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Couple of Poems

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posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 07:04 PM

Rabbit Hole

Settle down, it'll be ok,
Don't let your demons win.
Cut the ties, don't believe the lies,
Refuse to let them in.

Little secret, for the peeps that,
Go down the hole without a rope.
Logic and reason, if you use these then,
You will always be able to cope.

Use your head, be rational instead,
Of letting emotion take control.
Think it through, and if you do,
Then you'll survive the rabbit hole.

Double Down

You can double down, or ante up,
But there's no winning, in the game of love.
A gamble of the heart, and the mind,
You hope that you'll hit it big each time.

The odds are never in your favor,
Even if you're an accomplished player,
You'll lose more then you'll ever win,
But you just keep betting, again and again.

What you don't know, the deck is stacked,
You'll never get the card you lack,
For it's a card, that can't be dealt,
But one that you can't win without.


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