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is the Pharma corps committing crimes agianst humanity??

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posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 08:45 PM
The pharamcutical corporations have gone too far.
Its time to openly and publicly act agianst their lies.

I am calling for a the people to defend Justice, Freedom, the Truth, and our very own lives and wellbeing. This is of dire importance for the survival of our nation, our bloodlines, and the overall future of the human race.

Almost 90% or more of the people whom ive asked about pharmacutical companys or their medications suggest that the corporations could be CONTROLLING the market , much less the Entire Medical Industry.

This is one of the biggest scandels of all time if proven true. The pharmacutical companys would be directly responsible in one way or another, of the deaths of Millions of Americans due to medical malpractice by participating in a pharmacutical conspiracy. If proven true.

If this load hits the fan in Congress openly , it will make the Tobacco scandels look like childs play.
This could turn into the largest corporate case of wrongdoing in our lifetimes.

I will attempt to put this into a tangible coherant verbal assult.

-The pharacutical companys are allegedly participating in various unethical / immoral practices.
I will try to list them.
-Afterwards I will propose the Reasons why the Pharmacutical Corporations are participating in such atrocious behavior.
-I will also attempt to list the supposed methods in which the Pharmacutical Corporations are "Getting away with murder" legally.
-Then I will begin a debate as to how WE the People - can fight this toxic monster legally morally and constitutionally.

According to vast amounts of random people and countless websites books research programs etc.
The Pharmacutical Corporations are commiting atrocitys.
Such as

1- They suppress cures to many diseases/ ailments.
2- They focus their research on Temporary Suppression or Treatment of diseases/ ailments.
3- They use their yesman, the Federal Drug Administration, to endorse their medications and institute them into our households. Even if the medication is deadly or doesnt even work, allegedly leading research teams to make conclusions on these medications during expiermentation that may not be true.
4- They use their yesman, the Federal Drug Administration, to make alternative medicine far more difficult to attain. Even reports of the FDA using armed police to bust up these alternative medical facilitys without concrete evidence that the alternative methods used cause any harm, which convienantly creates a monopoly for the Pharmacutical Corporations to have complete control and disgression over the medical industry thus causing potential harm to the populace of the United States of America.
5- Using misleading commercials on television or radio or internet to convince people they need a specific drug. Tobacco advertisements are illegal on TV in america because Tobacco has been deemed too harmful and too addictive. Yet many perscriptions for countless ailments which are popularly advertised on television also are known to cause harm in many ways. Why does the FDA and the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) allow Drugs with harmful side effects to be Falsely advertised on our television daily? Dare i propose "Special Interests in Congress"?
6- Not to mention the reports that the Pharmacutical Corporations Overcharge patients for the use of their medications. A single shot of the AIDS supression treatment were 10,000$ to 20,000$ last time i heard. Where did i hear that? CNN.
7- Allegedly working in unison with the Corporations which produce America's food. Various colorings, preservatives, pesticides, and or other additives, chemicals are put INTO our foods on a daily basis; thus the accusation arose that some of these additives actually CAUSE a plethora of diseases disabilitys or other negative ailments. Which convienantly are temporarily suppressed by drugs that the Pharmacutical Corporations produce.
8- Creating a mentality of disease. Convincing millions of otherwise healthy individuals that their natural physical disposition is a "Disease" which can be treated and suppressed temporarily by the Pharmacutical remedys. Examples of Natural Dispositions which were Recently deemed a "disease or disorder" by the Medical Industry. Keep in mind most of these ailments are proven by many reputable scientists as natural mineral or vitamin defeciencys or overdoses as opposed to "a disease" as the medical industry alleges. ADD/ADHD *common hyperactivity* ; Obesity *common bad diet / lack of exercise* ; Depression *common pessimistic mentality that ALL people expierance from time to time*. These are not true diseases, but instead, as alleged by many people, just another pointless reason to ignore our Problems and let a "pill fix everything". Which in turn, never solves the real problem in the first place. Just a temporary relief .

Example of harmful drug advertised on TV misleadingly *False Advertisement*
Take any common "Diet Pill" commercial.
These advertise their product as being a safe effective way of loseing weight , full with "before and after photos" of patients whom have allegedly used the drug for this purpose. But then afterwards, scandels erupted because many of the patients suffered heart attacks or strokes.
Many people whom i know personally have taken several of the "Diet Medications" and they are still massively fat. And probably closer to a heart attack. They dont garuntee the medication for a reason.

I could literally go on for years detailing the vast extensiveness of this phenomena. There is hundreds of thousands of pages of information on it. So for times sake, and for the sake of making an inital post no longer than an encyclopedia, I will continue onwards to my second list.

Reasons why Pharmacutical Corporations could be participating in this behavior.

1- Greed and Profits. Making their pocket books fat and heavy. They want to buy mansions, ferraris, lamborginis, helicopters, private jets , women, prestiege. It could very well be about MONEY.
2- Population Control. As many have suggested before me, it could very well be a form of population control. Making sure everyone is sick and dying keeps the population at reasonably low levels and keeps the economy from bottoming out. If true, such a accusation would flow well beyond the Pharmacutical Corporations and the blame could fall on All Corporations whom have interests in keeping the Economy from Bottoming Out. Keep in mind; this is a theory.
3- Mental Control. Several factors within the Government or other faction whom has vast assets or interests in America could desire to Mentally Control the population for various reasons. War, Economy, Politics, Money, Power, Policy, Elitism. Keeping the population sick allows for constant sales boom in local Pharmacys all across the nation. Thus causing mental servitude.

Example: "Would you rather be in pain/ or take the chance of dying? or would you rather spend 75$ on a months supply of this pill?"

It appears to be a trap mentally and physically. Again back to Greed and Profits.

It has been said the Pharmacutical Corporations are jumping through the legal "loopholes" and are getting away with murder , just to make a quick profit. How could anyone do that in America you ask?

1- It is common knowledge that in Congress, our elected congressmen and senators cater to the special interest groups with the biggest Bucks $$$. Perhaps the Pharmacutical Corporations are using Special Interest groups to pay their way to make the Law work For Them. So say a new bill is going to be passed tomorrow; well Pharacutical Interest Group will pay 60% of the senators certain "gifts" and in turn the senators will vote in the Pharacutical Corporations Favor. 'You scratch my back , I'll scratch yours"

2- At current conditions, it has been proposed that most corporations, especially the massive billion dollar a year corporations; do not answer to the law at all. Only thru years of litigation mounds of paper work and thousands of lawyers, can any change be achieved. And no criminal charges are pressed agianst the heads of the corporations, as the Liability rests on the Corporations itself, and not the constituants of it. Therefore, even IF criminal activity is going on, at current laws, the best we could do is Dismantle the Corporation. Putting people in prison is currently impossible.
**** Keep in mind this is different than Enron or Martha Stewart, as no actual written laws are being broken, despite the evident unethical and immoral nature of selling these pills en mass. No books are being cooked here, no one needs to steal anything, because the American People are footing the bill Willingly. No one could claim "cookin the books" because the Pharmacutical Corporations are among the richest conglomerates in existance. They dont need to cook anything cept more Pills.

3- Stupidity. Ignorance. Those whom are unwilling to investigate or ponder the possibility that a Corporation whom sells Pharmacuticals or Medical Equipment could ever do wrong. Such mentality is common and widespread among Americans. Most dont Know, dont Care, or just arent listening at all. Those whom believe that the Pharmacutical Corporations "worked for the $, so they deserve the profits". This type of beliefs cause the populace to set up the perfect conditions to Allow such atrocitys to occur, IF they are occuring. IF they are not, which is very doubtful, than they have the perfect oppurtunity to do so now because the conditions are open for it. The American People only "eat" what they Allow themselves to be "Fed".

Bottom line. If this type of situation is True. And the Pharmacutical Corporations ARE commiting these crimes agianst humanity, than the blame ultimately rests on US. The American People. Its OUR nation OUR culture OUR way of life. We Buy Their Pills. Its OUR Fault. We Let them get away with Murder, because we are ignorant. Very Ignorant.

So. How do WE THE PEOPLE, fight such a massive Monster? How can little me or little you, stand up agianst a trillion dollar industry? How can you or I, win a fight agianst this Monster? The outcome of the battle seems certain for US the People. We will get our butts kicked. They will tear us to shreds. Rip our credibility apart. Make our lives hell. Threaten us. Maybe hurt us. Dare I even suggest, they may even Murder us for trying to take them down?

1- We must group togeather. We must form a new coalation. An alliance of the informed. A union of patriots. AAMPC = Americans Agianst Medical and Pharmacutical Corruption. You have probably never heard of the AAMPC because I just invented it.

2- We need funding. Whatever group we the people choose to be our front for this "fight for justice" it will need aduquate funding. It should be Non-Profit. It should include volunteers.

3- We need to hire armys of lawyers. Enlist entire law firms. Form our own Special Interest Groups even perhaps. Use any and all legal options available to derail the Pharmacutical Companys from gaining anymore ground.

4- We need to get congressmen and represenatives in OUR pockets. We need to convince our elected officials that WE are more important than $$$. Easiest way to do that is pay them $$$ off like the Pharmacutical Corporations are already doing. This will prove to be Very Expensive. But not impossible.

5- Gain media exposure. Whomever runs the media runs america.

6- Use the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the UN charter for Human Rights as the backbone of our fight agianst the Pharmacutical Corporations. Make it clear beyond any reasonable doubt that "IF the Pharmacutical Corporations are conducting dangerous medical buisness by seeking MONEY instead of the WellBeing and Health of Americans, they are CRIMINALLY Responsible and should be tried in a court of law. Preferrably the Supreme Court.

7- Seek reparations. Similar to the Tobacco industry incident. Make the Pharmacutical Corporations NON-PROFIT and possibly even Gov't - Run. If not gov't - Run, than we must impose so many NEW regulations it will Look as if the Government runs it. Make all profits from Pharmacutical and Medical sales go RIGHT back into the Medical industry. With the looks of WallStreet , the Pharmacutical Corporations make Hundreds of Billions of $$$ in PROFITS.
This money could easily pay for more than Half of Americas Total Medical Bills. It would drive medical costs down astronomically.

Keep in mind these are all just Suggestions and Ideas.
Add your ideas or suggestions as you see fit.
Add corrections if you feel the need to.
Also, Sorry for making this thread so long.
But this subject is of MEDICAL importance. Our very lives could depend on it.

What do YOU THINK???

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 09:53 PM
You're right on the money here. I'd also like to add a couple things.

1. Cancer is a vitamin deficiency. Almost all types of cancer can be cured with steady, high dose vitamins, of the type that are naturally hard to find, B17 I believe, but there is lots of good research available on this.

2. Smoking isn't the great killer it's made out to be. Most cancers in the U.S. are caused by forest fires and radioactive particles left over from aptmospheric nuke tests. The federal gov. just wanted to cover their butts and blame someone else for the huge number of cancer patients.

3. The diet that is encouraged in America isn't malicious, it's just what's convenient. They routinely ignore what's good for them in favor of what's easiest. The American people are half responsible for their illnesses and dysfunctions.

4. Insanity is caused primarily by city living. Research on lab rats forced to live in urban like environments show the drastic effect of city life. The rats ate each other, commited rape, assault, even suicide and manic depression/ bi polar. Of course, it doesn't help to have everyone telling you you're crazy, like you said in your post.

I think you raise a good issue, it's one I try to speak to people about every day where I live. There is a lot of frustration on the part of Americans who know the Pharma guys are crooks and liars, but feel powerless in the face of their lobbyists and their money. I don't know the remedy for the problem, but I know that informing people about it never hurt. Good on you!

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 10:34 PM
Of course they don't care about us--they worship the almighty dollar/whatever currency.

I'd think they make more money off treatments than off cures. Cures are a one-shot deal. Treatments can go on for years.

I don't take any medicine if I can avoid it. Not even painkillers for my bad ankle, which has been hurting since my September 2003 surgery. Over-the-counter stuff doesn't even help anyway, and prescription stuff makes me nauseous, dizzy, and tired--and not worth taking in the first place.

I sure build up tolerance to ankle pain, let me tell ya!

[edit on 1/2/2005 by Amethyst]

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 02:32 AM
Yeah, just the price of getting a simple Tylenol in a hospital is nuts. It's amazing how some things make it to the market with all those side effects.


posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 10:30 PM
Don't you love when they advertise some drug on TV, and they list all the side effects? I'm like, why bother to take it, you might be MORE miserable than without it!

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