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Self confessed 'greys' tried to steal me soul..?!

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posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 05:25 PM
a reply to: archongel

Saying they've gotten away with it for a long time, so you shouldn't even try to stop a myopic opinion.

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 05:29 PM

originally posted by: Iamnotadoctor
a reply to: rigel4

Please tell me about this 'Bernard' !
I saw a thread he started the other day and everyone piled on immediately...
I must know the story of this infamous fellow!!

He's just a mildly amusing troll.. that pops in to visit us
periodically... (Huge Tall Tales)
Bernard spotting is easy one you get the pattern.

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posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Thats not what I said.
Thats what you just said.... im not stupid enough to post about being tormented by psychopaths and broadcasting my plans at shopping them into the feds in the same thread...
And I feel like although your questioning if im going to the police is a valid moral concern, its coming accross as counterproductive..

if you dont believe me/dont think this is a genuine case of psychological abuse that's fine..

but youre talking a lot about the "morality" of your convictions whilst actively assuming falsehoods about my situation, and by the looks of things trying to encourage other viewers of this thread to believe those falsehoods too.

I consider my life to be in danger.
first of all I dont want ANYONE from this group/cult to find this thread, and realise im speaking out about the abuse Im suffering.
secondly im not going to discuss any actions I will or will not take regarding reporting these people, as that would most likely make things worse, asin start risking my familys safety as well.

if you cant respect that, then by all means feel free to not be part of this conversation.

but im not getting any enjoyment out of this. If you think this is some kind of twisted game im playing for kicks?

either way it is not. And I am not.
im only looking for help and advise at the moment on possible outcomes.

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 06:05 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

I appreciate what you're saying IAMTAT

I originally was quite greatful for your insight and experience with these types of groups, and how they mark and use "fuzzy bunnies"...
Your advise on using the "rule of 7" seems legit.

but now I feel your just copy and pasting things ive said back to me with attached vague comments and phrases like "sad liar" etc and aren't really saying anything new...

I kind of feel like either you have experience with these sorts of groups, and know how to actively slam victims on the internet to discredit them/keep them down (probably quite unlikely)

Or you genuinely dont believe me and think im a liar, which im not - Im REALLY not - and therefore think its fair game to slam me on the forum anyway.

either way youve made your point about LE, and ive listened and taken it on board as an option.
you dont have to keep reiterating points about the things ive said. I know what ive said. I know what I believe, and ive always maintained that these people lie.

All im looking for is answers/a way to save my life.
you might think your doing something really moral here by flaming/trolling me, but your potentially discrediting an innocent victim; based on your theory-without evidence; and possibly preventing me from getting much needed help...

I dont think this is malevolent on your part. I genuinely think you dont believe me. But youve made your point, please dont try and hinder mine...

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: archongel

I've told you that I'm approaching this thread from the point of view that something traumatic actually did happen to you...and I've given genuine and sincere advice. Yet, now you are saying you feel like I'm involved with these groups and work to slam and keep their victims down.
That is ungrateful and unfair.

If you're asking me (or anyone else here) to accept everything you say as gospel truth without offering any proof, then you are being unreasonable.

For the most part, everyone here has been very considerate of your plight and has tried to be helpful with advice and a game plan for fighting back. Not just for you...but for anyone reading this who may have been victimized by psychological bullies.

If you can muster up some anger and incredulity against someone trying to help you...why won't you show the same efforts against those who actually have done you harm.

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 06:40 PM
LadyGreenEyes, thanks for your post. Sorry for the delayed response.

a reply to: Blue Shift
Thank you blue shift also, thays really helpful information.

ive noticed actually that static tends to dampen their effects. Its almost like static actively disrupts the electromagnetic field around the body...

Someone experienced with demons said iron actively disrupts them. Maybe something about iron disrupts the electromagnetic/bioelectricity fields?

Thank you to everyone who has helped and offered advise so far.
The information ive learned through speaking to people on here far surpasses anything I have researched single handedly for weeks on my own.

thank you everyone.

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posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

There you go again....

I said you EITHER have experience these groups , then say that thats probably quite unlikely - because it is.
Or, and although you claim otherwise, this is what I genuinely think: you dont believe me.

however now all im seeing is your very ckeverly worded posts...

What anger am I directing at people in this thread?
And why are you so involved in this. Most people are either offering useful advice/speaking to me like a human, or questioning me.

You've come straight in citing terminology they use, then have gone straight to accusational posts.

and when I even suggest the possibility that youre trying to discredit or slam me, you're straight on the warpath...

im not questioning you as a person, poster, or member of this forum. I've just made my position very clear, and am trying to be very careful in how I approach you - as if you continue to besmirch me on here im worried you might actually stop me from getting much needed help. ...

you've made your point. Im sorry if you felt my posts were angry. I do not feel anger towards anyone.
anger only leads to hate.
Im trying to move past the emotional outburst/reactive feelings, and focus my mind on co structive steps I can take to protect myself.

one of those steps is to document my experience electronically.
And happens to be the step you're currently trying to discredit.

youve made your point. Please dont continue to reiterate it.
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posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 07:43 PM
The anger you were beginning to exhibit was something I considered a positive...It's the first step towards taking back what was taken from you...and a major step towards healing.
You have a fight ahead of you...for your own restoration...and it's one I would like to see you win.

Good luck.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 11:30 AM

originally posted by: archongel
im not going to list peoples places or things, as that would directly be an attack on them and their security/lives, no matter what they've done)...
Im under no illusions that they're going to kill me.

You know, I went back and read this again from your OP.

You think they're going to kill you but you're not going to out them as you don't want to "attack" them or jeopardize their "security/lives, no matter what they've done." ?

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 12:13 PM
If we live in an electric universe then maybe they were stealing electrons from you.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: archongel

Good Art means something different to almost everybody who hears it. They made you feel things. Big whoop.
A little schizophrenic and you're surrounded by aliens.
Like the electrons explanation

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 03:09 PM
There are a lot of elements of this that remind me of the Michael Lee Hill story.

The music, the "cultists" living off the grid presenting themselves as incarnate aliens, the reference to festivals, the reference to the Annunaki, the alleged former military and intelligence agents involved, the mind tricks and "stalking."

Is this a known sub-culture? Or just a coincidence?

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 07:43 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

For the most part, everyone here has been very considerate of your plight and has tried to be helpful with advice and a game plan for fighting back. Not just for you...but for anyone reading this who may have been victimized by psychological bullies. If you can muster up some anger and incredulity against someone trying to help you...why won't you show the same efforts against those who actually have done you harm.

It's not just psychological abuse he was experiencing. It was the threat of them killing him. Especially, if they realize hes on to them and is writing about them.

I understand that you're being skeptical. However, this is the grey area and you said you were considering his story. Then you go on to psycho-analyze him. At least from my perspective.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 04:48 AM
a reply to: DelMarvel

Michael Hills story seems incredibly familiar to me as well!
Im pretty sure its the exact same style of attack.

But the truth is I think this is something completely psychological.
The blurring of faces was something I noticed twice. It was only on two occasions when they were trying to scare me.

I think that this IS a subculture of people:
hiding in the underground cult/off grid festival network of america,
that have a lot of ex-military industrial complex backing; are masters of psyhological manipulation, and are using nlp/hypnosis/stasi tactics can influence/hypnotise you into GENUINELY believing something.

The group that did this to me tried to convince me of a "king" at the top of it all, and that there were aliens above him 'backing him up' so to speak.
that they were "at war" and anyone who didnt want to go along with this had to remember they were all fighting to survive this "war".
what are the odds there are two seperate alien kings on the planet?

Then rationally what are the chances that these stories pop up everywhere, and are all individually different, but all have the same symbology? The idea or concept of a "king" or someone at the top of the pyramid everyone follows the orders of, the omnipotence of "psychic" powers backed up with an alien race in case that fails - noone can willingly have their mind read, but if you convince someone with a few parlour tricks that you can read their mind - or have a device that can do it, they immediately go into fear mode, and their face gives away anything you need to see what their thinking...

Im not saying that this is categorically what happened, but by the looks of things michael has released something he shouldnt in his films, and then the "greys" or "grey immitators" have brought him in and now suddenly hes on a completely different path altogether...

a similar thing happened to david shayler. One minute he was out there, a prominent whistleblower exposing government intel and leaking truths, the next minute a "psychic" takes him on a journey where he realises hes the messiah and starts dressing up in womens clothes...

they have the power to kill you and make it look like an accident. .
and if that would cause too many questions they have the power to alter your perception of reality so you go round telling people you met aliens and theyre able to read your mind/want to kill you...

They can send you insane if they want to.
I nearly lost the plot a few times. One girl was genuinely trying to convince me I was a reincarnation of jesus a year and a bit ago, just before they brought me into their group.
seems they lie about everything, just to weave a world around someones field of perception.

I dont doubt that their are genuine greys.
I dont know the facts about michaels story, maybe he genuinely did meet the grey king, and I met an imposter/lower level king of the greys pyramid. Maybe theyre all masons controlling peoples minds and only the few at the top know the truth...?

But theres definitely a transhumanism agenda being pushed inside and outside these cults.
and the "war" theme seems to be a recurring theme in these narratives...

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 05:46 AM
a reply to: archongel

You might also enjoy this
I believe something is ging on, but it is about selfempowerment, being your own king/queen, like the guy who wants to tear down the pyramids.
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posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 07:17 AM
a reply to: Peeple

That link doesnt seem to be working for me...

And going back to the anger topic; im finding it very hard to be angry at all with these people.

Asif I cant physically muster it, almost like part of the brainwashing has included some kind of stockholm syndrome..?
Also every time I think about going to the police I come back through the same process of thoughts always ending in the same place: that its completely futile to goto the police.
Is it possible some sort of brainwashing was installed to make me not be able to get angry at them/challenge them/inform on them?

Because its odd I cant even conceptualise being pissed with them after everything theyve done..
all I feel is a hollow emptiness surrounding the abuse, like I deserved it somehow and its my own fault for being so naive...

any suggestions welcome on methods to test for stockholm syndrome/MKultra programming..
most of the research ive come across talk about more traditional nazi style experiements from the 60s/70s, theres no real info on modern techniques at all...

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 07:23 AM
a reply to: archongel

It was the brain control thread from someone.
What would you tell the police? That you want to sue your own mind&thought?

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 03:40 AM
a reply to: Peeple

this type of psychological co ditioning isnt known about in the mainstream media.
there is no way of combating this. There is no way of reporting it...

youre right, what would I say? Excuse me but they turned my mind against me and now want to steal my soul?

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 03:46 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Fyi the majority of the brainwashing was done through very esoteric songs.
So now im stuck with them in my head, and cant get rid of them..

When I try and listen to regular music it doesnt have as many homonyms/patterns in it so my brain wont pick up on these songs like it did with the brainwashing ones...
I have a theory music is a very powerful brainwashing tool.. they were all poets/musicians and amazing at on the spot improv.
something about being able to create music spontaneously helps their brain somehow.
they once said that most people just work on information theyve stored/remembered/categorised; whereas they actually use theyre brain to constantly create new original thoughts.
apparently learn that, then learn a bit of geometric maths and you can make enough patterns with your mind/thought process to think like the illuminati/masons do...

posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 04:13 AM
a reply to: archongel

Just relax, keep your distance to everything "disturbing", it is just interesting times we live in. Nothing to worry and sureal isn't the same as real. Sure it still is a real experience, but the meaning is probably more subtile and needs translation before we really know what we are dealing with.
If you're looking for answers there are a lot of "mind contactees" here on ATS.
If you're looking for "clean music" you'll find sthg to overwrite your Ohrwürmer

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