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Why Do We Hallucinate?

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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 03:01 AM
Trip like I do...

My 2 tabs worth: I have experienced hallucinations from a few different sources, I wont get too much into anything chemically induced since that is easy.

Kundalini Awakening will bring on hallucinations--so different to chemically induced ones. I dont even consider it "hallucinations" but more an altered view of reality. It takes a lot to achive this, and do not seek it for the wrong reasons, but as far as "hallucinations" these are the most "real" I have ever experienced.

Binaural Beats. You need to do your research to find the desired effect, but there are plenty of good threads here (one by Sled I'm thinking of) with loads of info. These hallucinations are some of the weakest (non-chemical) I have experienced, but they can occur. I do beilive using binaural will help with kundalini awakening, but combine with mudras and yougic meditation poses at own risk.

Trauma. After trauma, the brain goes "hyper-vigilant", and you can sometimes perceive things that are not there (or are on a different plane of reality if you subscribe to that theory). You can go with this and use the hyper-vigilant state to get some strange hallucinations happening. The risk here is that you are playing with your mind when its in its most fragile state, and if you have any sort of attachment to "objective reality", you might lose that if you're not grounded enough.

Drugs. I dont want to get into this. T&C doesnt like drug topics.

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 08:47 AM
a reply to: Bedlam

this part of your post was of interest to me...

Finally, I know several schizophrenics, and when they're off their meds they don't hallucinate what you would consider things that are rational. They're not seeing invisobeings go about their normal routine, even if that routine might not be comprehensible to others.

It's always Satan talking from light fixtures, or out of the sink drain, or it's ninjas in the trees or talking dogs or the like. Or voices telling them they're no good, or chanting nonsense phrases without end.


I would suggest those voices from sink drains, ninja's hiding in trees, talking animals...
all taking place after the person is 'off-their-meds' is actually caused by the ingesting of the meds in the first place...the prescription actually disrupt the brain/neural paths that are created in reaction to the meds ---

the patient then is in a dream-state while awake and the veil between the dream mind & the waking mind is not present thus the patient hears/sees/feels things that exist in the psyche but not in our physical reality

I really hope that the cultural demonization of hallucinations will finally get trash canned..
the wider scope of spirituality might be the only way for the social community to oust those psychiatrists who think pharmacology is the answer to the 'evil' of a natural & beneficial adaptation by nearly 1/2 of the crowd surrounding you right now....
~non-ordinary reality~ is a good trait

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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 09:20 AM

originally posted by: St Udio
I would suggest those voices from sink drains, ninja's hiding in trees, talking animals...
all taking place after the person is 'off-their-meds' is actually caused by the ingesting of the meds in the first place...the prescription actually disrupt the brain/neural paths that are created in reaction to the meds ---

Except that's how the guy is when he's off the meds. It's why he went on in the first place.

Schizophrenia isn't a wonderful perceptive magical thing. It's a breakdown of normal functioning. I know it's enticing to think that hearing and seeing things is somehow some sort of superior perception, and it's a typical thing to want to believe that. That desire is a source for the usual "mind control" fantasy as well. I can't be #ed up, so aliens/CIA/the crown is beaming mind control waves at me, or as Tilly said, it's a magical organ that a gang of deviants plays and it emits animal magnetism and pneumatic chemicals. Along with dwarves waving bar magnets to control his mind.

posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: Death_Kron

Thank you for sharing, Kron.

I've had visual and auditory hallucinations my entire life, and while I am classified as schizophrenic with symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder, I've learned to enjoy my gift rather than let it be classified as a disorder.

Mine is severe. I don't see and experience the world the same way normal people do, in fact, I'm so different with my perception I sincerely do not comprehend what's normal and what's not.

Now my mind has created ways to perceive the information going on around me in ways that make logical sense considering the differences, which I would analogize is much like playing an MMORPG without directly receiving the updates of the game world around me.

The article's cool because it states just that: the world becomes interpreted based on past experiences.

All too true.

Now as a schizophrenic, my mind had even gone so far to 'hide' the disorder from me. Not just filling in the blanks, but also actively erasing clues which would suggest there was any detachment from the real world around me whatsoever. I was 42 years old when I finally started figuring out the detachment, because my mind, while magnificent, was leaving too many clues things were out of kilter.

Right now I am trying to find a 'cure', but being sincere, it's a training thing that I am preparing myself for.

Imagine going away from planet Earth on your own island for 500 years and then returning.

I suspect that's how profoundly different I will be seeing the world when I realign.

I don't think 'the cure' is out there, that's where the evidence was and there may be some 'help'. But the cure.... I just think it's a relationship thing I have to build with my own mind.

Any help you or others can provide as I return to normalcy would be greatly appreciated!

posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 06:42 AM

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