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How exactly was Jesus' crucifixion a sacrifice?

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posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 11:21 PM

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: Cogito, Ergo Sum
Ruined the ENDING (too funny CES).

posted on Dec, 6 2015 @ 08:10 PM
a reply to: Ghost147The conspiracy of religion is that it discusses philosophy of the

Religion itself by intent conspires via the condition of its interpreter of spiritual wisdom, interpreting the information as a spiritual teaching, without using the content of the information as factual speech.

If any one wants to imply that religious teaching is a conspiracy, then of course it is....for since when does any religion actually use the stated information as fact?

Therefore if you want to discuss Jesus Christ and the sacrifice, then you should study philosophy and the creation of stone, for the spiritual wisdom regarded wisdom itself........realization which scientifically is called cause and effect.

If an ancient human being was ignorant enough to consider radiation and unseal the Earth stone and then get irradiated and attacked with evil spirits, then what about it......the conspiracy itself.

Religious teaching aspires to make the human listener understand that conjuring of evil spirits attacked human life.

As Christ by Philosophical reasoning was oxygen and water....for Christ 1000 years spirit against radioactive Satan 1000 year spirit would be a review that the holiness of the Heavenly spirit (where the Christ returns) is only holy if the Christ Act is allowed to be holy.

The philosophy states that the Christ spirit was murdered around the Year 33AD on the cross of wood.

You review ancient wisdom of philosophy and the conversion of the spirit involved water/air/fire/wood.

If you do scientific conversion, obviously you would change the natural spirit of the holiness of the atmosphere.....water and oxygen or Holy Ox.

Therefore ancient scientists realized that they had changed the holiness of the spirits of air/water/fire/wood, and it attacked human life.

What is considered to be the Christ witness to the spiritual attacks....STIGMATA...bleeding from the body cell.

How is the Christ spirit represented....bleeding from the body cell when the body was forced to be nailed to the wooden cross.

If you have ever been involved in an irradiated atmospheric attack, like I have, you would understand what it feels like when your physical brain gets having sharp pointy things attacking your brain or "prickling".

This form of evidence many attacked spiritual victims talk about in modern times also.....and as Christ stigmata is still active in modern society, is it any wonder that the ancients became aware of spiritual changes....and the murder of their own holy spirit?

The Holy spirit of the Earth atmosphere considered to be the Alpha condition, which the philosophy describes as "man".

As a human male thought about the condition of spirit...creation...converting, obviously the spiritual information was reviewed as a male's own spiritual concepts as a wisdom.

This is why the information of religion is itself a conspiracy, for since when is science SPIRIT?

posted on Dec, 6 2015 @ 08:27 PM

originally posted by: beenharmed
a reply to: Ghost147The conspiracy of religion is that it discusses philosophy of the
This is why the information of religion is itself a conspiracy, for since when is science SPIRIT?

Both dogmas (religion/science) are written with Mans's bias; so are equally under the same scrutiny.

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 07:16 PM
a reply to: vethumanbeing You state that a human male has bias, yet he believes his own information is "know it all", he even tells himself that he has theories about how everything was created as a beginning to end function?

How could any human, an organic being with information of its own person that exists for only around 100 years, know about such preceding states? It is impossible.

I understood myself that our ancient brother gained spiritual creation information through a condition that humans belonged and conversion. He gained this advice through spiritual practices...which is obvious, for a human had to invent science.

As science is an invention of a human mind and their spiritual reviews, it should only be considered as an invented action.....for since when does a human being imply by science that in their know it all review, that they would consider their own life and its destruction?

Science is therefore considered by the human mind to apply to a condition where the human lives a safe life, and yet can interact in a condition involving huge powers.

So you ask yourself, how did a human know about uranium and nuclear fuel, when it did not exist on Earth as information?

You then state, that the ancients who did stone nuclear levitation, caused the atmospheric radiation sound to change, and the ancient life was attacked by a UFO fall out condition....and archaelogical evidence supports this fact.

Radiation light sound changes, from an increased star radiation particle stream......and the star systems holding the nuclear dust and formation of nuclear fuel, transmitted its information to the human mind through holographic light and sound imagery as to form nuclear fuel.

The ancient information about Creation regards the LEVI....using nuclear light sound to lighten stone and lift it.

This caused an attack on the spiritual life....called Christ, for we know ourselves to be the Christ Consciousness...that is a holy spiritual review of the holy heavenly body.....angelic light sound.

Changing this condition by use of nuclear light sound conversion created UFO attack upon life....alien spirit manifestations were witnessed...increased natural disasters...the human cell and blood changed and this was factored to be the sacrifice of the ALPHA MAN condition in Heaven and also the human life condition called JESUS.

If you cared to study philosophy the information of creation relates to the holiness of the Heavenly body and spirit that resides in this body....and when it was murdered the human life as a sacrifice.

This sacrifice was not wanted....for it created stigmata...unnatural bleeding from the cell, it also changed the brain chemistry, causing brain pain....increased radiation attacks causes prickling as a sensation, along with stabbing pains if you cared enough to review the condition of a spiritual life and its attack.

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 07:36 PM

originally posted by: Ghost147
How exactly was Jesus' crucifixion a sacrifice?
lets start with this: God had Abram prepare to and almost sacrifice his own son as a test. in reality God Knew Abram would do as ordered. The whole thing was a prefigure of what God himself would later do. that is to sacrifice his own son.

you see in the torah only a blemishless sacrificial animal could be offered effectively. only there is no such thing as a blemishless animal. the blood of said animal would absolve one of their sins for that year. But under the law a blemishless sacrifice could absolve from sin perpetually.

This is also prefigured in pass over where the blood of a lamb on the door threshold would cause death to pass over that house.

The story of salvation is told over and over in the OT through the various biblical types for Christ and in the case of Abram; God.

Note that Christ is said to have lived perfectly by the Law (He was God so he could do it after all) so he was completely innocent or without blemish. so he was accused and tried and convicted and sentenced and executed. In the Torah if someone is punished for a crime no one else can be punished for that same sin. No double jeopardy. even if it is later revealed the original defendant was innocent.

All of the OT law in the old covenant set laws that both man and God would bind themselves to. God is bound by the law and cannot execute us now that Jesus has paid the price.

God planned this from the very foundation of this world. and everything he holds us to he also holds himself to. to include coming into the flesh as Jesus obeying every line of the law and dying as he commanded us to do.

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 07:41 PM
stuff happens over and over again in the bible. for example there are 5 people counting Jesus in the bible who had divine intervention in their birth. These 5 are all nazarites. not Nazerines though they may have lived there or at least nearby. nazarites were a special order or school of prophets or monks. The last of these was Christ. It isn't written that Christ was a nazarite but the other facts kind of point to it.
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posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 08:00 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

It's clear from your post that you severely misunderstand science.

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 08:02 PM
Some stuff on nazarites:

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 08:52 PM
a reply to: TzarChasm

I do not misunderstand science, I know that our life has been attacked by occultist theory, via their own misreading of biblical spiritual advice.

Occult scientists believed that they could have an artificial chemical DNA encoding and then have Christ heal it and replace it, therefore began to research the information, by many different forms of research.

I came to understand from many different forms of spiritual attacks, about science itself, due to the holographic information that I gained.

I became aware that our ancient brother using the method that we all use, historical holographic light sound interaction and thought about a scientific application that he called the levitation of stone....levi.

He then attacked life and gave life "the Christ stigmata", bleeding from the cell, change of the brain/cell chemistry and the results of the attack. The same result witnessed in modern occultist practices....the use of radiated light and sound for SION...converSION of the nuclear of stone.

He reviewed his own spiritual considerations through the circumstance of what he considered the spirit of the atmosphere to represent as holiness....the Holy Ox 1000 or generation of oxygen and the Holiness of water "over the head", to keep the brain/mind consciousness of CHRIST healed and spiritual.

Past life information is how he accessed holographic light sound imagery to gain science for converting and levitation of stone.

Past history of spirit is recorded in the atmosphere, as was his own life....every moment we live we gain a spiritual recording.

He considered his spiritual condition....and implied that his own spirit was Christ, as the holiness of oxygen and water....yet his mind/spiritual conditions was reviewing his own higher light sound vibration of his spirit self.....that was recorded in the atmospheric condition that owned water and oxygen.

Therefore he believed that his own higher spirit was water and oxygen....and yet his spiritual cell function is an organic body that uses the water and oxygen to stay alive.

Therefore using the history of the atmospheric condition he gave himself a misquoted evaluation of spirit.....therefore after he applied the levitation of stone, and the increased radiation attacked him, he then realized that he had sacrificed the holy spirit condition of his own heavenly body....the atmosphere and was himself irradiated.

The Shroud and its information correlates that it could have involved combustion....being irradiation.

Being irradiated, is a condition that I experienced as a spiritually aware human. I know what it feels like to be irradiated.

I witnessed a silver ball in the atmosphere and immediately started to bleed.
I was brain attacked as a horrible prickling burning sensation....and my eyes went tongue burnt and so did my lips and skin....and it became super sensititive. I was ground attacked by the witness of black irradiated sound bodies, that felt like razors and knives. Therefore I knew what it was like to get irradiated, and why it was the symbolic sacrifice of the Holy Heavenly Christ spirit (alpha man) depicted a crown of thorns upon the head.....from being irradiated.

I know from self experience and via holographic information as a scientific computer program, the study information of the program and what the program wanted....was a situation of owning a occult activated plasma reaction....a reaction that belonged to Mediums who formed ectoplasma in older forms of mediumship.

This type of mediumship my own spiritual self as a review status of holographic information knew that this type of mediumship was dangerous, for it removed the life of the human self, and the medium would die by using this form of mediumship...for it involved the negated signal, that allowed them to express this type of medium....being phenomena.

All types of phenomena belong to a changed medium in the atmosphere as a burnt atmospheric condition.

Therefore burning or irradiating the atmosphere demonstrates to form the recorded ancient information of angelic hair filaments (seen draped in ancient paintings of the spirits of trees), the same modern outcome is witnessed.....due to increased radiation burning the holiness of our life and atmosphere.

This is why I understand that occult science or science itself is an ancient occult practice and was considered to be evil because of the situation that was observed as the attack on life.

Our heavenly body was not considered Holy without reason.

It is the reason why the ancients considered the dust to also be holy.

Holiness was considered to be sacred and anything sacred to never be changed....for sacredness means survival of life.

Science has removed the sacred and holiness of our atmosphere and then try to impose their own occultist unrealistic evaluations, through a mind already possessed by ancient radiation. If a scientist wants to argue about his own considerations, just think about the language that you all use, as a secret and higher intelligence.....yet you consider the alien spirit the intelligence. The alien only manifested after you irradiated the atmosphere....and how intelligent is this consideration?

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 08:57 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

I rest my case.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 06:42 PM

originally posted by: beenharmed
a reply to: vethumanbeing You state that a human male has bias, yet he believes his own information is "know it all", he even tells himself that he has theories about how everything was created as a beginning to end function?
This sacrifice was not wanted....for it created stigmata...unnatural bleeding from the cell, it also changed the brain chemistry, causing brain pain....increased radiation attacks causes prickling as a sensation, along with stabbing pains if you cared enough to review the condition of a spiritual life and its attack.

This is interesting; please expand the concept such as it is.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 07:15 PM
a reply to: vethumanbeing
God created Satan....God therefore demonstrates that God is not loving....for to create a Satanic being, you are obviously a Satanic God.

God destroyed human life, yet the human sacrificed knew that its spirit was holy, knew that its family spirit was holy and pleaded with the situation of the sacrifice to be prevented.....yet the sacrifice happened and it was known.

The sacrifice was called the sacrifice of Christ as Jesus, the human spirit. Therefore the alpha (man) CHRIST condition in the atmosphere where God created Satan in Earth's Heaven.....changed and caused the human spirit JESUS to be murdered.

The Philosophical advice....holographic imagery along with prophetic readings tells the story of the history of spirit....the Christ Heavenly body saving as origin spiritual information.

The story details that human beings changed the condition of Heaven. The story also details that the spirit that saved the life on Earth was Christ....Christ by philosophy is Holy Ox 1000, and the holiness of water....both of which we know belong to our spirit.....for our own life cell is a cell of water, and our body a large percentage of water....therefore we know this is our spirit. This spiritual story predated Jesus of the Christ.

The CHRIST review belongs to a many reviewed spirit observation, as many studiers of the information demonstrate.

Therefore the spirit of CHRIST was changed many times over the history of life as the Testimonial of spirit observations.

As a spiritual psychic human being, I gained insight into spiritual information through holographic memory and also past life lived humans. For example, when I wanted information about a patient in healing, a spirit of a Doctor would visit and inform me of the medical condition, which the patient would then correlate. This form of psychic review gave me realization that my information was correct, and I began to do a personal research of spirit history and science.

Hence as I lived, I noticed that I was being attacked spiritually, like many other psychics.

Part of this attack was a pricking sensation, so I asked spirit what the pricking meant. I was advised that it was the spirit of Kali...the spider.

So I researched the science, to review that a holographic sound signal forms the image of spiders and that it belonged to the cause of the nuclear science. Therefore "pricking" related to magnetic changes and radiation increase.

Therefore I realized that the Christ meaning was real, especially after I read the data about the Shroud of Turin and how it was observed that it could relate to combustion. As I also knew human life had combusted, it then made I researched past life spirit holographic memory and found out that human beings were doing a technology in the past, as the levitation of stone, using nuclear light sound.....and it then attacked them as UFO sound fall out, via the condition.

So I researched this condition, and the UFO fall out that attacked life belonged to star radiation particles infiltrating the upper atmosphere forming a nuclear reaction. Therefore I knew that the ancients had experienced a form of nuclear irradiation that had attacked their spirit.

This was obvious in relationship to Kali (India), where the archaeological evidence demonstrated a form of ancient nuclear event around 8000 years ago. Therefore I was aware when I gained a huge irradiated attacking wavelength of the condition suffered by the ancients, via what happened to my own spiritual life.

I knew that modern occult science believed that the Christ Jesus sacrifice was part of the ancient technology factoring of the Book of the Dead version updated into a Satanic/Christ review as an actual science....yet the information demonstrates the is actually a discussion of the cause and effect of

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 10:05 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

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posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 11:10 PM
a reply to: TzarChasm Science is occultism. Science in modern times is studying the concepts of God and Christ, just as they have made the public aware. Therefore on all forums of discussions of phenomena and conspiracy, they ask questions to the public about their own personal reviews and considerations of Christ, along with phenomena outcomes.

This is because they are studying phenomena and spirit, for alien spirits manifest in the atmosphere, just like evil spirits do.

The occultist believes that human beings manifested through the same condition, because of all forms of phenomena studied....yet they did not.

The scientific occultist therefore is arguing about the conditions of the Christ and the sacrifice.

They believed the sacrifice was a condition of ancient occult science regarding converting the spirit of the atmosphere on the action of Wood, for the ancients applied a technique in conversion for wood/water/air/fire if you cared to review literature.

Therefore modern occultists believed that this information related to the star angelic fallen angel signal and a science.

Hence studying our life caused our life to be attacked, an example is the cow and the UFO condition advice...for the cow is one symbol the ancient religious belief considered was a holy spirit.

The atmosphere is the only reason we are living, considered by the ancient occultist to be Heaven where angelic light sound existed along with angelic spiritual manifestations....proven in cloud formations/fallout.....the modern day occultist believe the atmosphere is owned by their organization, as they believe in ownership of all property on Earth itself. This is why occultists were considered to be possessed and the ancient Roman Order founded on the Christ revelations of the human spiritual murder took action against the occultists in ancient times is the historical evidence that they also believed these human minds to be possessed, and that no logical spiritual advice would make any difference to any choices they make.

This was why the ancient occultist/scientist was jailed and murdered themselves.....for murdering the Christ holy spirit in the heavenly atmosphere....both organic cell state (microbial population) and the holiness of the spirit of Oxygen and water. Why Christ was considered in the philosophy to be the Holy Ox 1000 against the evil burnt light spirit Satan 1000.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 12:03 AM
Ah the logic loops and paradoxes of religion that I enjoy every year. I just can't wait for the "did you know the Christmas tree, Easter bunny and Dec 25 are all PAGAN!!!" posts yet to come...

It always seems to go the same way, an atheist says I do not care about religion but I have one To me it seems more like a look at me 'I'm smart because I said you Christmas tree is Pagan, or I asked a question that has been asked a million times because there is no answer, so I think we all know everyone of those questions by heart now, so what is the point in all this?

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 12:36 AM
Has this information got something to do with Jesus and crucifixion?

To crucify states to torment and torture and to also to destroy the "ruling" or power and influence of.

The crucifer is to "bear" and the death of Jesus was to bear witness.

What do the Old Testimonials of Christ reveal.....that a condition was considered to be the holy spirit of the Heavenly atmosphere......CHRIST and Angelic light sound/spirits.

What does manifest in Heavenly Clouds, said to be where the angels reside? Angelic presences.

What has replaced this manifested spirit body....anima forms of images along with UFO ship bodies and atmospheric angelic angel hair fall out.

CHRIST is the ruling influence in the Heavenly body as the holy spirit returning every Year as a birth.

JESUS of CHRIST murdered the Year 33AD.

No newborn CHRIST inheritance...the KING RETURN or the reincarnation of CHRIST, as the Year of 12 months/time.
Year 967AD the North Anatolian Fault moved.

The secret Philosophy of the stone depicts the condition of CHRIST Carpenter (plate tectonics) as the secret meaning of Carpenter.....building with wood.

1000 Year belonged to the Christ inheritance of spirit returning to Heavenly body
1000 Year belonged to Christ keeping Satan 1000 from returning instead. =X&ved=0ahUKEwit2a-E4N_JAhWlLKYKHXbRAjMQ6AEIHjAB#v=onepage&q=disaster%20967AD&f=false

OBSERVATION of human CHRIST CONSCIOUS changed condition, by inheriting Satan/anima/UFO condition..........

1005-1006: Several texts suggest that a terrible famine raging throughout Europe is a sign of the coming apocalypse. In France, scarcity of food leads to cannibalism.

The ancient science....stone levitation via the sound calculation of wood/fire/air/water crossing as a PHI evaluated applied condition.

The Philosophical review therefore prophecized the returning condition to exhibit to the disbelievers of the Christ awareness, that the inheritance of the future prophecies would be realized....AND THEY WERE.

This was why Rome eventually took action against the Scientists of the Occult after the 1000 year advice occurred, where previously they were involved in the murder of the Christ witness...and the followers of Christ trying to gain public support as spiritual advisors, and the spiritual realization of occultism

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 03:02 AM

originally posted by: Xtrozero
It always seems to go the same way, an atheist says I do not care about religion but I have one

Lots of atheists care about religion, even if it is only to despise it...

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 08:33 AM

originally posted by: Cogito, Ergo Sum

originally posted by: Xtrozero
It always seems to go the same way, an atheist says I do not care about religion but I have one

Lots of atheists care about religion, even if it is only to despise it...

They fear theocratic dictatorship.
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posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 08:39 AM
a reply to: Ghost147

If Jesus existed he was likely a rabble rouser and anti-government type. I see Jesus' sacrifice as more him sacrificing his life to protect his apostles from arrest. He either worked out a deal with the government or turned himself in to protect them from the government accounting for their "sins" (translation: treason). Then through a 2000 year game of telephone, that got warped into him sacrificing himself for EVERYONE.

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