was sprinkled on you before they enter, opposed to a worm burrowing. Its something I wouldn't want anyone else to experience. I won't tell you how I came to encounter these two for obvious reasons.

From the scenes that played out before my very eyes, apparently the parasite and serpents are mortal enemies. I saw a whole skirmish play out in my home one night, before I figured out a way to tip the balance in favor of the serpents. Nasty business.

Look, I could write a book on everything I've discovered up to this point through experimenting and the development of this close resemblance to what I can see as a "Kundalini Awakening PLUS". I've thusfar researched Guru and Yogi experiences, but they never mention the vivid images I see. The merely mention holy/transcendent/Spiritual visions, nothing too specific. There are many applications and manipulations through these channels, stuff phantasmagoric and Qliphotic, to utterly nightmarish and vile. But I'm not here to write a full guide. I am willing to answer specific questions through PMs to help people along.

Anyhow, as my original objective, I'm looking for anyone who has experience this degree of viscereality. I am looking for people how have created the Moebius spheres and that can see the entities as clear as I can.

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