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The coward shot HIMSELF...contrary to early reports!!

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 11:20 AM

a reply to: Astrocyte


I cannot tell you how frustrating it can be to see people scream "coward" at a guy who was clearly mentally ill, and who, in the highest probability, has had to adapt to difficult conditions in life: either neglect or abuse. And from that, the system (his mind/brain) went 'wrong' by the continuing scaffolding of environmentally (as well as autoregulated in the personality of the developing person) triggering experiences.

What a bunch of apologetic academic bull-hockey! Boo-HOO! Well, I for one will freely admit...I am one of those people screaming "COWARD". I will also freely admit I have absolutely no, ZERO, sympathy/tolerance for mental illness, regardless of causation, when it results in innocent people's deaths!

On the other hand, crazy people are also in other countries, yet gun deaths in the US far exceeds the rest of the developed world. Why is that? Clearly, the gun toting culture has played a part in making guns easily available; so perhaps thoughts of murderous revenge, that is, actually making real your fantasies of killing the people whom your brain convinces you you hate, will more likely occur in a culture that has this fetish for guns?

Define "developed world". Is this your convenient way of isolating America for the purposes of furthering your anti-gun agenda? By making such a quantification you conveniently exclude any any other country which has gun violence as "un-developed". Talk about 'arrogant' and self serving...for your argument. Let's forget the fact you have absolutely no way to quantify what "developed world" means other than an oblique attempt at shaming those who may disagree with you into thinking they are admitting they are from a less than "developed world". Clever words, but they don't work.

Psychologically, the above description makes sense, and given modern neuroscience, I would go so far as saying this is a highly probable reality, and therefore, a fact.

Really??? Is this how you conduct science??? In the absence of empirical proof you automatically characterize something as "fact" just because it seems your opinion??? WOW, no wonder there are so many screwed up people!!! In my world I'd get fired for making such broad assumptions based on so little empirical evidence.

Removing guns, or making them more difficult to acquire, will OBVIOUSLY prevent these things from happening.

People who do not agree with, really just don't like it. They're dissociating this OBVIOUS understanding ^^ because they are arrogant, defensive people, highly sensitive to the shame of 'not getting their way'.

Typical liberal apologetic, knee-jerk, response. No it won't. I am not disassociating anything, but I will agree; I don't like your response. "OBVIOUS understanding" as you put it, would be a person intent on doing harm will do it with, or without, a firearm. As for the "arrogant, highly sensitive to the shame of 'not getting their way'" remark, well, I won't dignify it beyond referring you to my previous statement regarding your own arrogance.

Your post is yet another classic example of the liberal left attempting to hide behind academic double-speak and obfuscation in the hopes it will sway public opinion based on intimidation and word games.

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 07:30 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen

originally posted by: angeldoll
President Obama is right. Why are we the only first world country with this problem?
The answer is clear.

First World in the drug use categories.

Not to mention first world government who is not afraid to use experimental mind altering drugs on it's population without permission or knowledge of it. That is my explanation for all the shootings. They are necessary to advance the government agenda.

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