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Lasers, Particle Beam Weapons: Oh My!

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posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 02:43 AM
Doing some research on the F-117 and potential follow on stealthy recce craft I came across this web site that had some interesting stuff, mostly on military satelites but a few blurbs on particle beam weapons: Can anybody verify its accuracy?

Particle Beam Weapons

1958 - Particle Beam Weapons development by DARPA SeeSaw 27 million spent by 1972
1974-1978 Chair Heritage Particle Beams for Navy
Micro Explosions of fusion fuel Pellets - miniature versions of hydrogen bombs
Internal Confinement Fusion simulates effects of nuclear explosion
Accelerator Technology and pulsed power systems
1977- Soviet Union Particle Beam Weapons for ballistic missile defense - Air force Major George

1940's Radar Technology
1965 Infrared Imaging U.S. Military
1979 Machine Automated Infrared Imaging and Tracking
1970's Sophisticated Laser and Beamed Energy Technologies

It also had this history of lasers that was intersting as well

Infrared Chemical lasers- LEO
Lasers in Geosyncrnous Orbit; Ultraviolet .3 micrometers - works well at
lower powers
Infrared + Hydrogen + florine- 2.7 micrometer wavelength
placed in satellite orbiting earth at altitude of 1000kilometers
.3 to 1.0 meter spot focus
wavelength = 2.7 micrometers

Free Electron
Excimer Lasers- electrically driven ultraviolet lasers-geosynchronous
X-Ray lasers- produced by nuclear explosions

Laser History

1960' s - First Lasers and simple laser operations such as imaging from a satellite with
1970's - First powerful Military Operational Lasers
1984 -Laser with 2 million watts exits
1990's - Laser with 10 million watts
1989 - COIL - Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser super sophisticated improvements
1953 first MASAR - Charles H. Towns Columbia University
1958?- Laser Theory - Charles H. Towns
1959 -Gold Takes laser to TRW to develop for DARPA - Gas Laser
1960 July-7 : Hughes research lab Theodore H. Maimen - Ruby Rod Laser
Carbon Dioxide Laser - Invisible beam at wavelength of 10 micro meters in the infrared
C. Kumar N. Patel at Bell Lab 8800 Wats 750 foot beam
1967 - Gasdynamic Carbon Dioxide Laser- scalable to high energies (Patel) 60 kilowatts
1969 - Chemical Lasers reach high power
1970's Laser range finders and designators
1970's -Air force tested first gasdynamic carbon dioxide laser Kirkland Air force Base
1973 - Air force tests shooting down drones with laser in plane kept secret until 1982
Air force Weapons Laboratory Kirkland Air Force Base
1975 - Army uses 30 to 40 kW laser in a tank to shoot down helicopter drones at Redstone
Arsenal at Alabama
1978 - Navy - moderate power Chemical Laser 400 kW to shoot down a TOW antitank missile,
San Juan Capistrano California Beam Target interactions, pointing and tracking ,
atmosphere propagation
1982 - 2 Billion spent of research and testing

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 03:10 AM
Still go over the information contained within the site, 'brother' FredT.
As mentioned previously, I have taken the liberty to BOOKMARK it though.

Will comment later on this.


posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 03:46 AM
Yeah, there is a lot of technology that has been concealed from the public for so many decades. Al Bielek, the time traveller, talked about us having partcle beam lasers so powerful they can be shot from ground right out into space and have the energy of 10^25 joules - more than a hydrogen bomb.

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 03:56 AM
IN the early 80's I was part of a team that was tasked with cooling 10mW of energy in under 2 seconds so the "device" would not melt. WE used "borated" ice slush to capture excess neutrons. The project was located somewhere in NM. This was a very crude device on both the 10mW side and the cooling side. But it worked. That was approx 24 years ago!!!

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 04:22 AM
Particle weapons are scarey, the hand held ones ive read they are working on for use in 15-20 yrs time will be able to penetrate up to 6 inches of Chbham Armour or 6 feet of concrete.

Even a near miss would cause third degree burns to the intended human target due to the enormous heat bloom.

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