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Dyatlov Pass incident...thoughts

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posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 04:10 PM
a reply to: TinySickTears

Hypothermia is why they were naked and barefoot, the head wounds and such would be from an attack from one of them that went senile as their brains froze. It's pretty cut and dry if you ask me.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 04:22 PM
Russians eat a lot of rye bread. A type of fungus called ergot grows on rye that can have a psychedelic effect when ingested
My hunch is that they were collectively having a bad trip, cut their way out of the tent because they weren't't rational and eventually just froze to death. Death by ergotism.
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posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 04:26 PM
1) Hypothermia might have been the cause of death for some of them but that was not what drove them from the tent.
Paradoxical undressing was also ruled out because several of them in the ravine had clothing pieces from the two by the cedar tree,
2) Hard to figure an avalanche when the tent poles and ski poles were still standing upright when the search party found them
3) The medical examiner indicted that the injuries of broken bones were similar to being hit by a car, if it was from a fall into the ravine, must have been a long fall.
4) medical examiner also said the one missing the tongue had a significant amount of blood in her stomach theorizing she was alive when the tongue went missing, she swallowed the blood.
5) The lead investigator resigned from the case because he didn't agree with the official findings.
6) Lastly, these records were sealed so there is still a chance of ALL the information to come out

It is such a fascinating case. Could be simply explained but there does seem to be some very unusual circumstances.
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posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 04:32 PM
The other thing I forgot was the footprints of all the hikers were traceable from the tent down the hill. There were no other tracks found, at least in the report that went public. So I doubt a bear was around.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 04:47 PM
Maybe it was a dragon popping in to say hello

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 05:30 PM

originally posted by: Agartha
a reply to: TinySickTears

I was also crazy about this mystery until a friend in Italy gave me a rational explanation of what may have happened, guided by his own experience in the mountains.... not saying this is what happens, but it did make it less mysterious to me:

1) They did not ran out and did not leave the tent in underwear. If you look at the pictures they are all dressed. They may have not been wearing their snow clothing, but they were all dressed. Some seem to have boots on, if you look at the pics, but let's assume they were barefoot.

2) They may have run after hearing some noises and they thought it was an avalanche, hence they ripped the tent. I asked why they didn't come back to the tent when they realized there was no avalanche? Because it was really dark and very windy and that confused them and maybe didn't even see their own footprints.

3) The lights in the sky were proven to be the launch of R-7 missiles. Here is the link but you may have to click translate:

4) The bodies with fractures where found at the bottom of what looks like a ravine, maybe that crushed their bones

5) The missing tongue may have decomposed, it's known that in very cold places decomposition doesn't happen homogeneously and they were dead for 2 weeks before they were found.

6) Radiation- Yuri Krivonischenko used to work at the nuclear plant called Chelyabinsk-40. Even if he was not wearing the same clothing at work and out it is very possible to absorb some radiation, hence the readings were a bit higher.... perhaps?

7) The skin coloration is normal after being frozen, it usually becomes orange or brown and this is due to the ice practically 'burning' the skin

...I need another mystery... lol

3) who says all the lights that night came from the rocket?

5) how come some had decomposed tissues and others didn't?
also decomposition in cold conditions like these..?

6) absorbed radiation can't be measured. you need a radiating source that emits the rays - these can be measured. doubt he took some radiators from work to the expedition.

7) for me the corpses look like having been under severe radiation (like for instance missing hair).some more than others.

we have all characteristics of cattle mutilation: strange lights, radiation, missing tissue, broken bones, corpses not touched by scavengers.

also don't forget the tales of the tribes who live there and tell of paranormal events.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 11:52 PM
Wait, no soft tissue damage? What does that even mean?

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 01:30 AM

originally posted by: DJW001
Russians eat a lot of rye bread. A type of fungus called ergot grows on rye that can have a psychedelic effect when ingested
My hunch is that they were collectively having a bad trip, cut their way out of the tent because they weren't't rational and eventually just froze to death. Death by ergotism.


originally posted by: anticitizen

6) absorbed radiation can't be measured. you need a radiating source that emits the rays - these can be measured. doubt he took some radiators from work to the expedition.

Only the beta radiation, the clothes radiating it was registered was in singular and lay month in a stream under snow. No other radiation existed.

originally posted by: Blissful
Wait, no soft tissue damage? What does that even mean?

Why it doesn't seem to none of those people speaking about "soft tissue" strange, what to them in principle not from where to undertake on the Siberian frost?
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posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 03:35 AM
Yuri Doroshenko, 21.

Doroshenko was one of the two bodies found under the cedar tree and he was wearing a vest and a short sleeve shirt, knit pants and shorts over pants. His pants were badly ripped with one large hole (23 cm in length) on the right side and smaller on the left (13 cm in length). Pants had tears on the inside of the thighs. On his feet he had a pair of wool socks. The left sock was burned. He had no footwear.

– The hair was burned on the right side of the head.
– His ears, nose and lips were covered in blood.
– His right armpit had a 2 x 1.5 cm bruise.
– On the inner surface of the right shoulder were two abrasions 2 x 1.5cm with no bleeding in the tissues, two cuts on the skin.
– On the upper third of right forearm were brown- red bruises sized 4 x 1 cm, 2.5 x 1.5cm, 5 x 5cm.
– The fingers on both hands had torn skin.
– Bruised skin in the upper third of both legs.
– Frostbite on face and ears.
– On the right cheek there were foamy grey discharges from the mouth.

The foamy grey fluid that was found on the right cheek gave some doctors a reason to think that before death someone or something was pressing on his chest cavity. This could also be a result of a nasty fall from a tree. Nevertheless this aspect was ignored in the final papers. Cause of death: hypothermia.

Yuri Krivonishenko, 24

Krivonishenko was the second of the two bodies found under the cedar tree. He was dressed in a shirt, long sleeved shirt, swimming pants, pants and torn sock on his left leg. He had no footwear.
– Bruises on the forehead 0.3 x 1.8cm and a bruise around the left temporal bone.
– Diffuse bleeding in the right temporal and occipital region due to damage to temporalis muscle.
– The tip of the nose is missing.
– Frostbitten ears.
– Bruises on the right side of the chest 7 x 2cm and 2 x 1.2cm.
– Bruises on hands.
– Detachment of the epidermis on the back of the left hand at width of 2cm.
– A portion of the epidermis from the right hand is found in the mouth of the deceased.
– Bruises on the thighs with minor scratches.
– Bruise on his left buttock 10 x 3cm.
– Abrasions on the outer side of the left leg size 6 x 2cm and 4 x 5 cm.
– Bruises on the left leg 2 x 1, 2 x 1.5 and 3 x 1.3 cm.
– Burn on the left leg 10 x 4 cm

Igor Dyatlov, 22

The head of the deceased was bare. He had unbuttoned fur coat with pockets, a sweater, long sleeved shirt, ski pants over his pants. Footwear was absent. He had only one pair of socks, woolen on the right and cotton on the left. He had a pocket knife and a photo of Zina Kolmogorova.
– Minor abrasions on the forehead.
– Abrasions above the left eyebrow of brown- red color.
– Brown- red abrasions on both cheeks.
– Dried blood on lips.
– Lower jaw had a missing incisor, the mucosa was intact that suggest the tooth was lost long before the final trip.
– On the lower third of the right forearm and the palm surface many small scratches of dark red coloration.
– Metacarpophalangeal joints on the right hand had brown red bruises. This is common injury in hand to hand fights.
– Brownish- purple bruises on the left hand, also superficial wounds on the 2nd and 5th finger.
– Bruised knees without bleeding into the underlying tissues.
– On the lower third of the right leg bruising.
– Both ankles had abrasions, bright red, size 1 x 0.5 cm and 3 x 2.5 cm. Hemorrhage into the underlying tissue.
There were no internal injuries. The cause of death was hypothermia. Later Yury Yudin would testify that the long sleeved shirt found on the body of Igor Dyatlov was his. But he gave it to Doroshenko then he was departing. It would be logical to assume that Dyatlov got it from a frozen body of the Doroshenko after he had died.

Zinaida Kolmogorova, 22

Zina was better dressed than the bodies underneath the cedar. She had two hats, long sleeved shirt, sweater, another shirt and a sweater with torn cuffs. It was unclear whether she cut them off or they were torn by another person. She also had trousers, cotton athletic pants, ski pants with three small holes on the bottom and a military mask. She also had three pairs of socks. No footwear.
– Swelling of meninges, the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, common feature of hypothermia.
– Frostbites on the phalanges of fingers.
– Numerous bruises on hands and palms.
– A long bruise that encircled her torso on the right side, 29 x 6cm.
Her cause of death was proclaimed as hypothermia due to violent accident.
Further studies proved that she was not sexually active at the time of her death.

Rustem Slobodin, 23

Rustem wore a long sleeve shirt, another shirt, sweater, two pairs of pants, four pairs of socks. Unlike previous bodies he wore one boot (valenki) on his right leg. His pockets had 310 rubles and a passport. Additionally searchers discovered a knife, pen, pencil, comb and a match box with a single sock.
– Minor brownish red abrasions on the forehead, two scratches are 1.5 cm long at the distance of 0.3 cm between them.
– Brownish red bruise on the upper eyelid of the right eye with hemorrhage into the underlying tissues.
– Traces of blood discharge from the nose.
– Swollen lips
– Swelling and a lot of small abrasions of irregular shape on the right half of the face.
– Abrasions on the left side of the face.
– Epidermis is torn from the right forearm.
– Bruises in the metacarpophalangeal joints on both hands. Similar bruises are common in hand to hand combat.
– Brown cherry bruises on the medial aspect of the left arm and left palm.
– Bruises on the left tibia the size of 2.5 x 1.5 cm.
– Fracture of the frontal bone of the skull and hemorrhages in the temporalis muscle. This could have been done by some foreign blunt object. Medical autopsy further states that Slobodin probably suffered loss of coordination due to initial shock right after the blow that could speed up his death from hypothermia. It is still somewhat unclear how he managed to harm his exterior hands and legs. When a person falls, even in an irrational state, it is usually the palms that suffer the most as well as medial aspects of the legs. Injury to the head is less common, especially bilateral ones. It is also usual to harm the face and sides of the skull while the back of the head has no damage. In case of Slobodin body we see the opposite. His injury pattern is a reverse of what we would usually see in injuries suffered by a freezing man in the last minutes of his life.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 03:38 AM
Lyudmila Dubinina, 21

Lyudmila wore a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, and two sweaters. The body was covered by underwear, long socks, two pairs of pants. External pair was badly damaged by fire and subsequently ripped. She also wore a small hat and two pairs of warm socks. A third sock was not paired. Lyudmila apparently in the last attempt to preserve her feet took off her sweater and cut it in two pieces. One half she wrapped around her left foot. Another half she left or dropped unintentionally on the snow.
– Tongue is missing. Missing hypoglossal muscle as well as muscles of the floor of the mouth.
– Soft tissues are missing around eyes, eyebrows, and left temporal area, bone is partially exposed.
– Eyes are missing.
– Nose cartilages are broken and flattened.
– The # 2, 3, 4 and 5 ribs are broken on the right side, two fracture lines are visible.
– The # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 ribs are broken on the left side, two fracture lines are visible.
– Soft tissues of the upper lip are missing, teeth and upper jaw is exposed.
– Massive hemorrhage in the heart’s right atrium
– Bruise in the middle left thigh, size 10 x 5cm.
– Damaged tissues around left temporal bone, size 4 x 4cm
It is mentioned that the stomach contained about 100 g of coagulated blood. It is used by some as an indication that the heart was beating and the blood was flowing when the tongue was removed. The cause of death is stated as hemorrhage into right atrium of the heart, multiple fractured ribs and internal bleeding.

Semen Zolotarev, 38

The body of Semen Zolotarev was found with two hats, scarf, short, long sleeve shirt, black sweater and a coat with two upper buttons unbuttoned. It was fairly clear that he did not die from hypothermia. The lower part of the body was protected by underwear, two pairs of pants and a pair of skiing pants. He had a copy of newspapers, several coins, compass, and a few other items. His feet were protected by a pair of socks and a pair of warm leather handmade shoes known as “burka”. Additionally the body of Zolotarev had a camera around his neck which is clearly seen in the pictures. This camera was a complete surprise to Yuri Yudin. He had assumed the group had only four cameras which were found in the tent. Unfortunately melting water damaged the film. But the question still lingers; why did Zolotarev leave the tent with the camera and why did he take two cameras on the trip? One was used on daily basis and everyone saw it. It was left in the tent and discovered there by the search party, but another was hidden throughout a journey and was found only after Semen Zolotarev had died.
– Eyes are missing.
– Missing soft tissues around the left eye brow, size 7 x 6cm. Bone is exposed.
– Flail chest. The # 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ribs are broken on the right side, two fracture lines.
– Open wound on the right side of skull with exposed bone, 8 x 6cm in size.
Both Zolotarev and Dubinina have an interesting pattern of injuries. They are very similar in direction and force despite difference in shape, height and body composition of the two. This would suggest that whatever caused these injuries was not a single uniform event.

Aleksander Kolevatov, 25

– Lack of soft tissues around eyes, eyebrows are missing, skull bone is exposed.
– Broken nose.
– Open wound behind ear, size 3 x 1.5cm.
– Deformed neck.
That is all the information there is on Kolevatov’s autopsy. It is possible the body was too decomposed to extract more information.

Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle, 25

– Multiple fractures to the temporal bone of the skull, with extensions to the frontal and sphenoid bones.
– Bruise on the upper lip on the left side.
– Hemorrhage on the lower forearm, size 10 x 12cm.

Vozrojdenniy, who undertook the autopsy, excluded accidental fall on the rock as a possible cause for such a massive and unusual fracture.

The last four bodies had all suffered significant damage to their bones. They were crushed with immense force. Doctors compared the extent of the damage to being hit by a car.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 04:17 AM
a reply to: canDarian Judging by that here write, people aren't ready to believe that Dyatlov's group other people killed, previously having put physical damages by the victim. it is much more romantic to trust in the shining spheres...

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: canDarian

Much detail in the autopsy, thanks for posting that, it's been awhile since I've read it.

Several points about the first two found by the cedar tree.

1) The hair was burned on the right side of the head
2) Lower branches on the cedar were broken off.
3) Pieces of flesh were on the tree, presumed from the one with torn flesh on the fingers.

Theories include
Trying to get more branches for a fire, evidence showed they had a small fire at the base of the tree
Trying to escape from someone or something by climbing tree
Trying to climb tree for a better view towards the tent/camp

The other one found at the cedar had flesh missing from the back of his hand, this presumably was the flesh found in his mouth. Could be that he was so cold, possibly losing conscious and it was an attempt to keep himself in reality.

When Lyudmila was found, in the ravine area, some of the clothing she had on belonged to the two by the cedar speculating when they fled from the tent, at least the four from the ravine were with the two by the cedar.

One thing to ponder is not only why they originally fled the tent but after realizing their situation, what kept them from going back. Eventually, three of them did seem to be trying to get back but they never made it.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: Cobalt18

Laughing at a deadly psychotic episode is sick.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 05:20 AM
a reply to: Iamnotadoctor

I didn't watch the exact wording of every sentence because I thought it was pretty self-explanatory that I was speculating.

Well, what if...Perhaps...but for my theory to hold water it couldn't have been a mere physical creature, but something supernatural....There is no escaping the supernatural here in my opinion...What is clear to me...It seems to me...Perhaps...

I did say things like: "It would be impossible to say which group would have been attacked first," but that applies to the speculation I was exploring.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 06:00 AM

originally posted by: Iamnotadoctor

originally posted by: LoneCloudHopper2
a reply to: Iamnotadoctor

Relax my friend, I was just speculating.

Well you did write:

There is no escaping the supernatural here in my opinion. Yet, they don't match any supernatural attacks I've ever read about. It's possible that something supernatural manifested and attacked them. This would be unlike any force I know about, though. Wonder if they were foolish enough to experiment with contacting the spirit world there? What is clear to me: 1) It's supernatural 2) Something was at the tent exit and scared them out, most likely after waking them 3) It's unexplainable by current human means (science, logic, etc.)

That is a little more than speculation. Lots of 'defintive' statements in there...

read the qualifiers... "in my opinion" "its possible that" what is clear "to me"

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 06:29 AM
a reply to: DJW001

What about laughing at the explanation that a psychotic episode was the cause of this incident?

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 06:35 AM

originally posted by: 3n19m470
a reply to: DJW001

What about laughing at the explanation that a psychotic episode was the cause of this incident?

It betrays willful ignorance as well as callousness. They were not attacked by a yeti. It's ridiculous. All of the facts (as opposed to rumors) can be explained by a shared psychotic episode.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 10:00 AM

originally posted by: DJW001

originally posted by: 3n19m470
a reply to: DJW001

What about laughing at the explanation that a psychotic episode was the cause of this incident?

It betrays willful ignorance as well as callousness. They were not attacked by a yeti. It's ridiculous. All of the facts (as opposed to rumors) can be explained by a shared psychotic episode.

Although I understand where you're going with the psychotic episode theory... I can't help but look at the nature of the deaths. The way the bodies were found. They had body parts missing (there may be a reason to this. I think I read/heard about why) But they had tried to escape.. Avalanche is possible.

I can't see how all of them shared the same psychotic episode from rye bread. It wouldn't affect everyone in the same way and at the same time.
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posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 10:11 AM
They were definitely attacked by something. And afraid to go back to their tents and they ran from camp without clothes on. I can Imagine a yeti attack. I would think if it were animals like bear or wolves they would have been eaten. But whos to say they didnt stumble on some hidden alien outpost and were attacked. They have had legends of monsters anf shunned that mountain since the middle ages. Id ask locals what they thought.
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posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 10:22 AM
a reply to: texasyeti

Crows could have eaten their eyes and soft flesh around the eyes. The skull fractures may have been caused by blunt force trauma likr a woodsmans axe or axe handle?

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