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Walking Away a Winner

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posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 08:10 PM
At end of your life your spirit escapes this material plane.

Then your flesh decays and your skeleton erodes, and nothing remains of your existence except the memories you leave behind.

And those remain implanted within the minds of those with whom you interacted and sealed inside the manifestations of the forms you created whilst alive. Thus your words, your deeds, your actions--and especially your works of art and invention like books scribed and music composed and sculptures chiseled and paintings made--all linger on long following your corporeal death.

Ergo even long after you pass from this world, a time-capsule snapshot lingers on of your accomplishments within this realm. And when taken in aggregate, those memories and manifestations assemble into a permanent collage of your ultimate and irrevocable contribution unto this level of reality.

So just as you would plan for retirement in advance and start early-assembling beneficial assets in expectation of that impending day when you retire forever from the workforce, before you leave this world you should also start thinking about the legacy you want assemble and leave behind.

So, start today--and start by asking yourself a very simple question: If you died tonight in your sleep, would you awaken the next morning in the other world believing you walked away from this life a winner?

Would you believe you made such positive and lasting and impactful contributions unto your home planet and fellow man whilst improving yourself so significantly that you could readily profess you unquestioningly prevailed in this incarnation?

Or, would you leave this world with lingering doubts about the nature of your effect on reality? Would you depart this corporeal sphere with worries that you did and said the wrong things, and left behind bad impressions of yourself through intangible deeds and artistic inventions?

Your answer unto those questions will tell you much about the underlying status of your current existence, because immediately they'll tell you whether your life is on-track. And instantly they'll let you know whether you need take immediate corrective actions--for if you find yourself vacillating or waffling or hesitating on giving a resounding affirmative, you'll know you need start living quite differently if you intend leave behind a legacy of which you can be proud.

Then you can start deciding upon ameliorative decisions that can help ease your mind and assuage your doubts and let you say for certain that you're wielding your time wisely and doing everything possible towards leaving a good impression of yourself in the minds of others, along with a measurable impact on aiding the positive evolution of the world.

Perhaps you think you need be kinder, perhaps you decide you want more education, perhaps you consider yourself in dire straits unless you complete some long-lingering creative project like writing a novel or crafting a musical album.

But whatever niggles you at levels conscious or subconscious, whatever harangues you until without it your life feels incomplete, those are the things you should begin fixing immediately so when again you ask yourself that question--whenever you ask whether you could depart from this physical reality feeling like a winner--you can answer it fast and firm with an immediate and resounding yes.

Walking away a winner all starts with leaving nothing on the table of life. And that means pursuing those challenges you want accomplish, undergoing those adventures that compel you towards action, and taking those steps necessary towards ironing out all self-perceived inadequacies that keep you unhappy with your current persona.

Throughout each and every life in each and every level of existence you should work towards always putting yourself in that positive mindstate where you feel like you could depart those realms at any moment and still leave them all as a winner.

Too many make the mistake of waiting incessantly for some nebulous catalyst compelling them into action before they start pursuing their goals. Too many sit around doing nothing whilst feelings of personal inadequacy and self-loathing grows--those horrid emotions that arise from recognizing your life as an exercise in inaction instead of a celebration of success.

Yet those errs you can fix in an instant. Those concerns you can erode in a flash.

From this moment forward, simply dedicate yourself fully towards doing whatever it takes for you to feel satisfied with your legacy in life. Take all necessary steps towards achieving enough that it places you into a perpetual mindstate where you feel you could quit at any time having conquered this game of life.

Within the confines of all applicable morals and ethics, do everything in your power to leave everything on the table and leave zero regrets behind.

Work tirelessly until you feel you can walk away from life a winner. Then you'll never need look back and wonder what might have been.

Then, instead of exiting this world plagued with regrets, assuredly you'll enter the next world unto a resounding chorus of applause.
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posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Trachel

If you died tonight in your sleep, would you awaken in the next morning in the other world believing you walked away from this life a winner?

Or, would you leave this world with lingering doubts about the nature of your effect on reality? Would you depart this corporeal sphere with worries that you did and said the wrong things, and left behind bad impressions of yourself…

Everyone has screwed up, I want to be with the humble people that admit it. The honest ones that admit they didn't do right and want to change are going to be the 'winners'. While they were here they learned the difference, and are trying to apply it.

Everyones mind is like a CC TV on the wall, everything you see hear and do are recorded, as is everyone else.

When those books are opened, everyone will know the truth about whom did what to who, when and where. There will be a reckoning.

posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: Trachel


Youve basically described where Im at.

I have done things, said things I shouldnt have and didnt do or say things I shouldve. Not so much nowadays.
There is a point in life where you take stock of yourself or should do anyway. Many dont.

Time and experience imprints wisdom which in turn precipitates change in oneself.

Honesty in ones self-analysis is crucial and sometimes hard but also lifts the weight off ones shoulders.
I often look for inspiration in others to give me strength to accomplish this.

One day we will meet in another place outside of time and reflect with empathy, compassion and forgiveness on our experiences here.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Kia Ora fellow earthly experiencers.

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posted on Oct, 22 2015 @ 02:31 AM
I think I will leave having done more good than harm.

I will regret not having lived life enough or done enough for my loved ones.

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