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MEGA-EARTHQUAKE could SPLIT continents and kill millions, warns nuclear scientist

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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 05:13 PM
at least we do'nt have to fight an war to kill millions......lolll its nature !
if no-one is killed by natural disasters how many human beeings will be on earth than ? doubble stacked?
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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 08:44 PM
the guy has a 'foundation' to bankroll & draw clients & info. seekers to

he is certainly low-key passionate about his forecast

I see flaws all over the place...
he has the S American land heading East & the N American lands heading west
at the 'breaking point' we know as Panama...the land mass movement will NOT be tectonic plate shifting but merely the surface dirt & land sliding over the bedrock layer which is directly above his 'Lava' layer of Earth geology

in amplification, the video states the 'slide of landmass' could happen as early as 2016 -> 2026 at the latest

Watch the board, listen to his forecasted trends which are asserted as-not-being-scientifically-based, but merely his 'opinions'...a frequent disclaimer made several times in the 7 minute video (of mostly his backside)

My rating 2.46 out of 10... I guess that high because he looked like a composed man in a frumpy, dirty suit

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 08:59 PM
Well thank god he is a nuclear scientist otherwise he might be a geologist or Seismologists and actually know something about what he is saying....

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 09:28 PM

originally posted by: ketsuko
a reply to: stormcell

I think parts of the Mississippi ran backward too, but even that wasn't a Mag 20 something.

Had that earthquake not been contained, it might just have split the US continent apart in the Mid-East.

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 11:18 PM
At least we will all be ready after tomorrows drill: I hate it when they have predictions and drills at the same time.

Millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at 10:15 a.m. on October 15* during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, which began in California in 2008.

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 11:28 PM
I think an earthquake weapon could do this as well.

I think some may be employed by nations in the future, impossible to say who did it.

posted on Oct, 15 2015 @ 01:02 PM
'Cascadia Rising' Emergency Management drill coming soon
Tentative Dates: Week of June 6, 2016 (four days)

Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, magnitude 9.0. Ground shaking to last up to five minutes. Tsunami wave height 20 to 80 feet with multiple waves. This is a functional exercise.

Focus on EOC to EOC operations and ability to coordinate

posted on Oct, 15 2015 @ 01:05 PM
a reply to: Vasa Croe

Slow day Vasa?

Keshe... should be some threads here on ATS on how much he sucks.... yeah I did the search theres a crap ton.

You should know better :p

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