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The repetitive, many-appearing Christ

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posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 06:13 PM
While the Roman Fathers were fighting over bones and relics, the Spirit of Truth emerged in a young Quraysh from Arabia. While the Holy See was busy burying the gnostics and burning the heretics, the Holy Koran was being spread across the entire Arabian Penninsula.

It is the shortsightedness of men that makes the Truth so hard to see. The Spirit of Truth appears over and over again on this world, each time it is the catalyst of law, society, technology, and civilization. This Spirit comes from heaven, and it appears in certain men from time to time.

It didn't end with Jesus (He told them another would come), nor did it end with Muhammed, though he said he was the "last of the line." God forbid that the Spirit of Truth withdraw from this world, lest mankind fall into complete darkness and depravity. God knows mankind cannot yet rule himself for very long, except for the intervention of this spirit and its appearance in those saintly men chosen for its work.

So while the Protestant world spooks itself over the boogeyman of antichrist, heaven again plans good works for us, and I say that another saintly appearance is due. It is the same Spirit that Jesus brought to the Hebrews, and the same Spirit that roused Muhammed to Preach and Expound upon the Law. It is the same Fire that spoke to Moses, and the same that Blessed Abraham. It is the same Light and Truth that educated the Holy Zarathustra, and brought law to the lawless. It is the same Spirit that brought Feathered Serpent to the Ancient Americans, and taught them in the ways of civilized cultivation and moral law.

Why then, does mankind impovrish his own tradition and lose his faith in this matter? They must think that heaven is empty, its batteries spent, such that no more saints will come forth to reform the world. Heaven proves men wrong over and over again, but he does not seem to learn from these events.

Have faith! Expect the appearance of what you pray for. Not only can heaven send One messenger, it can send many, there is nothing too great for God.

While the west frightens itself and descends into darkness, it refuses to ask God to send a leader, or a guide. I know the envy of my people, and I perceive the iniquity of their hearts -- They do not desire a leader, they do not desire a guide, they will hate any prophet that appears before them.

Why do you think that heaven has no more leaders to send to you? Why do you think the days of the earth are ended? It is terrible to think secretly that we are at the end of the world. Perhaps we are at the end of the SYSTEMS and NATIONS of the world, but at no time will our world be destroyed completely. Civilization will endure as long as we can count into the future. Heaven will continue to send help to us in the form of men.

Perhaps you should quit persecuting and murdering your prophets, and stop hindering the kindness Heaven shows you by sending these gentle men to you. They will die and suffer because of your envy of them, they will be delivered up to prison, opressed, mocked, and abused by the very people they have come to guide. Ungrateful people, how are you to accomplish the length of your lives?

Stop being so envious and cruel towards the sons of heaven -- they usually die and suffer for you. Stop helping that along.


[edit on 2-1-2005 by Arkaleus]

posted on Jan, 23 2005 @ 09:29 PM
Man, you are truly a strange dude. Truly strange.

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 07:15 AM

as posted by Arkaleus
It is the same Spirit that Jesus brought to the Hebrews, and the same Spirit that roused Muhammed to Preach and Expound upon the Law.

Hey Arkaleus,
Not sure where your getting or reading your information from, but is it not strange that one individual (Jesus) spread his word without the use of violence, persecution, etc., while another, Muhammed, spread his word through the use of forced persuasion and by the sword? I find it highly ironinc that you proclaim them to be from the same "Spirit". Yet, knowing some of the mysterious workings of your mind, I would imagine that you would simply say that we are all from the same "Spirit," eh? Regardless, Muhammed and Jesus were polar opposites when it came to spreading their proclaimed gospels.


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