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My theory of Everything (poem)

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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 09:21 AM
Will you be my theory of everything?

Every swirling particle that exists within me.
Every reason for existance I can yet not see.
Every reason I resonate a wave or vibration.
Every reason I live life without destination.
Every answer to the questions I ask the sky's.
Every sinking emotion when I look in your eyes.
Every thought that passes within my mind.
Every second I know I could not leave behind.
Every reason I desperately search within my soul.
Every goddess that guides me to make me whole.
Every beauty in life that I take for granted.
Every breath I take that you've not yet apprehended.

Will you be my theory of everything?
Because it's come to my attention,
That whether you like it or not,
You are my aspiration.
The reason to wake,
the answers to my question.
In this illusion of reality you are my vision.


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