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just something I picked up yesterday

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 05:34 PM
I went to see a movie yesterday and one of the previews was called 'War of the Worlds; where in one scene there was totally black skies all around and everyone was looking around and bam all dead by shock wave explosions or something

they described the movie as America/world being so sure of our domination over earth and being complaciant.

I am a new member and have been reading extensivly on the 2012 threads and understand that there will be extreme changes in the world no the end of the world.

Actually today i was watching David Suzuki say that when he was growing up 1930's,-40's that asthma was unheard of and now 25% OF ALL HIGHSCHOOL students have asthma..........went on to say that we are going to live through cataclysmic events to redefine our world.

I just find these things interesting.

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