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If you seen a UFO post here your reaction..

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posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 03:29 AM
a reply to: STEEM

Since I have my Intuos out already, here you go! The top image was our view with the two larger round circles being what reminded me of airplane wheels. The smaller circles are quick depictions of where the panels had bits that stuck out. The hash strokes are the panels.

The bottom image is how I perceived the edges to be from my place on the ground. It was clear that it has "sides" but I don't know how it connected to the top or what the top looked like at all. But the bottom side tapered from what I could tell. That circle on the bottom is, again, the "airplane wheel" to show how it didn't quite fit into a panel or cubby hole, just hanging out there.

As for the second, quite possibly. It was really lazily moving and didn't look to be too substantial in bulk but that could be because it was see-through. The only difference is it didn't have any low hanging portions that would fit the teardrop shape of such a balloon however there are some that are clear. It was pretty solid in form, though, but IDK much about weather balloons or if they can keep up a certain shape during flight.

posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 05:51 AM
I wish I felt I could describe it clearly for you.. If I knew how to link I would post my own experience here. I first came to ATS and created a thread years ago which simply elaborated on what I perceived to be the event. If you care to browse it should be on my profile I think- a reply to: STEEM

posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 08:54 AM

originally posted by: STEEM
a reply to: randyvs

So I'm spinning all over trying to figure this stuff out.. Please answer few things for me?

Any idea what day of the week? Weekend? And time of day / night.

Do you think this could of been a human with the oxygen mask?

Did the colors look like.. Just strange like nothing you would see here on earth?

What area was this experience with the UFO?

i feel maybe this is a interdimensional the shape shift is necessary for it to continue to operate in our dimension.. This stuff hurts the head, have you ever attempted to draw this / these craft, it would be interesting to see.

One more, why wernt you petrified? Did Dave feel threatened, or either of you, a sense of persecution? I wonder also what you feel this objects purpose was.. Very cool story.

It was the end of spring break 93 so that's the end of March I believe.
It was just after dusk pretty sure it was a thursday night.

Like I told Dave I felt for sure they we're ours. Meaning of this world.
No markings but the fact they were interacting
with us. And how well I was seeing everything.
They were human pilots no doubt about that.

The colours in the outlining glass tubes were exactly what you see in the
green and red signal lights. Why two different colours? How could I even
guess? But it was in death valley around the national park monument.

I think the better question would be, why was Dave petrified, but the reason
I wasn't petrified is because I didn't feel threatened at all. As I said Dave to this
day is and always has been a timid man. What I feel their purpose was?

I've thought about drawings but this is the most interest anyone has ever taken
in the sighting. It's been up on ATS before three four years ago.

But the number one fact of it all is undeniable. That is, whoever the lucky
jackasses were fly'n those craft? They were have'n a blast.
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posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 06:05 PM
a reply to: Chimney

Thank You!

posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: wagtail

If you could I would enjoy it. Thanks!

posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: randyvs

I thought you said the object changed into a triangle, surely thats not of this earth! But don't be upset as I most likely read wrong. I wish I could see the technology we have because I'm sure it is at least 50 years ahead of what we think!

posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: STEEM

That part might be vague. But no the craft were triangular in shape.

Like this

With a clear glass florescent tube running the full perimeter
on the underneath side one green the other red. The panamints were
prolly twentyfive miles away and in the blink of an eye, they could
become a little dot crusing in front of them.

posted on Sep, 28 2015 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: randyvs

I hope it's ours! I think so, but I had a weird habit of drawing triangle symbol with a big headed stick body inside of it as a child. The triangle craft have been a "newer" UFO..

posted on Sep, 28 2015 @ 08:01 AM
a reply to: Rosinitiate

I know what you mean, can you PM me? I do want to hear your story especially if it is really crazy, who knows, maybe I have heard similar..

posted on Sep, 28 2015 @ 11:02 PM
link 'Something for the record' 'My UFO Experience'

My two early threads on related topic

posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 11:19 AM

originally posted by: STEEM
a reply to: Unity_99

What is ARC? What were the messages?

First of all, the way it happened is not for everyone, they don't show up and beam a message for all. Earth is a school/testing ground/prison. And example, in a democracy you may notice its hijacked, and may notice that you don't get what you think you voted for, because there is a lot of work people need to do, that they don't, like form citizen's councils and connect them, discuss all the problems and that includes things labeled conspiracies, and ensure that they can oust corrupt employee leaders quickly. Voting out is as important as voting in, and problem solving on grass roots rather than being lazy and letting a king or pontiff do it. In other words, its a system that only gives what you put into it.

And then people vote, without doing their homework and assignments.

So earth can be hijacked prison type thing or real growth opportunity, depending on if you're doing your homework.

3 people can stand in a clearing watching a mysterious plane sized light appear, fly over them slowly, and then arch up high and carry on over town, but not as noticeable at the greater elevation, or vanish right over your head, or carry on so you can see the saucer under the light (and all 3 scenarios have occurred with us). 3 people will have different reactions and beliefs, some of those beliefs keep them safe. 1. will write it all off as though its just an illusion, delusion, for some reason shared by more 1 person, a group hypnosis. 2. will have an exciting mind blowing event they witnessed and say they've seen a UFO. 3. will have contact and be aware that all 3 of them had missing time.

The outcome of that is the level of homework the person is doing now, or did in a past life, and I remember past life and coming into this one, not from there, that was related to the power groups here, but came from Equality and Freedom paradise type place, and recall fleets, and work in this universe taking place. Planning things as if from a future, and then projecting into a past setting.

These things don't matter, thats the irony of it. Its not what you read, its what you learn individually inside that really does, going within with some humility, say after a family argument, and knowing you're not helping, sensing, you aren't good at helping others, you mangle things, and saying, within, to Higher Power/God/Higher Self, SOS, need some help. I don't want to let anyone down here, family, or Family back home. I just want to do the work I came to do and assist wherever needed to boost people up, not tear them down.

That kind of thing. That's what matters.

There are sides here. Some of the messages were for me. Have shared most of them however, but not in a distinct thread for that topic. More to support others in their threads, or to counter trends in NWO or mismanagement plans by the evil creeps elected and behind the scenes running this world.

Because the choppers did show up. My son called me out. Phone taps and one that I called them out on, where I spoke up and gave the listener the hero or zero talk of his life and our internet, tv, phone cut out for 2 hours. We've had odd looking puffy, hard to place, models of sedans that looked expensive, in front of my car, with police in the back, for the 10 minute drive to the store, and on the way back home, it was reversed. There is another one or 2 paragraphs could write, just highlighting a few of them.

Once you know you're being surviellanced, you have to make a choice. Are you afraid of these asshats, NO! Would you help them if you could and get them to break their contracts, yuppers!!! So they just gave you a mike, and consequently have had direct messages pop in that I passed on in posts, to the elite. Because once they surveillance, they're passing that stuff up the line.

They definitely have their F hand delivered. Abuse of power. And cycles don't just on forever. Forever they don't get to just lord it over lower realms and turn schools into their own personal power slave systems.

Another direct direct message was about those who go to the front of the line, being sent to the back.

Ets fall into categories, negative side trying to tidy you all up into your persepective boxes and slave pens, to recycle, and please don't wake up. The midmanagement and maintenance, some pirates in there, taking dna and doing work behind the scenes and also their own agenda's. And your Family or a huge team of ecclectic Hero's who pull you through and wake you up.

My sitings were the Wake Up Team, they woke me up. I had memories of things flood back, from before this life. Was shown battles even, where beautiful woman I recognized shared we were under attack, but the ground crew or team, would still all the help they needed. In fact a communication that really freaked me out, because she assumed I remembered everything. And so learnt a bit in the conversation.

I've had protection during driving trips, been taken through a portal into a "planet" that was artificial, but still more abundant than ours, and to a council meeting. And know this event occurred but the memory of what took place, and whether anything I shared mattered, was taken from me.

And that frequently happened.

It seemed more about waking me up, nudging me, leaving me with just enough information to want to research or meditate or remember more, and try to nudge those around me, but not enough to ruin whatever test I was in.

There were family abductions, missing time, time grafting as well, where I was told this day took 9 days to complete and my older son told me he felt he'd just been dropped off, when I rushed down the stairs, and he'd had missing time before.

ARK = wearing your clean underwear, not harming others, helping. Integrity, Kindness and Love. And its a frequency armor. The dark side may lash out at you through others who are not doing their homework and asleep at the wheel, but they can't harm you, you are not in their frequency realm where they can own you for a time and hurt you.

There are only some things that are allowed here. Most of the bad stuff that occurs is done via corrupted, misled, contracted human elements.

In my case, whole family and even friend, witnessed the repeated sightings, two of us had some degree of contact memories. The 3rd was the friend of the family. And then after about 2 years or more, when it finally was understood by me that they prefer to communicate through projection and telepathy, and not risk detection and upfront skirmishes, by showing up in a craft, when I finally stopped putting on a shelf all the communication and what seemed like visions, but where I'd wake up in bed, but immediately that evening have another greeting and sighting. I finally got it. And as soon as I stopped using the norms of society to judge the communications, and realized, this is really happening. The sightings we'd all had for several years stopped, for the most part, but the occasional communications, like miracles, still continue.

What does Family do, or the team. They uplift you when you're depressed. Tell you to use humor in hard situations or disagreements and not sweat the little stuff in life, you're there to uplift others, but they're all free individuals. So just shine. Its wonderful. Wake up Team.

posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 11:45 AM
Direct Messages involved:

Being filled in that there were things I didn't remember. Having lifelong memories trickle in and being welcomed back.

Encouraged to use humor, kindness, gratitude, and assist help those around.

To judge no one, not easy to wake up in this lower frequency, so intercede for everyone included those contracted in various black ops and stuff. I was really upset at the time. That they will remember who they are and get back on task. Growing, Loving , Helping, Not harming or dominating others.

That there are many wonderful places to learn and grow up wise and loving in, and that getting up out of this level is important, so try to free minds and get everyone out of here.

That those who go to the front of the lineup, elitism of any kind, will be sent to the back. Equality And Freedom and help others. Share. Kindness.

That we're projecting in from the future really.

That dolphins and whales and various higher mind creatures/beings, are fed up and being taken out of here. We've abused them long enough and with this huge ocean harvest going on, they're being taken to safer places.

That you can't be afraid of speaking up, with cautions understood because they're sick and tired of martyrs. But still, be brave, but it was a kind of local work. Many people are hidden away in various places, they're not shining in a noticeable way that would draw too much heat.

Was shown levels, black ops here, greys and midmanagement, and then Family above, so be brave, you are protected too. When you do the work you came to do.

That all who have worked or contacted the para military or black operations here are not negatives. There is an upgrade that has taken place to solve earth's population with clean energy and equality solutions, but that our leaders have stolen it, suppressed it and want to depopulate instead.

They've been given a choice and they really think they're off the hook, some misled into thinking they're doing the right thing, but they're more responsible and culpable than any of the people. The more power given or taken, the more you are on the hook, you are graded. They got their F.

This school is being upgraded not reset, just maintain their power structure. And they choose the reset.

That those who lose love, are lesser spirits/souls beings, they've shrunk in consciousness, they're tiny tots. There is not 2 equal sides, only Love at "the top". No "bad wolf". (using a doctor who expression there for what the elites here imagine).

That "we're here"!

That there is a team of incredible loving counselors who will not be smiting the bad guys in the end, but rounding them up. I've seen arrest teams going straight to the House of Windsor and Rothchild's first and foremost. This wasn't an earthly thing, this was a team of ET/Angels in Blue Uniforms. If it was a metaphor, though it was given twice, they won't be continuing in power positions for very long, though can't predict that point in 'time'. However its over for them soon enough in the real flow of events. There is no time when we disconnect from our brains here.
I call that the cosmic arrest team. That their free will does not supercede ours.

And I get more messages.

The prime directive is to free this world, not to free the planet of humans as one wrote to me. The inner higher mind meaning of that phrase, ie uplift people, put a smile on another's face, bring joy and get everyone to start to solve problems locally in positive, non punitive ways. If you don't want your own child to go through something, don't force it on anyone else.

Been shown things in the solar system, from bases near the sun, asteroids, to crafts, stations, cities in space. To knowing some of the people involved, and Alpha Centauri's input, and various groups, I call them work stations, such as feline from Sirius, Lyra. Sirius has huge connections to earth. This solar system was overtaken by some real predatory empiric types, but even on those levels. They often wear the hat you empower.

One more edit: The way its done is like you're shown or experience really interesting events, like a meeting you're taken to, that you're told you will attend, then you have a contact, a siting, and go to sleep with covers moving, things clipped on you, vibrating fast, and lights out, asleep. You may or may not have glimpses of memory of the events, sometime I did. But you don't get to remember the content. Why?

Because its a huge kick in the rear, backside, wake up, there is more to life, to earth, to reality, to you, than you can imagine. There are things you don't even know about your own life. Uplift yourself. Free yourself.
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posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 07:12 PM
a reply to: STEEM

1.this happened in the deep part of the country side,backroads. emotional reaction i recall
3.government technology? unsure,highly doubt it.

This is a true testimonial event that happened to me in the town I lived in for 3 years.On July 13th or 14th of 2003 between 8-9 pm in Licking county, Ohio.I walked outside my home and the very first thing I did was look up into the sky like I always do to see anything out of the ordinary.This time I got my wish! Walking down my porch steps,I looked up. Then I turned to my left towards my pet.That's when I looked up,again.
I saw an airplane up in the sky.This was a huge 747,the planes that carry 100-200 passengers at a time.Thing is,i've have never in my life seen an airplane fly so low to the ground.This alone caught my attention.If I wanted to I could easily have counted all the windows on the left side.As the plane was flying on by,I noticed this tiny gray dot come out of nowhere up from behind it.Creating a better description,this tiny ball of light turned into a 3-layer gray oval shapped ball of light.It literally followed along side this huge plane for about I'm guessing 10-15 miles? I estimated how long a mile is on the ground then took that measurement in the sky and calculated there.I watched them both fly off till I could no longer see either the plane or the object.
This object,I'm highly guessing,was 1/4 size of that plane,big! Usually I hear airplanes,helicoptors in the sky,even many miles before they are even close to my area.Recalling from memory,i remember hearing no sounds period.This 3 layered gray ball of light never moved out of track while following the plane.It stayed in a very straight line formation all the way until out of sight.the distance between the ball of light and the plane was between 40-60 feet.It wasn't a missile or cloud.I have never seen anything in the cloud so oval shaped,gray & actually move so perfectly in a straight line.It was a 95% crystal clear day,few patches of clouds here and there,that's it.

This was my first encounter to witnessing account a ufo.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 01:23 PM
I saw one that jumped into hyper speed once I saw it and I thought

"cool, they want me to know they are there for me. OR that I was special."

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 01:26 PM
a reply to: STEEM

A bit of awe and disbelief. Curious what the heck it actually was.

It was way more mellow and less exciting then I would have expected.

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 02:15 PM

originally posted by: STEEM

My question to you is;
1. Did your experience happen in an isolated area / country / rural?
2. What was your emotional reaction, were you scared if no, why do you think that is?
3. Do you think this is governent technology?

1. All of my experiences have been in isolated areas.

2. First pair of white type ufo orbs................. Not scared, just frozen stiff like my mate with stunnedness.

Disc, a bit stunned, especially when the steps cam down. Not really scared but enough to leg it behind a wall and wait til it went, we didn't have the guts to move to the steps and walk up them.

Maybe the white angle grinder angel type ufo orb was real weird, especially after following the pair of amber orange types began morphing into different shapes, getting real freaky, then when we looked up and were totally encicled by about twenty pairs of same coloured orbs, yellows, res, whites, greens, amber/oange's yes felt trapped from above, then when the radiant white mothership that roared like an elephant donned us four times we ran off down the track four times and a fifty pence piece yellow type came strutting its shoulders towards us so we let out a beam from our communicator and it ran off itself. Yes we were pretty scared that we were being abducted. When we got back to the tent the light show had basically ended bar one amber/orange type ufo orb, BUT we were rained on by something resembling a very fine candy floss substance that came down very slowly an disappeared on contact with the ground. I knew nothing of 'Angel Hair' before this encounter. We saw the orbs again 5 days later when we went back but no repeat of the mothership. Pretty scared this time, they had us surrounded at one stage.

Fly by of rhombus shaped ufos, a dozen or fourteen of them flyig in snake like formation, one following the other, almost silent but a slight hum, as one moved forward it would move to the left and the following to the right but they all swang left to right when moving forward on some type of pendulum effect, real weird, all were same type of machine, had lights on them and looked metallic/made by someone or something. These were possibly future planes not yet in the public realm like the stealth bomber being seen in the late 70's and not confirmed by the USA until the 90's. Wow they were amazing, if the USA has that sort of tech then I feel very sorry for any competition. Scared? No not really, just watched a beautiful fly by that was amazing.

3. Do I think it's government technology? Rhombus type ships - Possibly. Discs - Possibly, but on both counts probably not. Ufo orbs of all types and colours, no I really do not, they have been seen since the 'Star of Bethlehem' and before. They are plasma like and not anything like man made. Radiant white mothership - No absolutely not, it's straight out of the Bible, the Merkhava, that leaves gods food Manna............................................. That was our god in the sky zooming around in my opinion

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posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 02:19 PM
a reply to: STEEM

1; no
2; no emotional reaction. no fear. i was interested.
3; no

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 05:24 PM
a reply to: STEEM


These sightings make mine seem insignificant and hardly worth mentioning but..

1st..about 1998, 2230hrs ish, Waitakere, Titirangi, West Auckland, above the Nongotaha pumping station.

Outside with a group of friends and saw what looked like two horizontal carousels, opaque, not solid, white and rotating in different directions but through each other in a mist that had formed above approx the station. They stayed in that spot for at least 20 min until others got bored with it and we went inside. No cameras and no cellphones with cameras back then..doh

2nd.. about 2001, Kariotahi beach, West of Waiuku, Sth Auckland, approx 1900hrs summer.

Broken cloud about 2000ft asl. Looking skyward as I often do, glimpsed a silvery angular object tumbling a few hundred feet above the cloud cover. Only saw it twice briefly as it past through the gaps in the cloud going in a sw to ne direction at about 100 kts.

3rd..Late July, 2015, approx 0245hrs,Whakatane,

Broken cloud about 1500ft asl. Just getting out of my car after a security patrol, glanced back down my drive way 275 deg true, and noticed what looked like a really bright orange street light about 20 deg above the horizon, slowly moving in a ne direction towards me. Distance about 7km.
Had my camera in the car just for these occasions (Nikon P600) but knew by the time I got it and set it up object would have disappeared into the building cloud that was going towards the object (dam it), so just watched it instead for about 20 sec.
Interesting as when it started passing the cloud cover, the cloud cover diffused the brightness of it and for a second it looked circular. I presumed this was a typical orange orb often seen. Also it seemed to float in random way but i thought that was my eyes doing a bit of wobble. It was only doing about 50kts as far as I could tell.

4th..2015 During the last Perseid meteor shower, approx midnight, Waiotahi beach, Opotiki.

Just getting out of the car for a smoke etc, looked skyward ,clear as night, looking for meteor activity and from about 20 deg due east to 20 deg due west a bright white light flashed between those to points so fast it lasted about quarter of a second, solid bright no tail or sparks. Speed 100,000 kts total guess. This one could have been a meteor bouncing off the atmosphere, though Ive seen so many of those, this was different.

What I tell people, if look often enough you will see something eventually guaranteed. Also Ive found over the years is many people see things but tell no-one until someone else mentions it.

Feeling..awe, dont see the point.

One day Im going to catch one on film and post on ATS I promise.

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