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The recent surge of Paleatinians attacks against Israel Act 1 Scene 2

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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 01:47 PM

Just a couple of days since the first part of this thread and here we go, Isis calling for more attacks.

I squirmed a bit when the thought crossed that perhaps the dummies running Isis hadn't thought of this themselves and got the idea from the thread.

(It's not outside the realm of possibility that one or two pro-Isis posters have links to various groups back home....LOL)

Now that Isis is facing two big powers as well as local nations, they must be sweating up a storm. This strikes me as similar to Saddam firing Scuds at Israel in the attempt to suck Israel into the fray and thereby disrupt the coalition. An act of desperation on their part.

It will be interesting to see what response this 'call to arms' gets from the Palestinians. I'm betting a small and short spike in attacks. One can't get 13 year old kids to attack old ladies and small children with a knife overnight.

It still raises the original question of who is behind this increase, if anyone.

Between the refugee issues in the EU and the Russian move into Syria, it seems the Palestinian-Israeli issue is on the back-burner these days.
Israel's coalitions and neighboring Islamic nations largely ignoring that apparent stand-off.

The surge in attacks could be as simple as keeping the issue in the headlines around the world. The problem being there seems to be a shortage of attackers of reasonable age as witnessed by using a 13 year old.

A last gasp?....or the potential for far worse in the future?

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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