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posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 05:06 PM
Ummm...have you ever considered how arbitrary the relation between the imagined and perceptions of place...Not geographical...rather...your place within whatever scheme things happen to find themselves...? Are you truly the master of your fate...or just along for the ride...a face in the window of a train...
Are you captivated...or merely captive...?
Perhaps it's too soon to tell...


My heart is heavy overflowing slow
So full of hopes and things that may have been
Chance the imp that deals the final blow
Unraveling the text of all I've seen

Here a sentence there a word now fled
That ever hovered there behind the teeth
I rather empty now this once filled head
Exposing all the not that lay beneath

Knot or not I sometimes cannot say
Yet bid farewell and never come again
I the notsman know the part I play
That fickle line between the in and sane

It's really not so bad realizing how devastatingly insignificant one transitory...just another moment bound for that endless stream of like characters fleeing down the tracks of time...

What a perfectly horrible thought...

edit on 24-10-2015 by YouSir because: of too many really's...

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