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Ufo depictions throughout history

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posted on Oct, 7 2015 @ 09:22 PM
Now that I know as much as I do it seems obvious to me that the artists were trying to tell astute people that God is really an alien.

posted on Oct, 8 2015 @ 01:41 AM

originally posted by: AmericanRealist
And how can anyone argue that the Egyptian hieroglyph is not a helicopter??

Because it's not.

posted on Oct, 8 2015 @ 07:12 AM

Sorry for throwing in only a link but maybe the thread opener and other people want to learn something..

Debunked may be a hard word but imho explications that do not implicate extraterrestial depiction are more plausible.

Good day to everyone!
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posted on Oct, 9 2015 @ 02:32 AM
a reply to: eiieu

Good post NOW wait for the flood of BS excuses from the ufo crowd, to many snake oil merchants on the net regarding ufo's maybe some day that will sink in with some on here

posted on Oct, 9 2015 @ 04:33 AM

originally posted by: brace22
I must say, aliens and angels could easily be the same thing, but in modern times they are not.

We say aliens... We think of little grey men running around with lasers shooting up Dulce.

We say Angels... We think of glorious humans with wings who are gracious... Or Cobie Smulders in her Agent Hill outfit.

Is there any possibility, at all, that IF aliens were indeed present way back in history, they could have been humanoid in their look, thus given humans an interpretation of Angels?

Just a thought... I am not claiming that.

Not claiming that either, but something to support that thought

How angels are described in the Bible:

Old Testament, Book of Judges, 13:6 "Then the woman went to her husband and told him, "A man of God came to me. He looked like an angel of God, very awesome". I guess that you can interpret "awesome" several ways in English. In the old Dutch translation (16th century) it says "wiens aangezicht was als het aangezicht van een Engel Gods, zeer vreselijk", literally translated as "a man whose face was like the face of an angel of God, very frightening". He came to tell her that she would get pregnant after all. Found that strange when I read it.

Or Daniel, 10:5-6 “I looked up and there before me was a man dressed in linen, with a belt of fine gold from Uphaz around his waist. His body was like topaz, his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.”

Fun to think about.

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