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New Canadian PM to restore ties with Iran

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posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 12:29 PM

Relations with Iran

Trudeau also said he'd move to normalize relations with Iran. The Harper government abruptly closed the Canadian Embassy in Tehran in 2012 and expelled Iranian diplomats from Ottawa.

"I would hope that Canada would be able to reopen its mission, as I understand it, there were security concerns that led to the closing of the mission, but I'm fairly certain that there are ways to re-engage," Trudeau said.

The comments come as negotiators from the so-called P5+1 — the U.S., the U.K., France, China, Russia and Germany — seek to hammer out a deal to limit Iran's nuclear program. Trudeau said he was cautiously optimistic that the two sides could come to an agreement before the June 30 deadline.

New Canadian PM to restore ties with Iran

Bye Harper .

I think a new world order is shaping , not the ones US officials bragged about , but still they were right about it happening .

Canada closed it's embassy out of nowhere and severed ties with Iran based on some crazy allegations about security issues . justin being a patriot , didn't further ridicule that ridiculous allegations and confirmed them while sweeping votes of 160,000 Iranian-Canadian community . Canadians of the forum : correct me if i'm wrong but i think Harper was more Israeli than Israelis themselves and cared more about interests of others rather than his own country .

And BTW , 2 Iranian-Canadians also got their way into the parliament

new Iran-Russia-Iraq-Syria Axis is now rocking the boat .

ISIS ladies are now fleeing the scene from Iraq and Syria:

EU is reconsidering its relations with Iran . China and Russia are accepting Iran into SCO ( )

US is pulling out of ME step by step .

Bye harper , Bye ahmadinejad . Hello Canada

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 01:07 PM
Awesome to hear! My cousin is a general, I wonder what he thinks of all this?

Hopefully we continue to see that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sticks to his original plans and really does change Canada (and possibly the world) for the better.

As for your question about Harper. Harper was more of a dictator than anything else. He didn't care about anyone's position except for the one that served his best interests.

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 01:13 PM
a reply to: Ghost147

Hopefully we continue to see that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sticks to his original plans and really does change Canada (and possibly the world) for the better.

Sorry couldn't resist.

Glad Canada is going to join the diplomacy bandwagon.
And before anyone goes crazy, diplomacy doesn't mean we all worship Iran and think it is the best country in the world, just that we don't have to be enemies with every one.

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 01:20 PM
Harper was an archaic member of the "Old Boy's School", he cared little for the native people's struggles, equality for all Canadians, etc. He was up the a@@ of both the USA and Israel. I often shook my head as a Canadian wondering why the hell we had our military risking their lives in the Middle East to promote the interests of the aforementioned nations.

I hope Mr. Trudeau really listens to what Canadians want, we are more like Switzerland in our mentality of neutrality than war mongering like some nations would have us seem. Most Canadians want to secure our OWN borders, invest in our own country, economy and youth and let the rest of the world be.

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: Alyconehood

Honestly , I think peace is the only way to go . humans have tried violence and warmongering since our existence . where did that take us ?

Animals are also capable of tearing each other up and lions eat their own kids so do fishes . we do the same .

Canada is an advanced country and Iran is semi-rich . we can benefit a lot with bilateral cooperation and this opportunity was taken away from us because of a 3rd party interests ( Israel )

Iran signed a 40 billion dollar contract with russia just a week ago . imagine if this was signed with canada .

do you know how many jobs could that money make ?
edit on 25-10-2015 by haman10 because: spelling problems per usual

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 11:10 PM
a reply to: haman10

A big if...

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 12:08 AM
but just pointing out that as predicted, he has islam in the door before any "save an indio" or "you will get to smoke a hootie!" canadian issue that got him elected.
(Bahahahaha! Here comes your lovely isis ladies!)

I am thinking I should rent a speaker car and drive through dearborne listing Canadas juicy welfare and larger liberality? Would people pay me to do that?!?

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 02:44 AM
a reply to: haman10

Unfortunately, there's a ton of work to do to fix the mess Harper has left behind.

I don't know if Trudeau is up to the task, but I sure hope he gives it his best shot and manages to stitch at least of few of the wounds.

I'm sick and tired of being told I'm supposed to fear "the brown people".

The damn propagandists have been working overtime these past several years in preparation for a war they so desperately want... they need to get the people behind them if they want to go to war... again.

But I suspect people have grown weary and tired of the neverending wardrum pounding and are slowly starting to back away from the kool-aid drinking.

Canadians made that statement loud and clear with this election, we're sick of the war mongering.

And I for one am sick and tired of worrying and crossing my fingers for my neighbour's sons to come home safe and sound from Afghanistan every time they get shipped out on yet another tour of duty.

Harper can rot in hell.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: CranialSponge

Yep, it's going to be a long road to undo-ing the damage Harper has done, but even the span of a week in I think I'm starting to recognize my country once again. Having a dialog with other nations is never a bad thing.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 09:52 AM
a reply to: haman10

It's nice to have a government whose immediate reaction to diplomacy isn't:

'Do you see this ball!? See it? THIS IS MY BALL.




posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: haman10

Just wait till they work on Trudou and turn him into neocon Zionist

They can do that

They did it with other people

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