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How reality works

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Reality is built on intentions. Intend that something should happen, and reality will comply and bring it into existence. You, as a conscious being, have the ability to shift the universe around as you desire and to construct new structures of reality into being. You are god. We are god.

Take a look at the society as an example. You can think about all the cities, roads, buildings, streetlamps, bureaucracy, business, the economy, currency, science, machines, etc in a different way.

Think about them in terms of agreements of reality. Through thousands of years of civilization, genetics, the unconscious, and how you are conditioned by society at birth, these agreements have formed. We all agree on these constructs of reality, and therefore, they are the same for all of us. It's not the absolute reality! There is no absolute reality! When science makes discoveries, it is not unraveling absolute truth. It is learning and creating truth as it applies to us, to fit in with our beliefs.

The universe is like a computer program, and we are all programmers updating and adding to the source code at once. Creation and destruction are the basic universal forces.

On a personal level, in your daily life, you have exactly the same laws in effect. If you feel powerless and fearful, then indeed, you will attract more of these qualities into your life. The universe simply follows your directions, without hesitation. It is up to you, and you alone, to create the kind of life you desire. If you want to be more wealthy, make the intention to be more wealthy, do not sit and cry at being poor!

You influence reality even when you are not aware of what you're doing or that you're doing it. Your subconscious and unconscious minds hold vast amounts of memories, hidden thoughts, secret desires, beliefs, biases, unresolved questions left over from previous experiences - these influence the outcome of various events in your life and narrow down the field of possibilities accordingly.

Testing out this hypothesis is easy. You should not believe what I say if I simply say it! And you should definitely not discount it either. You do not need impressive scientific tools and credentials to test this out, because this is such a basic fact of living! You only need to look at yourself and see where your life's events have been influenced by your expectations and intent. You can also test this theory out by making intentions and seeing if they materialize in your life.

Physics is beginning to integrate this fact into theories - the outcome of an event is changed if you perceive it - this has been proven on a subatomic level. A physics professor once off-handedly answered the old paradox: when a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer, he said, is that the tree is standing and falling at the same time - if there is no one to see and determine an event, it cannot happen.


If this is so simple and obvious, why have people been blind to it for millenia? Why has society lived thinking that we live in a chaotic universe where we have no control of events, where we are powerless over our lives, where things just happen and you jsut have to deal with it?

For a long time, humanity has been conditioned not to think, to let religious and political authority decide the course of people's destinies instead of taking control over their lives. It's so much easier to let someone else do the decisions. However, if you do this, you are giving away your power of creativity - the precious gift of being able to add your own code to the universal computer program! What could be more important?

Humanity is awakening to this fact right now. It is beginning to question itself. It is beginning to wake up from its slumber and suddenly wonder what is really going on here. Why has humanity cut itself off from itself, from the universe? Why have we given our power away to priests, pharaohs, presidents, kings, queens, popes, dictators?

Humanity has been like cattle, fenced into its pen - we've let our freedom be taken away in exchange for a scheduled, rigid existence. Those who have power over us are sharpening their butcher knives. Do you want to continue to live as a powerless, dumbed-down cow?

Will you accept ever-better, tastier distractions in order to remain blissfully ignorant? Faster cars, bigger televisions with brighter pictures? Tax holidays, Christmas bonuses? Will you let yourself be microchipped, programmed, turned into a machine? Because that's the direction we are heading in. We are close to letting ourselves be tagged like cows, we are close to letting ourselves be tracked anywhere on the planet. We are already programmed and conditioned through media and fear. Look at the "war on terrorism" and how fear is used to control the masses. Look at the advertisements screaming at you from every street corner. Look at the people around you, running after promises of a false paradise. Look at their glee when they're doled out their morsels of calculated happiness - a shiny new SUV, a glowing new entertainment center, a more realistic video game - why even go outside, it's better than life!!!


Over millenia, we have let our most precious gift be taken away - we have let our creativity be stolen from us. Our ability to create new levels of reality, to contribute to the universe, to be in power of our existence - these have been steadily eroding, and we have not realized this until now.

Will you let yourself be controlled? Or will you take control instead?

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 12:45 PM
there is some truth in that. for example i do this all the time, I get to thinking about a movie i havent seen in a long time, and i want to see it, i flip on my tv and there it is.... or its coming on in a few hours... but it is true one has the ability can shape the entire universe... but do you know how to use that ability? most people cant, they are too narrow minded. and through media and loss of faith... its hard to stop to think hard enough to change anything...

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 01:14 PM
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind explains the quandry you may have with reality and naming conventions. In particular study and understand fullly his "metaphrand-metaphier, paraphrand-paraphier," model of language and how we size reality, if you will.


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