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Full Interview: Kim Davis Talks To Megyn Kelly About Gay Marriage Licenses

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posted on Sep, 28 2015 @ 07:40 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

Are you Ok with the way people "Redefined" Marriage into something Religious, when it was never meant that way?

posted on Sep, 28 2015 @ 08:06 PM

originally posted by: deadeyedick
My words do not take anything away from anyones marriage but only points you to the greater than government realm where things like love are accounted for and highlighting the fact that the love is between you and yours any does not benefit or rely on government.

hmm... in many of those religious vows, it's only the husband who takes the vow to "love" the women takes the vow to honor and obey... ya know, sometimes one cannot be obedient and love at the same time??
and yes, you are trying to take something away from some people's marriage. within this statement, you seem to say that there is greater love within those marriages that are religious and is lacking in others that are not. you are coming off as if you think that your way is superior and therefore deserving of the title MARRIAGE, while everyone's else's aren't. and since you don't like the idea of gay marriage you seem to think that we should demote those other marriages to something much less than what they are. and you seem to think that couples who have fell IN LOVE in their youth, MARRIED, without all the religious pomp, brought their children into the world and raised them to adults, and have settled back and are enjoying old age together should just suddenly change the way they think of their marriage, the way they fill out their gov't forms, ect, just to please you religious quarks.

any one can be MARRIED... it just takes love and devotion.
gov'ts can and do put restrictions and offer perks when it comes to marriages, and well, if you want your marriage to be acknowledged by the gov't, then you have to fall into their definition of what marriage is and meet their requirements.
and religious groups also will acknowledge marriages if you meet their requirements and do what they require to be acknowledged by them.
but mormon cults enjoy polygamous marriages without gov't acknowledgement that are in their brand of religion. and athiests enjoy marriages without religious acknowledgements without any acknowledgement from any religion. and I would bet that there are many couples living together without either religious or gov't acknowledgement that have more love and dedication to each other, that fit the word marriage than many couples that were married in the church.
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posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 09:27 PM

originally posted by: Boadicea

originally posted by: deadeyedick

Well Kim tells how in January she wrote all her representatives above her in ky. and asked for them to provide a solution to the problem she seen coming.

That was probably her first mistake -- believing that her superiors would do the right thing under the law. She made a target of herself for those who want to twist the laws for their own purposes. She had ever right under the state and federal Religious Freedom Restoration Acts to request reasonable accommodations. Her rights were trampled in the worst way. And the assault continues.

She states that she received only one response. Just that fact alone puts this event in a different light.

This shouldn't be new information. I was discussing this a few weeks ago with a few others, and this was among several things we couldn't pin down because the information just wasn't available. The MSM was working overtime to push an agenda... big on propaganda, short on facts.

Megan also interviewed the couple that decided that the only way they could find love in their 17 yr relationship is to single out a person that disagrees with their union and force their way of life upon her. That folks is just not right.

I have no doubt that they are working with others, perhaps even with the governor, to target Kim Davis to set legal precedent and case law -- no matter how many rights they have to trample in the meantime. Unfortunately, too many people are too quick to throw her rights away because they don't think she should have those rights... much the same way too many people were too quick to throw away gay marriage rights because they don't think gays should have those rights.

I have been recently questioned of my view that these issues are decaying our morality and this is the decay i speak of. Going out of your way to force someone to do something just out of revenge for yrs of suffering is no way to proceed.

Force is always the first sign of a violation of natural rights.

ETA: Here's a link to the transcript for those who cannot or don't want to watch the videos. The Kim Davis interview begins about halfway down the page:

'Kelly File' exclusive: Kim Davis speaks out about time in jail; couple denied marriage license shares their side
Excellent post

posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 09:33 PM

originally posted by: Annee

originally posted by: deadeyedick

they made it clear that jacking with kim was more important than their love

Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins, who live in Lexington, Ky., said they decided to obtain a license in Rowan County because Carmen grew up in the community and wanted to show locals that it's OK to be gay.

Yes, they have that right.

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