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Gulf states plan military response as Putin raises the stakes in Syria

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 09:27 PM

originally posted by: spy66
a reply to: neo96

With all that evidence you present it is odd that the US wont bomb Saudi Arabia and demand a regime change there?

If they prop and support terrorism they should be on the US axis of evil.

As opposed to Russia, and Iran and China is the axis of evil.

Hey it was up to me we would ban the entire middle east's oil.

Put Saudi, and Iran back on the state sponsors of terrorists.

Sanction them until they go broke.

Watch how fast it would stop.

China, and North Korea are in the crap in Syria too.

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 10:33 PM
If there are dirty movements by Turkey, Saudi, and other Sunni states, it will give Russia carte blanche to carve up Turkey and create Kurdistan and smash the Wahhabis and Salafists back to the stone age. I would shed no tears.

posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 10:49 PM
These little midget countries are wimps: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Turkey (a long past power) who now can’t even beat the Kurds.

That’s why the US is so afraid of Iran moving from an imp country to a medium size power because Iran can and will kick these Arab countries and Turkey in the butt easily.

If Iran gets to be a power in the area then added with Russia, Iraq, and Syria, and Hezzbollah they will in a war beat the hell out of the GULF states in any conflict

Turkey IS NOTHING ANYMORE but a leach off NATO.

It use to be a great power when they had those Eastern European slaves fight for them.

The Arabs couldn’t beat themselves out of a paper bag that’s why even Syrian Arabs can’t fight.

No one fears these countries but a failed state like Yemen who the bully Saudi is bombing and they have murdered thousands of citizens

Saudi Arabia is literally the devil and these Arab Gulf states are racist sectarian bigots who hate Assad because he is a Shia.

They have no morality but religious bigotry

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 05:25 AM
So just a bit on the current situation, it looks like the Saudis are really upset.


Saudi Arabia threatens Syria President Assad with military action

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 05:38 AM
a reply to: FormOfTheLord

The Saudis are big cowardly girls. Thus far they have preferred to fund groups like ISIS and Al Nusra rather than enter the war themselves.

I hope America has the foresight to tell Saudi Arabia it is on its own if it decides to act stupid.

ETA Thanks for the update Formofthelord, I will watch it in full later
Our MSM here in OZ is doing a dreadful job of presenting the truth to us about all of this.
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posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 07:20 AM
a reply to: FormOfTheLord

About the first video, we might indeed be witness to a shift that will change the political environment in the middle east but also on a worldwide scale.

Russia is surpassing Saudi Arabia as a producer of oil and Russia has one goal, produce and export, expand their market share.
While OPEC until recently controlled the price of oil by decreasing or increasing the production of oil, since last year, they have raised the production to record levels and are selling at a discount in order to protect and keep their share of the market.
This might come down to who has the longest breath, currently i lean towards Russia since they are less reliant on oil revenue than Saudi Arabia.
The big loser in this competition is the US, while the US has had a tremendous increase in oil production due to shale oil, it comes with higher cost.
With the price of oil below $50 pb it is to expensive to produce that shale oil, hence we have seen a gigantic drop in the rig count since last year.
But also the rest of the world is less reliant on the petrodollar for energy which obviously means less demand for, and less dollars in circulation.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 10:30 AM
Looking like there may be war on Iran within the next few years or even months.

Saudis team up with Israel to plan strike against Iran - report
Report- Although Israel and Saudi Arabia officially have no diplomatic relations - they're rumoured to be preparing a joint bombing campaign against Iran. The Sunday .

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 11:24 AM
Saudi Arabia is the primary source of all this evil....they are the princes of darkness.

They and their distorted, perverted Wahhabis/Salafi religion is the problem...

They are so bigoted in their outlook they hate people of all other religions and the Shiite the most

They are backward and mediaeval

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posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 11:37 AM
a reply to: neo96

Doesn't ANY ONE care about the TRUTH on this site anymore ?

Not when it is easier to just blame the US.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 01:19 PM
so put simply they wont them to stay in a backward age.
so they can be exploited and bleed dry.
any thing that happens they can say its the war! its ISIL.
and they can kill any one that try's to deify them.
so evil! thats the US for you.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 03:01 PM

originally posted by: ecapsretuo
Isis , AlQuaida, the "Anti Assad" groups... these 'terrorist Muslim' groups,
are trained in countries like Saudi, Quatar, and Turkey!
Furthermore these countries are the US allies by which the terrorists obtain their funding and weaponry!

Essentially, they are the buffers by which dark powers of the West can influence and operate these false groups, in order to continue chaos in the ME.

If we see countries such as this acting in defiance of Russia, and continue to support these groups- ALL WHICH ARE MERCENARIES PAID WITH HUGE WESTERN $-
we are essentially seeing the West channeling resources to fight Russia.

The guys propping up ISIS are of the US Cold Warriors, the MIC, the CIA.
BY now channeling resources vs Russia via these shady US ally states, they would be enabled to continue their operation of arming and destroying the Middle East. $$$
So what this article describes, tells me it the demented Western shadow power propping up their program through puppet ally states such as Quatar, Saudi, and Turkey.

One need look no further than to see this position is being propagated by the Council on Foreign Relations, neocon stronghold.

You are so close to peeling the next layer of the onion,,,

the back-story is that Obama is a certified (but still in-the-closet) Sunni Muslim

...Obama’s anti-colonialism makes sense, but doesn’t address all of Obama’s motives in the Middle East, or necessarily his attacks against Christians and Jews. Others say that Obama is on the side of Islamists, which doesn’t address his siding with one Islamist group (Al Qaeda) over another Islamist group, or Islamist group wannabe like Assad. What does make sense is Obama’s policy of always siding with the Muslim Sunni sect.

...... Muslim Sunnis have been at odds with Muslim Shia’s, and vice versa, for a long time. Shia representatives Iran and Hezbollah support Assad. Sunni representatives, including Al Qaeda, support the Islamic rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sunnis account for about 80% of the Muslim world. When Obama moves, he moves not with Christians, Jews or the majority of most Americans, Obama moves with the Muslim Sunni sect. The Sunni hatred of Shia’s, Jews and Americans (Christians) is what Obama’s actions fit best. ...

listen also to the first 10:40 minutes of this (sound cloud audio):

now our USA's Sunni Muslim president also has a back-stabbing deal with Iran (a Shia nation or Foe) about nuke development that -on-the-surface seems to really benefit Iran to build a secret nuke in, say, 5 years.
However, since IS-ISIS (radical Sunni) is clandestently supported and unbombed and not attacked by the
NATO or Iraqi or Kurd forces who only fight 'IS' when the Caliphate actually attacks them first...
the WH plan seems to outlast the Iran-Shia/Hezbollah/Alawhite-Syrian military force~~~ and deal the Iran-Syria-Russia defense pact a defeat long before the Nuke deal can be milked for all It is worth...(thus keeping the WH man aloof from showing a Muslim preferrence to either Sunni or Shia which a contender for Caliph in-the-future must be able to do )

ecapsretuo... the additional peeling away the next layer might not sound correct to you as I explained it in a quick way... but there is still another layer of this onion to be revealed.... i.e.: just who/whom are TPTB that are using the willing meat-puppet Obama as the front-man?

star 4 you

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posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 10:27 PM
If they put a towel on his head, they have not ceased to be and they not become love , and did not ceased to hate the peoples of the earth

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