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Rhythms and Routines

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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 07:55 PM
Everyone at some time succumbs unto the overwhelming force of habit.

We all on occasion surrender our free will unto blindly following the dictates of the brain.

And on times like those our consciousness ostensibly shuts down even whilst our body continues operating. Then we move on autopilot and begin mindlessly and autonomously obeying that little voice inside our head when it prompts our words and compels our actions.

Doubtless you've experienced this feat of conscious bypass so often that hardly you recognize when it occurs. But inevitably you've at some point found yourself awakening in surprise from one of those periods of waking slumber only then realizing what you'd been doing in the interim.

Perhaps you zoned out on a long drive and lost volition over the experience whilst the brain piloted the body and your vehicle towards that destination--only to have you return unto alertness again upon pulling into your driveway wondering where the time went and how possibly you got home. Or maybe you surrendered control over yourself whilst snacking on the couch watching television, mechanically eating an entire bowl of pretzels or potato chips without really noticing yourself stuffing them into your mouth.

It happens to everyone and it grows easier with age: Sinking swift into waking states of somnambulance where you surrender control unto the preprogrammed habits and ingrained conditioning of the brain, then letting that organic supercomputer between your ears steer the body on autopilot as you become a willing passenger within your own body--passively accepting all recommendations of the mind and letting it respond reflexively unto sensory stimuli experienced in situational events.

But obviously that volitional release of conscious control comes with a price, for whilst ensconced in that state you remain an obedient servant unto the mind as it puppeteers your body and wields you like a marionette. And whilst forgoing your right towards consciously countermanding its decisions it could easily lead you down precarious straits.

Perhaps you let the mind lead you into an altercation with your significant other. Perhaps you follow its habitual dictates and find yourself slacking off on your responsibilities at work. Or maybe you let the brain steer your car home and ended in an accident from complete lack of conscious attention.

Regardless the ascendant situation and despite your intended goals, if left unto its own devices the mind can and will do nothing but follow its habitual conditioning--even if that conditioning leads you straight off the edge of a cliff.

So you need be careful before putting yourself under its influence. And before placing it in primary control of your body, your life, and your fate, you'd best ensure the habits instilled into it are apex exemplars of all potential possibilities.

Therefore just like you program scripts into the operating system of a computer and sequence subroutines within a program, so too should you invest the time and energy necessary towards reprogramming and preconditioning the mind into an optimal state before ever daring allow it run on autopilot.

Thus you need consistently and unfailingly train it like you would a pet--enforcing upon it perpetual repetitions and recitations of intended behaviors so it knows nothing except how to behave in the most appropriate way.

Eat junk food and you program the brain to seek it out. Eat nothing but healthy organic fare and you train it to desire nothing less.

Sit on the couch each and every night and that becomes the preferred nesting routine of the brain. Go instead to the gym on a steady basis and the brain will being prompting you to complete your exercise regime before slacking off on the sofa.

Play video games after coming home from work and the brain will begin seeking out that stimulus regardless whether it remains an apropos use of time. Use instead those hours towards studying things of interest--performing independent research on philosophy, neurology, biology, and language--and the brain will instead develop a compulsion towards learning instead of a preference for mindless distraction.

The point is that the rhythms and routines you program into the brain become the default pathways of your neurological structure. And those habits become the ones you seek out and complete during those periods when you let the consciousness settle back into a passive role within the body and allow the mind to for a time take over and assume control over that biological vehicle you pilot through life.

Thus program into yourself nothing but the best habits, so during those times when you relax into automatically completing your conditioned rhythms and routines you accomplish nothing but works of good and positivity whilst applying your time only unto the most productive uses.

Only by remaking the brain into a pristine construct of light and love can you ensure yourself the greatest levels of spiritual evolution during this life. And once you succeed in programming nothing but productive habits into that organic quantum supercomputer between your ears, you can then settle back and relax in comfort knowing you'll do no wrong and accomplish naught but acts of benevolence throughout those inevitable periods when your spirit settles down and your brain takes the helm.

So don't hesitate or vacillate or tarry even a moment longer. Start immediately at conditioning yourself into impeccable rhythms and routines whilst making yourself cease all suboptimal behaviors.

Dedicate yourself entirely towards remaking the brain into new and better states and earn the respect of heaven.

Accelerate your own spiritual evolution through this method, and you might find yourself walking through those pearly gates the moment this life is through.

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 08:38 PM
a reply to: Trachel

Trachel, your recent output has been deeply symbolic on a personal level, thank you for your inspiration and prophetic insight!

I mean that last part from the bottom of my heart as I view my stumbling upon this particular message at this particular time to be deeply synchronistic with the events taking place in my life over the last hour.

For various reasons, the faulty mechanism of my own conditioning has come to bare recently and despite efforts to move forward in different, more inspired ways, I still feel myself succumbing to my old ways at times.

It is very potent and useful to read such concise wisdom. Again, thank you.

This is my reminder to stick to my affirmations, meditative/hypnotic practice and to dare to go beyond the life I knew.

I Am A Benevolent Spirit of Light; I Radiate Peace, Compassion and Love.
I Am A Gifted Healer; I Give of Myself in the Service of Others.
I Am A Creator; My Passionate Creative Output Beautifies This Reality.
I Am Humble; Gracious and Grateful; I Seek Truth, Exult Honesty and Reflect Justice.
I Am Giving of My Time and Energy; I Devote Myself to Fulfillment in the Truth and the Life.

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 09:49 PM
Deeply resonating with me too; you are so right and explained it so well that I have nothing to add.
Just a lot of work to do.

posted on Oct, 15 2015 @ 01:11 PM

Thus program into yourself nothing but the best habits, so during those times when you relax into automatically completing your conditioned rhythms and routines you accomplish nothing but works of good and positivity whilst applying your time only unto the most productive uses.

Every habit is a ritual and every thought is a prayer.

"Where your Heart is, that is where your Treasure will be".

To be thankful for each meal.
To appreciate the loving qualities in others.
To sing, dance, and listen to songs of Love.
To think, speak, and do acts of Kindness.

To choose Love as your role-model in order to be Born Again with A New Spiritual Identity of Love (or as some people say, "Born Again in Christ").

If God is love so he who knows Love knows God (1 John 4:8), then ask "What Would Love Do?" and choose Love and Peace.

This is The Way (Path/Rhythm/Flow) of Love.

The more you focus on something the more habitual it becomes.

Random thoughts come, focus on Loving thoughts leads to a habitual pattern of Loving thoughts which then inspires Loving Feelings, Perspectives, Actions, and Habits.

Great Post.

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