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Little Girl Pleads Pope for Immigration Reform

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posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: antar

Not at the cost of taking the entire Middle east who HATE the Western worlds they are being "allowed" into, and seem to forget it.

That has nothing to do what I was addressing.

a reply to: harvestdog

Yes, but that does not excuse the people breaking our laws to get here

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: harvestdog

How does the Vatican feel about immigration? I mean REALLY feel about immigration?

The Vatican, for its part, welcomes millions of visitors a year — but allows only a very select few, who meet strict criteria, to be admitted as residents or citizens.

Only about 450 of its 800 or so residents actually hold citizenship, according to a 2012 study by the Library of Congress. That study said citizens are either church cardinals who reside in the Vatican, the Holy See’s diplomats around the world, and those who have to reside in the city because of their jobs, such as the Swiss Guard.

Spouses and children who live in the city because of their relationship with citizens — including the Swiss Guard and workers such as the gardener — can also be granted citizenship. But that means few of the Vatican’s citizens are women.

A Vatican spokesman did not return an email seeking comment on its policy.

Vatican has most restrictive immigration policy

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 01:58 PM
ROMAN catholic church......because they always were and still are the legs of Iron of the statue in Daniel 2.

they have never changed......they are a conquering power.....the whore who rides the dragon.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 01:58 PM

originally posted by: buster2010

Seems to me this little girl is being fed some crap to eat.

Being taught that people should be treated with dignity is crap to you?

She can have a future here, she is American. Her father on the other hand doesn't even speak English.

There is no law saying you have to be able to speak English in America.

What really pisses me off is that Congress would give this guy a day on the floor.

The Pope preaches peace and love so it pisses you off that he spoke to Congress I can't imagine how mad you were when that war mongering Nazi Netanyahu spoke to them.

These activists are seriously deluded to think we give a flying # what the Pope says or thinks.

I think you will find that more Americans agree with what the Pope says than disagree.

He ought to mind his own business and stay out of our Capitol.

Seeing how he is a political figure he has just as much right to come to our capital as any other political figure. Actually it's nice to have someone come here and not try to get us to go someplace and kill people.

YES, you are right on many levels! BUT, you seem too have ignored just one thing. Her parents are doing something that is openly illegal and putting this child into that situation. I don't care what the girl said or what "crap she was fed"---almost all children will agree with their parents while they are very young. But it is illegal behavior that causes problems--big ones. There is a correct way to enter this country--it is harder, yes, but such is the case with most things that are done correctly.

I am no Donald Trump, but there does come a point . . . when people have to ignore their soft spot and open their eyes to wrongdoing.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 02:04 PM
My father once said:
"One you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing nobody."

If we continue to let people illegally cross our borders, the economy will take a hit. That is a fact, and I am more than willing to give historical examples to back it up, if this fact becomes disputed.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:56 PM
But but...think about the children...LOL Pleading with the pope as a little girl she was screwed to begin with. Now id it was a little boy i t might had went diffrently.

Seriously though for all the popes good deeds it still falls short.

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