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Crimes Against Law Enforcement To Be Prosecutable As "Hate Crimes"

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posted on Oct, 12 2015 @ 09:02 PM
a reply to: BrianFlanders

Again, buuulll!
I don't care what kind of day you had, you don't get to "pay it forward".
Having a bad day isn't license to be an asshole, especially if you armed, and your job us to deal with less than agreeable people all day.
This is how it should go:
Shift starts.
Sgt. or whomever does the daily briefing.
Then he says "who here feels that the public is at war with them, and the only important thing is to get home safe, raise your hands?"....
All raise their hands.
Sgt: OK. Turn in your badge and gun, and go home, you're fired.
That's how it should be.
You signed up, you get paid well (don't lie and say they don't..most get in the high 5 digit range or more).
If you are scared, quit.
Nobody begged you to join, nobody is sure as hell begging you to stay.
Your cowardice is unacceptable, and yes, if you walk around with that batman belt full of weapons, back up available in seconds, and the full power of the state ready to forgive you of most anything, and you still "feared for your life", then yes, you are a coward.

posted on Oct, 12 2015 @ 09:03 PM
a reply to: BrianFlanders

If you don't want to take chances, be a dog walker.

posted on Oct, 12 2015 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: VictorBloodworth

Oh, and they absolutely do not deal with armed desperate people all day everyday.
That is complete nonsense.
They spend most of their time legally robbing people for the state over made up bull# laws that are claimed to keep us safe, but have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with revenue generation.
You want people to be nice to you, get a real job that doesn't involve fleecing your neighbours and then hide behind "I'm only doing my job".
Again, your choice, so don't blubber when people don't jump for frigging joy when they see you, dumb asses...

posted on Oct, 13 2015 @ 01:59 PM

originally posted by: Shamrock6
Well. That's pretty stupid.

Potential for abuse: astronomical.

And the potential for abuse for hate crimes against other protected groups aren't also astronomical? If I walk up and punch a Transgender in the face completely randomly, I'd bet a paycheck they would try to put me on the hook for a hate crime, even if it was random.

They are not going to charge everyone who resists arrest with a hate crime, this is for the spate of recent cold blooded murders of Police Officers that you are conviently ignoring.

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: chuck258

What spate of police murders?
Stifle your war on police propaganda, no one is buying it.
It is an absolute fact that no more police have been murdered this year than last, and is in fact at a ten year low.
Here's an idea...stop acting like above the law assholes and people won't disrespect have earned every ounce of disrespect you get.
You defend your "brothers" no matter what they do, you break the law with impunity with the help of complacent prosecutors, never apologise when your so obviously wrong, and cry like babies when you get called on it.
Just another gang, the lot of you.
Show me one video of a cop stopping another cop from committing a crime, and I'll be speechless...
There are literally thousands of videos showing the exact opposite, even after the offending pig has been convicted.
No sir, you will get no respect, no sympathy, and no fealty from me.

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: chuck258

If I walk up and punch a Transgender in the face completely randomly, I'd bet a paycheck they would try to put me on the hook for a hate crime, even if it was random.

Then you would of had a crap lawyer, that isn't how it works.
Hate crimes work off intent, if you didn't know the person then it couldn't be considered a hate crime.

Cops already have special laws, if you know the person is a cop, and kill them because of that you will already catch an extra charge.

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