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My Theory On The Middle Eastern Section Of The World

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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 04:55 PM
If this belongs in know what to do.

I find it strange that no one properly addressed the OP's question that is this thread:

What about Saudi Arabia (The elephant......Princess)

I believe that people on most every socioeconomic level on this planet are afraid of the Saudis because of the amount of money they have, what they have used it for, the influence they can buy and the damage they can inflict in this world because of the sheer amount they have, and continue to get on a daily basis.

People that are afraid yet "tough", hide that fear with snarky answers to tough questions..........trying to deflect from the issue at hand: The Saudis ruining the world with their greed. Others replace that fear with something they call respect. They tell themselves they respect the Saudis because of their wealth. They forget one important fact: The Saudis were born lucky. They were lucky to be born on a patch of land with an almost unlimited amount of wealth under their feet. Look at the last picture in that OP that I linked. What is behind him? Camels. That's all they are......camel herders who put meaning and direction in their lives through some religious text. It's what uninspired people who don't know how to live do. Getting rich from oil didn't change that one bit. All it did was make them "glorified" camel breeders.

What goes on in the middle east......anywhere in the middle east, has nothing to do with religious doctrine, history or "prophecies". It has everything to do with money. Quit fooling yourselves. The people the Russians are bombing right now? They're paid mercenaries. Nothing more....nothing less. The ones we term "radical".......they're not more beholden to their religious beliefs than the moderates.......they're getting paid more. The moderates are also getting paid, but more than likely by people who don't have as much funds than the people bankrolling the fanatics. Here's my guess: The Saudis are bankrolling the radicals, America is bankrolling the moderates, anyone who kills the moderates are the bad guys, anyone who kills the radicals are on the side of "peace". A term America has learned to use to deflect people away from what is really going on over there at the hands of the Saudis. To American leadership, Peace means not questioning them.

It's a win-win for Saudi and America. The conflicts that have been going on over there since the 80's benefit both. They benefit America by keeping the military complex busy with things that justify all the funding they ask congress for. It keeps the money flowing into the pockets of everyone involved. The Saudis benefit because tension and unrest in the middle east lead to tension and unrest on Wall Street, which drives up the price of crude oil........keeping the money flowing into the pockets of everyone involved.

Israel? The Jews? Palestine? The West Bank? Iran? If you think that they matter at all in the grand scheme of've been duped. Yes........before all that oil was needed and discovered by an English company, there were tensions, fighting and wars over there........ever since they learned how to throw rocks. They have always been a warring people. That region wouldn't know what to do with peace. If Jesus appeared, they'd kill him. They have used every excuse in the book to justify what they do. But with the discovery of oil........ the rules changed because then is when the world started really paying attention to that region. All of a sudden, what went on over there was of interest. Not because their religious beliefs turned global.....of course not. Those are still regional beliefs like any other religion. Their economy turned global. They weren't just making carpets, breeding camels and growing poppy for the Chinese anymore. No. Now they had oil. Something that every developing country in the world wanted, and was willing to pay top dollar for so they could be more advanced and relevant in the world than their neighbor......who was also buying oil for the same reasons.

So forget about religion. It's irrelevant in 2015 no matter where you live. Start focusing on what the Saudis can and would do if their power structure were threatened. Focus on it and start doing something to circumvent what they could do, and start questioning them hard. Quit being afraid of them. You only make them stronger by way of feeding their delusion that they have power. They have power because the fear in others allows it.

Using peoples' fears to your advantage is not's opportunistic.

Just ask Putin. Something got his panties in a bunch to where he said "Screw this......we're going in". Does it have anything to do with finances? I would be surprised if it didn't. Does it have to do with Russia's best interest? Of course it does. As the leader of a country it's your job to act in the best interest of your country. That what makes him a better leader than anyone America has seen since Kennedy.

Whatever his reasons..........Godspeed Mr. Putin. I hope you tear then all a new one. Including Saudi.

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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 05:08 PM
This is ALL about religion and yes it is 2015.

I mentioned in another thread, the best analogy to help a westerner to understand it is a Christian one. The Middle East has 2 main versions of Islam - Sunni and Shia. Add to that a fundamental version called Wahabi (within the Sunnis) and you get your hardcore crazies AKA the Taliban and ISIS.

Christianity has similar divisions - the Shias are like Catholics - not considered to be 'proper' Christians by everyone else, the Sunnis are the protestant movement and then the Wahabi are the angry revivalist types like the Westoro baptists.

Now imagine the Christian situation but on crack and where everyone has guns and voila, you have the Middle east today.

The whole thing is totally about religion. ISIS joyfully murders Christians, Atheists, Zoroastrians and the likes wherever they go. They want to set up a Wahabi purist Islamic state. They have control of oil fields and are self funding through oil sales as well as receiving monetary help from Saudi Arabia and America.

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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: InTheShadows

I agree with 50% of your rant...

and your grounds for making the rant... but it won't hold up in a world-court-of-law for the removal of the house-of-Saud as a monarchy because they are sneak-thieves/treacherous/self loving egomaniacs of their own self worth & station-in-life

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 05:24 PM

originally posted by: InTheShadows

Whatever his reasons..........Godspeed Mr. Putin. I hope you tear then all a new one. Including Saudi.

Putin's as bad as the Saudi's, in that both are propped up by nepotism and autocracy.

However, Putin - in siding with Syria and Iran is backing the Shia denomination of Islam. There's nothing Muslims like better than killing each other, so he'll soon find out what it means to be piggy in the middle when Muslims start to lob the tolerance bomb around.

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 08:33 PM

originally posted by: markosity1973
This is ALL about religion and yes it is 2015.

Then ask yourself this.........would they be doing things on the scale that they are without western and Saudi intervention/funding? And this.......did their religious belief system become stronger since the discovery of oil?

As I said before, this region of the world has never known lasting peace and yes, they have always had their religion. I understand how people make that connection because, to a certain degree, there is one.

But take money out of the equation and you'll see the violence de-escalate on a mammoth scale. I guarantee it.

And also, all your response did was reiterate your belief. Stating your belief does not automatically disqualify all others from being relevant. Show me HOW I'm wrong about the flow of money in that region and the connection it has with the ongoing violence, and I'll be more prone to believe that that connection plays second fiddle to the religious connection.

Describing in detail the different factions of one religion may explain why these different factions believe what believe, but it does nothing in explaining why they do what they do. When people start to realize this and start following Saudi and Ameican black budget monies, only then will we see things change. And for Pete's sake, stop believing that Saudi and America aren't so evil that they wouldn't push the religious angle down the worlds throat, so as to deflect attention to what is really going on.

But if you need to, go ahead and keep believing what you do. Go ahead and keep scratching your head because you can't find the answer as to how someone can stabilize that region. There are people who know exactly how to stabilize it, but a good chunk of the world (minus Russia perhaps) still doesn't have the guts to face the reality of it all and implement the measures that need to be taken.

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 01:16 AM

originally posted by: InTheShadows

But take money out of the equation and you'll see the violence de-escalate on a mammoth scale. I guarantee it.

Too late for that I am afraid. Isis captured a stunning amount of American equipment left behind in Iraq.

They can fight in for ages without money now.

There have been attempts to thwart the income flow from the oil fields they stole, and it has worked to some degree, but Saudi Arabia keeps on sending weapons to them so it does not matter any way.

You are correct in part though ISIS could not have been so successful without money and arms from the USA. It was the USA who sent in arms to the Free Syrian Army after all and the free Syrian army combined with ISIS then invaded Iraq.

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