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Alpha dust

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posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 04:35 PM
Ummm...Another day now fled into the west and all any of us has to offer for it's tenuous touch upon our lives is conversation rife with that final ray of sun as it leavened out that demarcation and ushered us into the next turn of horizon...

Alpha dust

So fades this fire from within
Withered on the vine
The round of ash to ash begin
Ferment a sweeter wine

The fire of youth so swift to fade
Proclaims that we may be
As shadows coalesce to shade
First seedling and then tree


When light has fled and gone it's way
Appointments then we keep
As night again replaces day
We gladly welcome sleep

As slumbers threshold we attain
And gleeful onward stride
We cross the line in bold disdain
And touch the other side


I am not formed from memory
Or whispers borne of frequency
Of sterner stuff that shall endure
Of purest parts yet never poor

Not on the forge of yesterday
But ever and anon away
A glimpse not as full gaze might see
Yet shimmer quick this

So it is...for me at least...that consciousness creates causality...Did yesterday truly exist...?...or am I captive to ego only thinking it had been...?

I'm unsure...

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posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: YouSir

Now is so painfully fragile it's almost cruel.
Your second poem - Threshold - reminds me of Burns both in vocabulary and rhythm. You're so good at these. I'm going to print 'Threshold' out, if I may, so it doesn't become a fleeting glimpse of yesterday as well.

B x

posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 07:18 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

Ummm...hello honor me by wishing to keep some of my thoughts...of course you may...

Although I'm sure these same thoughts have been spoken or written much in one fashion or another throughout humanities long travail out of Eden...I think that I could never truly claim that any grouping of thought or word were mine could it be...I am a product of all that has passed before I sojourned here...In fact I view myself only as a filter...or distillery through which experience and history sometimes choose to express...nothing more...

If there is any insight or wonder to be gleaned from is only because of you and those myriad others that make up the human conscience...I would be much remiss if I were not to state that such were so...There is such a deep...deep...abiding love in me for each and every one of you...I am so in awash in introspection...

I will...NOT...let the sun go down without crying that from the hilltops...and I can't believe that I am the only one that would do such...

Each of us here at ATS asks..."what can be done"..What can any single person do to make this world just a little brighter...
For the love of all that is worthy in this life I'm really trying to bring a slight ray of sunshine into what seems a dark world at times...

I'm truly sorrowed that enough haven't said enough...You see's not my OP's that really matter much...but what comes my responses to those that have chosen to converse...and you and their replies as well...

I hope my words don't make you uncomfortable my friend...but there is a void in the heart of this world that it will take all of us to fill...I only hope that I can see that day come round at last before I slip away behind the curtain...

Be well


posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 10:48 PM
I been reading your poems the last few days. I can't do that, I draw. You have a way with words. I hope to check back and see more. Trying to keep a low profile around here. I didn't take my meds than had.... Maggots of all the atheists I read or my neighbors making fun of me and seeing their stubborn unquestioning faith as something I didn't understand? They went to church from young and I never did and trying to be a spiritual person with all my own beliefs. Anyway, keep up the writing I will check next few days around this time.

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: Silenthill666007

Ummm...hello Silent...I would personally question whether an individual that felt the need to "make fun of"...actually had any measure of faith...let alone spirituality...

When I pause to consider what I just stated...I would also add that we are all fallible...all of us can be found wanting in one area or one aspect of our lives or another...
What I try to do in my own fallible way is to love them regardless of how they envision me...and I'm trying real hard to just let that be...The reason I do this is that I look out at the world and see the myriad conflicts that rage from one country to another from one community to another and from one individual to another...the common ingredient in all of these is the hatred...
If you think about it all of human history is rife with hatred...with greed with conflict and strife...

I don't wish to be a part of that any longer...instead i have learned to love them despite how I am treated in return
It's possibly the hardest thing I've ever tried to do...Exasperation and WTF moments are sometimes hard to overcome...

What if I were to say to you...that never having met you...not knowing your philosophy or discernment...not ever having looked you in the eye...that I offer my hand in friendship...that form this moment forward you are never alone...that from this moment forward you are indeed welcome...You see one of the most amazing things I have ever learned is all the room in my's limitless...and you were welcomed there even before you chose to comment in this thread or make yourself known to me...

All persons have the same capacity as I have...each and all devolves to choice...the desire to have hope and wonder be integral in who or what we are...the desire to realize that our own personal hurts are perhaps shared by others and that common ground is the only ground worth standing on...

Look at all of history...then look at what a perfectly wondrous path is open before us...if each individual finally said they were done with conflict...I want to explore there...I want to live there...I want you and all others to find their place under that sun as well...

To those that nay say and claim the unworkable...I would do you know...?...It's never been tried...

Be well my friend...may your days be so filled with awe that it flows from you like a river...infecting all around...


posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 01:31 PM
I wasn't trying to "make fun" is was seriously asking about my faith. I am guessing you saw my thread. I just joined a week ago, and I ask if you read all my posts. There are only about ten. The last five years or less I was becoming spiritual maybe not religious, I never read the bible or have any training in it. My spirituality was based on what I know about Catholocism . Maybe I was regurgitating all the pages and pages of atheist I read in the religious forums. I was up all night and maybe digesting them and questioning things. I was just up 6:00 am and put pieces of a puzzle together to fit in a sequence, I don't know if it was correct. But it felt like dawning of understanding and I could see clearly the last 2000 years , the crusades ect. I stayed up all night and might not have been the best thing to do while my religious neighbors were making fun and persecuting me. My first few posts defended Christianity and fought with atheists. So I sorta screwed up my profile here and name being blasfamous. Your words and my families , we were supposed to go to church today maybe next week . Maybe get some help seeing things from someone who devoted their whole life to Christ then an Internet forum. Thank you and Peace.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 04:54 AM
a reply to: Silenthill666007

Ummm...Hello again comment about "making fun" was a response to you stating that your "religious" neighbors were making fun of you...not that you were making fun of anything...
Sometimes the intent of what we write doesn't translate as well as we think...I apologize for not wording my first response more clearly...

Remember that all people are imperfect...even those that go to church...The beauty I find is in the forgiveness which for me is an acknowledgement of that imperfection and a recognition that although I seek to be better in my treatment of other people it doesn't always end up that way...I fail miserably sometimes...because I'm human...just as each and every person that ever looked up at the night sky and wondered about how they fit in to all of that vast beauty...

I have learned to give people their space to fail or fall or get up and rise above their failures...The very best that I can do for to be there with that extended offer compassion and love them...despite...their faults...

I think some people mistake that religious people are somehow living on some level of exaltation above the rest of humanity...or that they should be...All it really means are that they are seeking...just as you are...
They all still have their human baggage and none of them walk in the presence of perfection every moment of their days...

I try to take some part of every day to marvel at the sheer wonder of this existence...and to realize that my best response to the theist or the to have an abiding wish for their well love them in all of their many human traits...Not to love the things we sometimes do to one another...but them as that member of the family human to which we all belong...

I want to lift them all up into the let them know that they are indeed welcome and well thought of...

May this day find you full of insight...may compassion be the rock on which you about them...wish them well...


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