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"Floating City" above China? (Weather Related)

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posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 01:11 PM

originally posted by: NoCorruptionAllowed
a reply to: skyblueworld

She is also saying that none of the locals in Foushan in Guangdong province believe they are actually seeing a city floating, and figure it's an optical illusion. It must be kind of rare, but it seems I have heard of this before, but I can't remember where I heard of it.

Might be thinking of this?

posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 02:58 PM
I am surprised there are not more intelligent questions before any answers are even considered. Opinions are free, intelligent research takes time, a course of critical discernment and facts and evidence.

This video, coming on the tail of the photo/s of the city sized ship over the river area a week or two ago from China is interesting. That event is easy to classify as a Photoshop composite and an easy proof when you layer the frame from the film over the photo. As someone who does compositing and such photographic work professionally it was easy to see as fake, and I immediately dismissed it. But now it looks like it could be related. At least as a pre-diversion and planned buffer for this event.

Firstly, I do not see how this is a mirage. The fact they use an obscure term in their news broadcasts for the optical effect "Fata Morgana." or "autumnal optical illusion." to impress the public with a technical term to fool the largest segment of the uneducated public, and smacks of controlled news agencies getting their "language" from "other" sources they then add their by-line. Those of us working in media know all the news is controlled from dark undisclosed sources. Especially for the obvious UFO/Alien subjects, but then all the other news is also homogenized and altered to control the opinions and sustain the public awareness to manageable levels. So there is that.

Yet, in the visual data there are some interesting facts that bear research. Please do not assume because it is termed as "Swamp Gas" by the media and assumed experts that it is so easily classified as such.

Anyone who does visual work in illustration, 3D modeling and even knows holographic tech can see this is not a simple event to easily dismiss. There are aspects of the video that need be broken down. Here is my own personal list of aspects worth investigation or facts to know or confirm before any intelligent opinion can even be considered.

Confirm source, location and any details on persons and camera technology used. Their reason for being there and why they had a video camera. Might just be a phone, but how long was the effect visible before they decided to record it? Many people whom experience unusual phenomena think about a phone or not some time after the shock of experiencing their event. I myself, a camera person and photographer have made the mistake of not pulling out whatever tech I have for such. It takes practice and expert response to be ready for such. So, who took the video, with what and how soon after seeing the phenomena. What processing if any, or reduction of image, and original format and size. I don't expect this data, but it bears consideration in any investigation.

What were the weather conditions at the time? (was the camera exif data set or incorrect?) All this information is in the original video for time to corroborate conditions and and then if location is accurate can be researched for detail from other public sources like cloud cover, altitude and temperature, humidity etc.

Who else saw this, and what statements were recorded if any? Other photos or video? Usually if someone pulls out a camera in a crowd, everyone else will too. Were there others around when they recorded this? If so, where is all that possible data?

Bluebeam and other such secret and as yet unconfirmed dark government and super secret technologies could be involved, but that some have said they could be testing the holographic technologies on areas without modern phone tech, like the Nigerian village whom also said they saw a city in the clouds but had no recording technologies is not valid here, as it is now known there are more smartphones in China than the United States.

Also in the "CARET" event in California in 2007 it was mentioned that the "government" had high quality holographic projection tech they could use for false flag or other nefarious projects aimed at public populations. But this is also mentioned many other places and times over the last decade or two if not earlier. So if that, why? Testing? By who?

Besides all these unanswered questions there are some observable and very interesting visual data to discuss. One glaring omission was a view of the "city" on the ground that was miraged. Where is that?

We can go to Google Earth to see the area for any similar collection of structures or city blocks of highrises, but we don't know the exact location of the camera and what direction the cloud city was observed to do any optical physics to even consider it was any optical illusion. If I had the time I would ask an expert in optical science like Bruce Maccabee. But I would suspect that the distinct lack of site and event data as I listed would make for only a guess from Bruce. He might however tell us such a natural occurrence would be unlikely knowing the physics.

What I found interesting about the video was that the city was in a seemingly correct perspective from the cameras perspective. In other words, if the city (by the looks of it several big city blocks, or a sizable portion of any big city downtown high rise area), if on the side of a mountain many thousand feet high, this is the perspective we would expect. How is that possible unless projected with set perspective from or near where the camera was?

The perspective alone is quite accurate to a real placement. Was this seen by another camera near by we could then show perspective corroborating? Very curious this.

If then it WAS there, and a dimensional bleed-through why there? Is CERN on some refractive line to this geographic? Or, as is also stated in many articles we are moving into a dimensional shift, due to vibrational splitting of time space was this spontaneous shift seen. Then if that it would be logical to assume it could show up at other locations as well. Nothing there yet.

This did not look like a "future" city as some suggested. All were standard right-angled buildings of conventional design as far as I observed. But this was a significantly sized area of very tall but standard structures.

So these and other questions and observations have yet to solve this for me, and the prosaic explanations of a mirage or "Fata Morgana." is laughable, but typical of the low intelligent easy answer commonly foisted on the public. Of course they know that the intelligent people who know better than to believe their crap-news is in such low numbers that their significance is less than negligible. They play the masses, and the exceptions are acceptable percentages to cover any dangers of damaging the integrity of the information news agencies distributing the misdirection and misinformation. And they know that if needed, the smart vocal individuals that are a danger to their lies can in many cases be dealt with by darker means.

I will myself see what I find in observing the geography of the camera's general location, and will post any interesting or relevant evidence for or against the current ideas on this event.

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posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: true-life

Been some time since I've read your posts, but have always been impressed. I am doing some research on a Galactic Wave as it's been called, among other titles, but as I have observed and surmised this "wave" of accelerated something, maybe temporally, higher frequency or gravity at a quantum level of time-space and is starting to impact our area of space if not for this subject, the Earth itself.

Emanating from the Sag-A area of the Milky Way, or the core of the galaxy was known to be on its way by space faring aliens who observe such phenomena that are natural occurrences for galactic evolution.

I value your take, and will keep a pointy ear to your mag-lev monorail.

My illustration BTW.


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posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: eluryh22

I assume this is an optical illusion but on a sister thread created after this and which is now closed the question was posited about parallel reality's, well it is far from the first floating city or mirage to be seen, I do not like or accept the term mass halucination which in my opinion is just a get out of jail card for psychologists and debunkers as there is no such known phenomena and any such phenomena if proven would end up being even more difficult for the rational explanation crowd to try to explain as it would posit a shared mechanism or link between the multiple experiencing consciousness and in term open the door to even more radical problems for them to try to rationalise away.

Optical phenomena are real and I think this was probably such but if the city scape can not be identified as a known location? then it may actually be a time slip localised to a certain area or even a crossing of photons between reality's though the conditions to create such an event would be extremely interesting to any physicists of that I am sure.

Photons it is believed can slip between reality's and the apperture slit test is one experiment that is used to demonstrate this effect, this would mean that photon's can exist in two reality's simultaneously but it is assumed that both reality's are almost or practically identical, if this city exists in another reality and is over the smaller city beneath it then that reality is obviously much more divergant so either a quantum event that has converged multiple reality's into a combinant reality and left the closest alternate as a quite different reality has occured, such as the formation of a true event horizon near to a true black hole - not a brown hole and the effect this region has on localised time/space around it as well as the gravity wave/reality convergance effect it may also have.

But like I say it is far from the only occurance and china is far from the only place in the world these type of thing's can occur or have occured.

Such an event happened over Liverpool England and there are many other's.
Now if you are familiar with the tale of the mystical island of Hi Brasil thought today to be an imaginary island (though there is a seamount were one old portolon maps portrays it that would have been an island during the last ice age), it is said in some irish folklore to appear every seven years but to be shrouded in fog (cloud) and to be unreachable.

Then there is this, a city like UFO seen over south africa, it too appeared with a cloud but was seen to move so unlikey to be a mirage but what was it?.

S+F fascinating and great fun.

posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

The Schrödinger equation. Or double slit experiment. Good call. Makes sense. If a photon's position can be changed or manipulated by the observer. Whos to say, these photons aren't slipping through a time stream and becoming visible in OUR reality. We could be a slit
from someone else's perspective.

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 12:58 PM
Normally my knee jerk reaction would be "mass holographic stunt". The Earth has an Ionosphere and is enclosed in plasma tubes. This is the primary medium for holographic projections. Creating a city in the sky is merely rendering scale. But, we can't forget holographic principle is based on simulating scope and view into higher frequency spectrum.

Currently we are amidst some pretty spectacular cosmological events of peaking resonance. Couple that with certain agencies like Haarp and CERN who are provoking states on a global level, in unison, and the robust activity of umbral entities, I'd say its a spill over of dimensions, and a preview of what's to come. A far reaching stretch, huh?

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: trifecta

If we go that route, then you may as well include the "mirage" explanation (a "fata morgana") as well.

The question then becomes" what/where is the actual city that is reportedly being reflected into the clouds by this mirage". Some meteorologists who think this is a fata morgana-type illusion think it is not a city at all, but a rocky island in the South China Sea that is being reflected -- but with its vertical dimension being optically stretched by the optical illusion.

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posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 01:43 PM
I have looked at it again and it Does remind me of part's of Tokyo, I wonder?.

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