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Dreams about better times

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posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 09:04 PM
Is this site not about denying ignorance and spreading the horizons of your mind?

Then why do we continue to say ignorant things like 'it's never gonna change. it's too big. we should just focus on our own well being.'

A dream happened to me that I wanted to share with you.
It is part of a grander series of reoccurring dreams I had when I was younger.
And it had a certain theme to it.

The population had been decimated by over 140 million people. It was through a combination of WWIII, a civil war, and then a subsequent super plague. This plague was no ordinary one though. It was airborne. It infected over 90% of the world's population.
96% of the infected died within three days of the onset of symptoms. 3% became zombie like carriers of the plague. 1% were immune.
In the dream, I had been dispatched as a private contractor by the rebel government to go across the country assisting sympathetic survivors and establishing rebel strongholds.
I had been given an old diesel F-350, bio diesel/supplies for 6 months and enough ammo to equip a small army.
Pay would be $499,995 or 499 ounces of gold. Half up front, half on completion.

I made my way across the country, assisting other rebels or else causing mischief to the US government.
I eventually picked up radio transmissions indicating a survivor stronghold in New Hampshire that needed assistance.
Unfortunately, I stumbled across a carrier infestation and a small war.

The US government had given authority to the UN to come and give food/supplies to the surviving population.
In exchange, the population merely needed to get a barcode linked to a national database containing their photo, DNA, SSN, and birthdate.
Half of the stronghold was against the barcodes and half weren't.
Surprise, surprise, it was the more affluent survivors that wanted the barcodes.

On the one hand, I had food, water, and ammo from the rebel government with a promise to keep bringing more by airlift.
It would be about 18 months before the rebel government was up and running so it was an empty promise.
On the other hand, the US government was doing just dandy handing out food and water to the barcoded survivors.
The problem they were fighting over was the problem of the blue helmets. Sometime ago, soldiers wearing the bars and stripes were replaced by the peacekeepers. Who then proceeded to try and force the non coded to get their codes.
When one of the peacekeepers tried to make rude gestures and comments to a young lady, her father got pissed and punched out the peacekeeper. The blue helmets then shot into the crowd of barcoded and non barcoded with non lethals and retreated, promising to come back with reinforcements.

Long story short, with the aid of a generous amount of high explosives and the ingenuity of a few dozen military veterans, we convinced the stronghold to unite and become a rebel stronghold to fly food and other supplies out of.
The dream skips forward to me standing at a podium.

The people in front of me came from all walks of life and represented every state still alive.
They knew all about what had transpired to rob them of their former livelihoods.
I did not see despair or destitution.
Instead, I saw hope and pride returning to a broken populace.

They had come for a grand and inspiring speech.
I am not one for speeches however.

This is as best as I can remember
"Look at me now mom. I went from being the small bookworm who always read books to leading teams of commandoes and signing laws. I did not come from the lap of luxury. My parents worked hard to feed my siblings and me. My father became a victim of the dream that was sold to all of you. He lost his business of 20 years and his belief in America after a costly work injury. I never lost my belief though. I always dreamed of a time when every man could be proud of his country like my Quebec born father was. He had immigrated in the 70s, not knowing a lick of English. He journeyed to Florida, like many illegal migrants once did*small chuckle from me and the crowd*. I want this nation to become like that again. And that is why my first act as leader of our nation is to *dramatic pause* declare DEFCON One and invoke the War Powers ACt of 1941. We have been infiltrated and corrupted from within by enemies foreign and domestic. I am hereby mobilizing the military to abandon all overseas bases and to return to CONUS. We are in a state of emergency until it has been determined that no more such enemies pose a threat to our newly emerging United States Republic and the grander North American Union. May you all be blessed and may our nation be blessed as well. *I clear my throat* That's about it folks."
That's when the crowd goes crazier than the Blue Jay fans at the playoffs.
My approval rating went up over 14% that day.

From there out, we became the economic powerhouse that would eventually send over half a million people to colonize another world.
After that, new ideas would emerge that would make technology leap by bounds and spans until in the year 2500, we breach the edge of the Milky Way and discover that we are the most technologically dominant species bar none after an intergalactic war occurred in the time it took us to leave the Milky Way.

All hope is not lost.
That is why the new world plan has succeeded so well.
By convincing it's opponents that it is much too big and well thought out to fail, it has made it's opponents effectively neutralized.
The opponents just defeated themselves by accepting that they can't stop what is coming.
We can and the means to do so lie at your fingertips.
Do not bow down and accept their reality.

Create your own destiny and break the mold that has been placed on you.
You got laid off for lack of work?
Find a way to make money assisting others. Even if it's just being a handyman or glorified monkey.
Don't fall into the trap of the dole and welfare. They are tools designed to limit you.
My message may go unheard among many of you, but if even a handful take this message as intended, it will be worth it.
I am so totally boned after I post this.

I've already been scraping the edge by posting on different anonymous forums, but with this, I'm turning the screws too much.
By the end of the year, I'll be on 24/7 watch in some mental clinic. I'll have been deemed a danger to society and committed for my own good. My family will all testify about my paranoid delusions about the government and all my 'friends' will claim that I am irrational and I am prone to violent outbursts.

That way, none of anything I say after that will be creditable.
I'll just be that mostly harmless wackjob that smokes too much weed and sits home all day ranting about the government.
That's the plan anyways.
Too bad I don't like following plans.
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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 06:19 AM
a reply to: thisguy27

This is too complex to be a dream

I don't buy it

I think you are trying to give people a warning and I applaud your effort

But this is too complex to be a dream

And if it is a dream, then someone or something is giving you a complex msg

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 06:48 AM
Sounds a bit like a John Conner story. Fight the impossible battle, save mankind, get the girl, or in this case the galaxy. Dreams can be powerful things.

Pleasant dreams friends.

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 07:20 AM
a reply to: thisguy27

Create your own destiny and break the mold that has been placed on you.
You got laid off for lack of work?
Find a way to make money assisting others. Even if it's just being a handyman or glorified monkey.
Don't fall into the trap of the dole and welfare. They are tools designed to limit you.

This is very true. I know several people that fell into the disabled-on-welfare trap. It has some benefits - in the beginning stages, like creative incubation. But only the internet could become the creative outlet for such individuals, as they will not have enough money or social networking ability to branch out with it any other way.

They will have to become glorified monkeys, unfortunately. It takes some mental gymnastics to see past the industrial McWorld to become creatively enchanted. Weed and other herbs probably help. Anything to break the monotony of the mundane existence. Keep things fresh!

Canada gets a vote today. I am 34 years old and have never voted once in my life. Maybe I will attempt to care and make my way out to vote - believing that it can and will make a difference...

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 09:38 PM
a reply to: ScrewGmail

You're damn right that it's something.
It wasn't like any other dream I've had.

It was too real.
I could pinch my nose closed and feel pain and eat food.
I can't do that in other dreams. I always wake up.

I really want it to just be a byproduct of too much fighting and too many drugs.
But I know deep down this is not the case.
I saw Trudeau getting elected, I saw Hillary becoming president, and war.
The hillary thing is a bit farther down the road, but the war and Trudeau is not.

Trudeau is going to help to pass laws that will allow mentally disturbed people to be able to be committed indefinitely WITHOUT an examination by a non government appointed psychologist. Things like your Internet search history, credit history, criminal misdoings, all of it will be used against those who talk too loud.
It is like putting a garden hose into a pool to fill it. There is a leak in the pool.

As long as the pool keeps getting filled, everything seems alright. But the minute that the hose runs out of water or the leak gets bigger, the whole thing will fail.
Society is that pool. The garden hose is trying to make thinking or saying the wrong idea illegal.
And the leak, is the world wide web.

Ladies and gentlemen. It has been a privilege to post with you.
I am not so certain about my own coming future.
It was revealed to me that I would be one of those committed for "extremist/mentally unbalanced" actions.
I say that because I am on multiple watch lists.
From 2006-2009 I couldn't fly on a airplane in the United States. Anytime I crossed the Canadian border, I was strip searched. I have received emails and unwelcome visitations from those who are supposed to safeguard us.

It is not a pleasant existence that I lead.
This all comes from my inability to stay quiet about the truth.
The more I talk to you guys, the more # I'm getting myself into.
Let them come though. I have nothing to hide and I guarantee that my court hearing will be the most hilarious you have ever heard about.

posted on Oct, 20 2015 @ 10:17 AM
Trudeau got elected.
I'm screwed.

It was fun posting with you guys. I imagine somewhere in the middle of november I will be scooped up.

Don't trust this account if I do. It may happen that someone else takes over this account to be a disinfo agent.
If my posting style suddenly changes or appears wierd, ask me why the number 27 is so important. Hint, it'll have nothing to do with the Simpsons, like I tell everyone.

posted on Oct, 20 2015 @ 12:43 PM

originally posted by: thisguy27
The population had been decimated by over 140 million people. It was through a combination of WWIII, a civil war, and then a subsequent super plague. This plague was no ordinary one though. It was airborne. It infected over 90% of the world's population.
96% of the infected died within three days of the onset of symptoms. 3% became zombie like carriers of the plague. 1% were immune.

World's population is about 7 billion. If 90% of them become infected and 96% of the infected die within three days of onset then over 6,048,000,000 will die that way. 189 million become zombies.

Just saying your "The population had been decimated by over 140 million people" falls far short of the 6 billion people dead from infection. (Did you intend to mean the population had been decimated TO over 140 million people worldwide?) The war you says is coming is a picnic compared to the plague, but was the plague manmade or linked to the war?

I'm glad I don't have dreams like that. Mine are mostly mundane random funhouse things. Like a house of mirrors where everything is distorted, except in the dream you take everything very seriously. Common elements are school and work and familiar people. Non-violent stuff.

I'd rather have our current governments then have 6 billion people die and all that other s***. I'm a coward for sure. I think you got a taste for blood and it's not healthy. I don't think destruction should be praised. I don't think you're praising destruction, but many people turn to violence as their first option. Their goal is not to negotiate or cooperate.

We should praise democracy and representation. Rather than leaning towards Anarchist methods, we need to support government.

But I'll say the only reason HItler and the rest of the Nazi's had power is because the people of Germany gave them power. Studies show people support corrupt systems when they're dependent, have low control over their lives, can't easily escape and if the system is threatened by something outside itself. So maybe part of what you say is right. People will support corrupt systems and those systems can and will produce negative outcomes. I'm just not sure it can be prevented, like you want it to.

So anyway also keep in mind it was a dream. Not trying to disrespect you. Maybe only part of your dream is real? Does that occur to you?

Let me share a dream I had with you. It's considerably shorter and not nearly as lucid. All I can remember is I was holding a book, or something like a book. I was reading it, see. It was about people trying to escape from imprisonment. Apparently, this had been repeatedly happening. This was history. I was, however, unclear what it meant and somebody (it was a presence, not a thing or person) near me elucidated it. The being explained the prisoners are normal people. They're citizens--like myself--trying to escape from society and in the process harming it. It gave me the impression this was bad. All my life, of course, I've been taught to resist authority. But this being was telling me that can be bad.
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posted on Oct, 20 2015 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: jonnywhite

I meant it had been reduced by 140 million in the United States.

The plague appeared to be man made, a by product of the war that was accidentally released.

I for one fully believe that we as a species have hit the wall in regards to boundless reproduction.
Nature always finds a way of reducing populations that have reached too great a number.

This is our method.
It is not pleasant.
It is not good but neither is it bad.
Consider this for a moment.

Are you okay with millions and millions of people being tortured every day?
Are you okay with millions starving every year?
Do you realize that millions of people suffered untold hardships so that you can enjoy eating processed food and using a personal computer?

It is the bullet to the injured horse that is our world today.
The n.w.o or what have you has been planning this for decades. Breed the perfect worker caste and population and then kill the ones that don't fit into their molds.
I am merely passing on to you guys what I have been made aware of.

Leave any city with a population greater than 500,000. Move to smaller, more tight knit communities while you still can.
In the big cities, disease didn't even cause 1% of the total casualties.

Take my city of Edmonton for example.
It has a CSI (crime severity index) of about 80.6. The national average is 68.5.
We are the 5th highest in the country with a population of around 33 million.
The city has a population of 877,786.

Let that sink in for a minute.
CMI is violent crimes reported for every 100k of people.
That means at any one time, at least 10,000 people are committing crimes. Not assuming of course that one person isn't committing multiple crimes.

Multiply that by the national average now.
Now we're talking over 400k.

Let's be biased like the media and just say 100,000 people are committing crimes every day in Canada.

If that many people break the law while we still have law and order, let's see what the United States looks like!
We are sitting at 386.9 violent crimes committed per 100,000 people for a total base pool of 318.9 million
That's just under 880 thousand crimes being committed at any one time.

With law and order still in place.
The government itself believes that over 52% of all crimes go unreported either because a) the victim dealt with it themself B) the victim did not think the crime was important enough to report.

So at any point in Canada or the United States, there are thousands of people that commit crimes.

Now what would happen if law and order were removed?

That is what would kill most people.
Not disease or war.

Their own damn selves, fighting over the last can of food in the supermarket.

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