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Finding Opportunity in Frustration

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posted on Oct, 12 2015 @ 08:10 PM
We've all had moments where we're so exhausted we're ready to fall flat.

We've all experience stress unto levels where we feel we can't take anything more.

And on those days it takes nothing but a single tripwire occurrence before we lose our temper and boil over with rage. And that catalyst can manifest in anything but coming home unto an unexpected mess someone left awaiting you there or finding yourself facing several more hours of chores after an already draining day.

At times like that--devoid of energy and inundated with stress--our true nature emerges. And our tolerance for additional hardship or frustrations dwindles essentially unto naught.

But it's at times like those when you should actually reflect on the true essence of confronting unexpected difficulties in life. And if you consider it long enough and ponder it from the right angle, you'll eventually realize every source of ostensible frustration is actually an opportunity in disguise--for then you'll see each chance to go above and beyond your willingness to confront added work is actually an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth and increase your rate of personal evolution.

With each good deed under your belt, you accrue karma. And with each incremental increase in your innate reluctance towards performing a particular feat, the amount of karmic reward you attain grows greater.

Thus no better time exists towards performing hard work and good deeds than when you'd rather avoid putting forth the effort. For only at those times do you stand to gain maximal karmic rewards.

So instead of coming home from work to a messy house and screaming inside at the frustration of finding someone else left you a disaster to clean--view that frustration as an opportunity towards pushing yourself to new heights of personal growth and karmic reward by cleaning up and fixing the problem without qualm or complaint.

And instead of wielding existent stress or continual frustration as an excuse to unleash the negative impulses that rise into your mind on days you believe you can't take anymore--instead consider that situation a chance towards training at besting your instinctive desires towards rudeness, then instead make yourself suppress those adverse thoughts and express kindness instead.

After all, if speaking a kind word when you genuinely feel those thoughts is good, making yourself express positivity when every filament of your being is screaming out to be rude and coarse and abrupt is a herculean feat worthy of a spiritual superhero.

On a physical level in this terrestrial plane, we think little of supplanting and superseding the instincts of the brain--because we can hardly tell when an individual is engaging in the private inner war against instinct and impulse.

But on a metaphysical level in spiritual spheres, nothing garners respect quite like seeing someone forcibly engaging in that struggle against the preconditioned self contained within that neurological database inside your head--because that silent and invisible struggle is perhaps the hardest fight you'll ever face.

Those who wage constant and consistent wars against their undesired impulses are heroes in heaven, because those who resist the pull of unwanted neurology--fighting that upstream battle against that sometimes enormous tidal pull of the brain--are accelerating their own spiritual evolution and remaking their minds in the image of a greater form.

And mounting that struggle becomes epochs easier once you anchor yourself to the proper ideas that let you battle hard and fierce against the otherwise overwhelming tendencies of the mind. Thus mate yourself unto the perspective above--and start viewing all frustrating elements as opportunities in disguise.

Start looking forward towards that war with the brain, because only by seeking out and welcoming those struggles between inner desire and preconditioned impulse can you ever begin that battle with the perspective necessary towards prevailing in that conflict. And only then can you truly engage in that fight with any hope of winning--and accrue the karma necessary towards evolving into even greater states.

After all, doing something nice when you feel cheerful and upbeat is easy. Speaking kind words when you already feel pleasant is scant worth noting.

It's how you behave when you feel horrible that determines the true test of your character and the real mettle of your spirit.

So start finding opportunity in frustration. Start seeking out battles towards overcoming adverse impulses of the brain.

Then slowly but surely, even for attempting those struggles you'll gain respect in metaphysical realms.

And by prevailing in those battles you'll eventually become a hero in heaven.

Then when finally you die, there you'll find a seat for yourself waiting.

posted on Oct, 12 2015 @ 08:20 PM
a reply to: Trachel

I see you.

Would it not be more benifitial to start from the start, and stay connected all the time?

The point you are not relatable is the razors edge, I advise watching it as anything else...,a great learning tool.

Be safe on the wall.

Peace and cheers!

posted on Oct, 13 2015 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: Trachel


I learned that awhile back, that some of the best of opportunity appears at some of the worst times.

It is true.

Now recognizing those opportunities can be alot harder under duress.

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