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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 11:34 PM

originally posted by: samkent
a reply to: NoCorruptionAllowed

The official story is? That's what I thought too.

By default you are saying that all the experts who graduated since 911 are in on the conspiracy too.

You just can't have that many people in on it and no one saying anything.
That's just the way of human nature.

Some are and some aren't. Many that are, are not in the loop, but feel like they are if they participate just right. The same goes for Obama lovers who have a delusion that if they participate just right, that Obama will somehow know about it and send a psychic pat on the back their direction.

I wouldn't expect you to be savvy enough to comprehend that though. It's much easier to just make some noise while patting yourself on the back, as if it corrected all those wackos out there who think the government are a big bunch of corrupt liars.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 11:42 PM
a reply to: samkent

By default you are saying that all the experts who graduated since 911 are in on the conspiracy too.

You just can't have that many people in on it and no one saying anything.
That's just the way of human nature.

As if a group of people could not keep a secrete. One can read about the Manhattan Project to see how easy it is to keep something a secrete.

How was the Manhattan Project kept secret?
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posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 12:00 AM

originally posted by: Informer1958
a reply to: samkent

As if a group of people could not keep a secrete. One can read about the Manhattan Project to see how easy it is to keep something a secrete.

How was the Manhattan Project kept secret?

That's not a good example at all (Manhattan Project). The Russians knew every step of what was going on through their inside people (infiltrators) which is the reason they developed their own nuclear tech so quickly.

There's that old saying - 'the only way 2 people can keep a secret is if 1 of them is dead'

Atomic spies
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posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 12:04 AM

originally posted by: Informer1958
One can read about the Manhattan Project to see how easy it is to keep something a secrete.

Or one can do some simple research and see it was not kept secret!

So you have never heard of Klaus Fuchs?

Or the others?
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posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 12:13 PM
Some photos of light poles from the net, picked up by Google :

This is light pole nr 3 in the photo below there, and if it's compared to the still standing base (18" x 18") in that red circle, it doesn't seem more than 4 meters from where it was torn off its base to the spot on that pole where the flexed up wing tip must have cut through its aluminum, which makes it impossible for that B757 at 530 mph, to have cut that LOW, since then its engines nacelle bottoms would have plowed through the ground already. See my reasoning in recent posts, where I calculated the distance from nacelle-bottoms to maximum flexed-up wingtips :
Jet engine nacelle-bottom to wing-TIP its front line is about 4m when parked.
At 530 mph, the dense air resistance adds another 1.5m on top of that 4m, caused by maximum flexing-up of the whole wing, especially the wing-tips, which makes that distance from nacelle-bottom to flexed-up wing-tip front, 5.5 meter in total.
And it were the wing-tips that cut through those light poles, as explained to us from day one on, by numerous officials.

Further on, this is a very early aerial photo taken from a helicopter, and there's a piece of guard-rail missing, BUT, two rail-posts are still left standing (and seem to be higher than the still rail-attached ones), and those rails were attached to the front of those rail posts, aiming at the road, so WHY are those rail posts still standing and the rail itself is gone.? If some part of the plane must have done that, WHICH part is hanging that LOW under a WING-TIP.?
There isn't such a part 4 to 5.5 meter lower under that wing-tip that could have clipped that rail.
The pole base is situated BEHIND that missing rail, so it could not have been caused by the pole that took the rail with it. So, is the rail missing by an impossible impact of a wing-tip plane part, or was it already missing at forehand.? :
Click for Source.

More pictures :
Light pole nr 4 :

Click for Source.

Light pole 1 and 2 analysis by Adam Larson :
1 foot = 30.48 cm or 0.3048 m, the cut light pole nr 1 its cut length, which cut length supposedly speared Lloyd England's cab, is according to Adam, 20 to 23 feet including its base, that's 6.096 m to 7.0104 m above ground level :

Btw, Adam was a LIHOP, a they "Let It Happen On Purpose " proponent when he posted here. I miss him.

First, it's too obvious he tries in his last photo-composition to fit the right engine nacelle-bottom into that round silhouette in the top of that right tree, and at the same time tries to strafe the VDOT camera mast with the plane's right wing tip at 34 feet high, while also just 10 meters further cutting light pole 1 at 20 to 23 feet high, which means it was diving in a sharp angle under that overpass bridge.!

That strafing of the VDOT mast will never fit reality, since he aims the plane wrong, the impact hole is to the right of that dented top of that tree, and when that wing tip did cut pole 1 between 20 and 23 feet (6.1 and 7.0 m), it could never ever have strafed that VDOT camera pole 10 meters further back first at 34 feet (10.4 m) above ground level (agl). Pythagoras tells you under what angle that plane then must have dived, it would have ended up under that bridge.

Now look at the photo its strong distortion, and especially pay attention to the still standing light pole on the other side of Route 27, just to the right of Adams drawn one. It means that Adam drew HIS light pole nr 2 far too high, so I corrected that by drawing my fat blue one in with the correct distorted height as compared to the somewhat further recorded by the camera, other light pole.
I also did that for light pole 1, which Adam drew too far left (he did draw an indicator arrow to its real position under his one), so I drew my fat blue one at the right spot.

If, as he thinks, pole 2 was clipped by the outer left wingtip between 14 and 16 feet above ground level, which is between 4.27 m and 4.87 m, that means it came 1.23 m to 0.63 meters short of clearing ground level there with its left jet engine nacelle bottoms....since at those speeds of 530 mph, the wing-tips are 5.5 m above the bottom of the jet engine nacelles.
Btw, just beside pole nr 2 to its right side was the bridge its brick wall with limestone decking, which shortens the needed ground-clearance even much more, for about another 0.9 meter, making it shortcoming for 2.13 m to 1.53 meters, so it would have slammed at least with its left jet engine already in that overpass bridge its brick and limestone railing wall.
You should know, your government doesn't want you to stumble and fall over that brick wall, so it's always more than mean hip height high, see its actual height here :

Have I just proved, aided by Adam his 2 articles photos, that all the 5 light pole clippings were a -business as usual-, false flag operation.?

posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 12:32 PM
I studied his last diagram of a plane between pole 1 and 2 a bit closer, and there are a few serious mistakes made by Adam, which need correction.
His plane is FAR TOO HIGH drawn, at an angle with the ground of 12 degrees, not 6 to 8 degrees as the wall imprint shows. The plane has wobbled in the last 100 meters/yards, according to other eyewitnesses, so it could be quite smaller or bigger angles at which the plane passed through pole 1 and 2.

He concludes that pole 2 has been clipped at about 14 to 16 feet, since it impacted on the west wall with its right wing about 6 to 8 degrees lifted up, according to that imprint photo I once posted :

And he made this measurement photo of the clipped pole 1 laying on the southbound lane of Route 27 on the overpass bridge, in front of LLoyd England's cab :

and that's why he concluded that since he measured correctly, that pole 1 was clipped at 17-23 ft agl (above ground level) and since we have that right wing imprint on the west wall which hints at a 6 to 8 degrees tilted right wing at impact, and there was so little time between clipping poles 1 and 2 and the impact, that he thinks we may assume that the bank angle of 6 to 8 degrees may be assumed too for the first clippings of light poles. But he pictured an angle to the ground of 12 degrees.Why.?To make things fit.?

I posted long ago that the plane according to Penny Elgas was crossing Route 27 with its left wing lower than its right wing, since she looked at the bottom of its left wing when it crossed Route 27 right in front of her eyes, as she said on 9/11. By the way, she said that she stood at a standstill when the plane came over Route 27 right in front of her, and she also said she stood nearly in front of the Heli port its concrete, which was a spot on the HOV lanes, just a few cars behind Christine Peterson, who said on 9/11 that she stood right in front of the Heliport and that the plane flew RIGHT OVERHEAD.!. Penny said the plane passed just a few cars in front of her. A picture of the two trees in front of the Helipad :

I also pointed out on a photo made by Steve Riskus, where Christine Peterson and her car were situated when Riskus shot that photo, within 1 to 2 minutes after impact, as he writes on his site. This is that photo with Christine standing on the concrete divider along the HOV lanes, and Penny a bit further to the right beside that white Mercedes Sport or such kind of car :

Take good notice of the two trees she stands in front of, those stood just a few meters north of the northerly side of that white concrete Heliport platform.
This is Christine at her inauguration ceremony at University of Arizona :

And this is Penny, when she handed that front piece of a wing over to the curator of the Smithsonian :

The real, North of CITGO flight path, over these heads :

By the way, that's also another 100 % evidence for the NoC flight path I already posted years ago, (and not one debunker dared to touch it, they let it die out of sight, quickly opening new posts in other threads, burying it as usual) that the whole Pentagon attack was a false flag, since the SoC flying official plane could have never ever passed over Christine's head....!!!
Thus, that damn decoded FDR was a false one, a false flag too.
And all those light poles were also prepared in advance, a false flag too.
And that "exit" hole in the C-Ring ? Here, a wall breaching unit at work :

And this caused AA77 to veer to the left :

Anyone remembers this other evidence I posted that AA77 flew into the west wall under nearly a 90 degrees angle.? In short, a 52 degrees approaching SoC plane should be shorter in that Security boot video, than a 90 degrees approaching NoC plane :

That's rock hard EVIDENCE.!

Do you SEE how deep those two jet engine nacelle bottoms hang under those wings..?

Good night, America.! Sleep well.

posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 10:48 AM
This is the 4:28 minute screenshot of the FOIA freed CITGO gas station security video.
I chose this video, because it is 2 hrs long and uploaded by a Truther-hater, who boasts all over his page, that there is nothing to see in his 2 hrs long video, all the while totally missing WHAT in reality is indeed to see in the very first 5 minutes there :

The long pointed white reflection flash on the ceiling, of the sun on the side of AA77 at that moment passing north of the CITGO, which beam is then reflecting down to a parked car, bouncing up again from the shiny hood or roof or glass from that parked car (beside the pump area).

For all that we know, that flash could have been reflected from Trooper Wimbish his police cruiser...who said in his 2011 newspaper and 2014 DoD articles that he was parked near the pumps while looking at the plane coming at him.

The flash is to see just to the left of that dark pole in the center of the screen, and immediately after, observe its inhabitants reactions in the two bottom screens, they all run to that door on their right, to look at the Pentagon west wall impact its smoke column.
Note that the FBI has opaqued 80 % of those two pay-counter screens, to adhere to privacy laws (O'Reilly.?). But you still can easily see how the clerk and the visitors all run to that easterly door to watch the mayhem unfolding at the west wall.

9/11 Pentagon Citgo Gas Station FOIA Footage. by cjnewson88 (2:00:35 hrs) :

Who's gonna find in the above by Judicial Watch FOIA-freed video, in its upper right security screen, Trooper Wimbish his police cruiser, speeding away just before, or after, 4:28, when Sgt Lagasse jumps in his light colored Pentagon Protective Forces police car to radio in that a plane has hit the Pentagon, then starts and retreats backwards, then turns his police cruiser and speeds out of the entrance, turns to the right towards the Pike, turns at the crossing right on the Pike and drives the 500 meter to the South Parking of the Pentagon.

Of course Myrlin Wimbish did the same, all clients there were government assigned and paid ones, it was for military and police personnel cars only.
So he should be easy to spot....

posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: LaBTop

Can you boil it down?
Are you saying a plane did or did not hit the pentagon ?

posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 07:58 PM
I found Myrlin Wimbish in that CITGO video, at 4:12 his -dark with light bands- Trooper police car comes driving along the northerly periphery of the northern pumps area, towards the exit/entrance, then stops at 4:15, where I highlighted his car in yellow, behind Sgt William Lagasse's police cruiser, the totally light one in front of the most northwestern gas pump, which car I also highlighted in yellow, and I highlighted the eastern exit door in the pay counter room, where all these clients and the clerk ran to, directly after the flash appears on the ceiling, at 4:28.

DIRECTLY at 4:28 minutes into that video, Myrlin Wimbish speeds away, turns right to the Pike and turns right again onto the Pike, towards the South Parking at the Pentagon, look for yourself again : ( click this link to start video at 4:25 min)
Lagasse speeds away backwards first, at 4:45 since he first radioed in that a plane had hit the Pentagon's west wall. At 4:54 Sgt Chadwick Brooks car is speeding away on Joyce Street, from his parking spot on the other side of Joyce Street, just in front of Lagasse's car.
After that, no more official cars leave the CITGO grounds in many minutes. Another indication that indeed that was Myrlin Wimbish who first left. Of course every officer on duty will directly leave for the Pentagon attack site.

Wimbish had been refueling his patrol car within view of the Pentagon when Flight 77 hurtled overhead, so close that his car rocked in the turbulence of the plane’s wake.

So, indeed, Myrlin stood in such a position that he saw the plane coming AT him, since he was looking west through the glass of his front-windshield. Just as he also said that he faced the pumps, and that he sped to the impact site, directly after he saw the plane coming at him and pass nearly over him, rocking his car in the very near wake of its passing :
A piece of text from my recent posts, in his own words :

"My car was facing toward the gas pumps and I'm looking at the plane coming toward me," says trooper Myrlin Wimbish Jr., who was near the Arlington County barracks within view of the Pentagon. His car started to rock as hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 veered and thrust toward its target.
"I'm looking at the silhouette and I said, 'Oh God,' " he recalled.

Wimbish, on 9/11 he was 51, and 10 years later at the time of the interview 61, and Middleton, then 35, interviewed at the age of 45, arrived minutes after the crash, entered the Pentagon and began climbing and crawling through wreckage and collapsed building debris in a frantic search for survivors. (LT : I cleared up their ages in the by me italicized text line)

Remember, this comes out of a DoD article of 2015 !!!

- - So we have now 3 real Americans, who serve their government already their whole life, and who all 3 explicitly explain to us, that AA77 flew NORTH of that gas station :
Thus, the official story is a pile of steaming horse manure. PERIOD.
- - Then we have my 45 degrees to 90 degrees calculations done on the security boot videos, the plane length as visible in the DoD FOIA freed two security boot camera videos, compared to the known height of the west wall, which makes it clear that the plane its length in that video is two times the west wall's height, while a 45 degrees angle of attack would have resulted in a visible length in that video of 1.5 times the wall's height.
- - Then all the firefighters of Arlington FD Engine 101 say -hopefully also in new videos- that they saw it bank sharply before it disappeared over their horizon and then they heard the explosion and saw the smoke column rise.
They did not see it bank sharply at the end of the circling down. Where it did not disappear under the horizon, that could only happen for them behind the Navy Annex Wing 8 since they were driving northbound on I-395 with a view, perpendicular on the Navy Annex buildings.
While the "recovered" and "decoded" DFDR of AA77 shows no bank at all in its last 20 seconds, let it be in its last 5 seconds. CONCLUSION :
That DFDR is partly or totally falsified, which means that the 5 light poles were also false flags, the "exit" hole too.

To me, it's clear that I now nailed the Pentagon attack as a huge false flag operation, as good as for sure aided by the US military its -that day- acting top brass.

The CIT Team collected in 2006 all those priceless video reports (13) from people who were physically present, near or under a North of the CITGO gas station veered-off / detoured Flight AA77 flight path.
That alone already nullified all the false flagged, so called "hard physical evidence" which the official story trusters are so fond of.
I have unearthed another 14 NoC flight path eyewitnesses by now. Plus, I just added extra video evidence for three of them.
Trusters do not want to realize that exactly such prepared physical evidence is what is always produced in a sophisticated false flag operation :

Mode of operation : Throw in as much "physical evidence" as you can produce, without overdoing it too much.
Look at all (a LOT of) the other US false flag operations of the near past (decades) :

One glaring example : Radar evidence (Gulf of Tonkin) which later turned out to be false, described vaguely after all those years (40) as "radar shadows" simulating North Vietnamese torpedo boats, decades later.

The military can let its personnel believe just about everything, if it is disguised as patriotic values and wrapped up in a thick flag-touting word-soup, since all these soldiers have been under the influence of decades long, honed-out indoctrinating propaganda techniques, from the day on, that they enlisted.

Realize that those top brass generals, commodores and admirals are during all their service life taught how to KILL, mostly in proxy situations from war rooms, disembodied from the bloody reality of a battlefield.
In the end, for most or nearly all of them, a few collateral victim bodies more, does not rock their boat anymore than in a real war scenario. These people have been taught also, that collateral damage victims are always part of the "game that must be won" objective, that war has become for most of them.

Listen to E.P. Heidner, John Judge, the Sterling and Peggy Seagrave couple, me, and all the other hundreds of thousands that have delved deep into the mud pit that 9/11 was.

Put your pride and patriotism aside for just a few precious moments, and LET IT ALL SINK IN.

And do not pay attention anymore to the Constructive Debate destructors on this board, they want to mold you down into Twitter-ing twaddlers, spouting one liners and lamenting endlessly that our posts are too long to be READ.
Do NOT react anymore in this thread on their childish and clearly baiting remarks.
The savvy reader understands the game that's been played, so do not underestimate your audience, neglect the distractions, its no more than chaff in the wind of time.

posted on Jul, 21 2016 @ 07:46 AM

originally posted by: [post=20910919]LaBTop

To me, it's clear that I now nailed the Pentagon attack as a huge false flag operation, as good as for sure aided by the US military its -that day- acting top brass.


Of course you did, dear.

Well, you've convinced yourself, at any rate, so congratulations on THAT...

posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 10:07 AM
Not just the pentagon attack, but all the events of the day were a false flag operation. We are still engaged in the war that operation started, and now the Chilcot Enquiry has shown that the notorious Downing Street Memo was very true and accurate.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 02:56 PM

originally posted by: Salander
Not just the pentagon attack, but all the events of the day were a false flag operation. We are still engaged in the war that operation started, and now the Chilcot Enquiry has shown that the notorious Downing Street Memo was very true and accurate.

I thought that conspiracy goes something like all MSM can't be trusted cuz they're in TPTB's pocket?

Guess they're all gonna be fired or "disappeared" now, eh? According to conspiracy loons this must be what follows...

Of course, since they are wrong, it won't happen. But it still won't alter the world view of CT'ers, I bet.

How strange that CT''ers can claim that the MSM can't be trusted, EVER. But when they publish something that suits them, they are beyond reproach.

I'm sure there's a psychological term that explains this....

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