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A Serious discussion about 'spirits/entities/ghosts'

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posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 05:38 AM
Good morning ATS, Hope you are all well.

OK so my topic today stems from my experiences as a young kid through to my teenage years, I will try and document each experience as best as i can remember, and end with my personal thoughts on the matter.

OK so the typical past of the times, father was an asshole who drank too much, spoke with his fists and did nothing for the family, so alas we moved into a different house, me my mum and my sister, and eventually my mum remarried and my stepfather lived with us too.

Throughout my younger years i always felt a presence with me, at all times, however I could never really discern whether or not this presence was malevolent or benevolent, or just the active imagination of a child.

Then the things started to happen.. (age 4-9)

I would be playing with my blocks, little wooden cubes and oblongs and the likes, and they would move by themselves, and not in little amounts either, they would fall over, move around and even fly across my room. The heating vents in my wall would slam shut, doors would open for me and close by themselves (which initially i thought was my sister taking the p*ss).

At night i would hear movement around me, like sliding across the floor getting closer and closer to my bed. Being so young naturally I would absolutely brick myself, turn over, hide under the covers and sleep (why do people always fall bk to sleep after these things? another question I'd like answering)

So this continued until the point it was natural for me. At night I would climb out of my bed, look under it and say goodnight to the "thing under my bed".

Jump forward a few years to me age 10. My stepfather suffered a heart failure and unfortunately died. A couple of weeks later we were unable to afford the mortgage so lost the house, and me my mum and sister moved into a big area of maisonettes.

Ok this is where things started to really get whack (for lack of a better word).

These maisonettes were your run down council maisonettes complete with a colourful community of punks (of the music genre kind), alcoholics, drug addicts cross dressers and oddballs. As crazy as it sounds it wasn't the people that made it bad, they were great.

Ok so now im closing in on 11, about to start high school and my life is busy, no time to think about 'ghosts' and what i witnessed when i was younger. My sister was now 18 and moved in with her friends so it was just me and mum. I'd go to school. come home, go into my room and usually play with my toys, or paint warhammer figurines (still never played that game to this day). Mum would be in the music room on her keyboard recording music most of the time.

Whilst in my room I started to notice that old familiar feeling of being watched, and at the same time my mum was hearing voices coming through the speakers of her keyboard, humming along and things like this. We would never really shrug any paranormal occurrences off, we would always discuss them with friends and family, sharing our strange experiences.

Then started one of the most frightening periods of my life, and to this day it still gives me goosebumps.

One night i woke up from my sleep with a feeling that there was someone standing next to my bed, like a feeling of a presence very close to me. Being a badass teen I refused to show those feelings of fear and decided I would turn round and face whoever was there, possibly following up with a left hook. So i turned over.

Standing right next to my bed, watching me, was a man, an older man. Just standing there looking at me. I try to this day to remember a face but with all my encounters, it seems like i am unable to focus in on features. Granted I freaked out, screamed and ran into my mums room to tell her what was going on.

Now thankfully my mum has never been ignorant to things her kids are saying, so she listened to me and calmed me down and we went to look. The thing was now gone and I reluctantly got back in my bed and went to sleep, not forgetting. The day after I took my mums old sunbed, you know the ones with the rectangular wooden frame, tube lights, held into the wall with chains. Well i put that over my bed, and i put a blanket over it so i was in my own little cave, I thought that would help.

Every single night i would wake and i would know he was standing next to my bed, i could feel him. One night i accidentally went to sleep without the blanket over the sunbed and i saw him again. By now this was affecting my sleep and my schoolwork.

One night a friend came over, my friend David. Now David was huge, almost 6foot by this time. Naturally he wasnt really afraid of much, however he was a gentle and sensitive person. So this night, we are recording key 103 (how many remember that?) from the radio in the music room, and we are stood on the landing (upstairs walkway for anyone who isnt English) leaning over the bannister listening music, when all of a sudden i hear David let out the most awful scream ive ever heard. I turned to see what he was screaming at only to witness this absolutely towering figure, easily 6'4, absolute blackness of a figure just walking past us and into the bathroom, as if a shadow was an actual person.

We freaked out heavily and ran downstairs to the living room and told mum what had just happened. David was so freaked out that he wouldn't walk from the living room to the front door to go home, we had to escort him and slightly drag him there so he could go home, he never came back.

By now my mum had really had enough of what was happening in our house, and she got in touch with paranormal investigators to see if they could help. A team of paranormal investigators took up our case, and agreed to come to our home and do some tests. I was sent away to stay with my mums friend at the time. Being so young my mum told me that the paranormal investigators found nothing, and refused to tell me anything transpired, which later in life she admitted to not wanting me scared, here is what my mum says happened in her own words.

The paranormal investigators arrived around 7pm, and instantly a female member of the team started to feel ill, saying she had a really bad headache, she had to lie down on the couch while the other members went upstairs. My mum and our next door neighbour Vicky (big punk lady) stayed downstairs with this lady who wasnt feeling great.

Footsteps and banging and running around could be heard upstairs, and in my mums words "It was like they were runnin about with a racehorse" this continued until 3am and eventually the team came down. My mum asked them what the hell were they doing upstairs, it was noisy, and they told her that they did nothing but sat in chairs with their recording equipment, and they heard nothing. The lady from the team who was lied on the couch clarified my mums story and told her team she too heard all the noise. Eventually they packed up and said that they will be in touch.

A few weeks later they called back and said that they have both audio recordings and video recordings of what went on in our house, and that if she wished, they would send her copies. She did not want to see the video recording and told them she has to live there and didnt want to see something and be scared to live at home, so they sent her their results and an audio recording.

continued in next post..

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 06:06 AM
So the audio was sent to my mum, and so was a copy of the teams results. They told a story of a man by the name of Jacob Waitley, and how he lived where our place was located, in a windmill (my road was called windmill road). His grandaughter fell down the stairs in the windmill and broke her neck and died. On the audio Recording, a sound of a rocking chair can be heard, constantly creaking, then all of a sudden there is a huge *SIGH* which my mum said totally freaked her out. The explanation we got was this man Jacob Waitley was watching over me at night, like i was one of his children and he was protecting me, but there were other spirits in the house, and one of a lady who seemed quite angry. All the while bare in mind i did not know all of this, the only thing my mum told me was that the guy was watching over me and not to worry. (Easy right?!)

Anyway after they left, that's when things got rather nasty.

Ok so one night I'm lying in bed listening to music, staring out my window into space, when I get a feeling that my curtains are going to move, so my attention shifts to them. As it does my curtains fly open with such a force that they almost came off. I literally screamed and ran into my mums room. I told her i was'nt going to stay in that room any longer. We agreed to move my bed into my mums room. Now keep in mind im in high school, im no little boy anymore, but im that scared I want to sleep in my mums room. Even reminiscing about this is freaking me a bit. That night, my mum woke up and right in front of her face, but upside down, coming out of the wall, was a lady, a lady with "the most evil angry face i have ever seen in my life" Mums words. My mum shouted, waved her arms and turned on the lamp, after she calmed a little she said she went to the toilet and when she came back, i was being dragged out of my bed by something. she dove onto me shouting "you are not taking my son!" at which point i woke up thinking what the hell was happening.

She instantly called the paranormal investigators back and told them it has got really bad since, and they asked had my mum changed anything in the house. She told them my bed was now in her room because of what happened, and they told her that " 'they' dont like that, you will have to change it back. At this point we looked for another place to live, unsuccessfully, until the council decided they were going to make new houses on this land, and paid everyone £2000 to find new property and decorate etc. Me and my mum, out of the probable 200 people in them 2 sets of maisonettes, were the last to move out.

The last ever event i had in that place was after we moved out. We had recently changed house, same area, and I wanted to obtain my cat scratching post I had left in the flat. I asked a group of friends to go with me, friends that knew my stories of ghosts, and wanted to 'check out some scary sh*t' with me.

We arrived at the maisonettes, all the windows had metal plating over them, all the doors were boarded up except for one, a few doors down from ours, its board was partially broken. Now as some of you know, and some of you don't know, in maisonettes, a fire safety precaution is to have a breakable square of wall from one flat to another, in the event someone is trapped in a fire, they can easily break through to next door. Its usually located in the master bedroom. So we entered into the flat a few doors down and decided we would make our way through the breakable walls. So in we go, first flat, through the wall, so far so good. Next flat, awesome, this is easy. We get to the flat next to ours, and we hear a bang. We all look at each other in that excited but scared way teenagers do, and we start to scurry a bit quicker. We get into our old flat and its absolute darkness downstairs. Noone would go with me downstairs to get the cat scratching post, so i braved it and ran downstairs. As i did we hear the banging again, louder and louder, getting closer, like someone with stone shoes was charging through the flats. I got the post and ran upstairs and seen my friends jump out of the window, they didnt even factor in that we were at the top of maisonettes, they just jumped, landed in glass, didnt even care, got up and ran. Im the last to get out the window, with this cat scratching post in my arm, and the sound is right behind me now, its right there behind me. I didnt even look i just jumped out that fu**ing window and ran for my life. I never went back.

Now to this day I have never had any extreme experiences like that, but I have never forgotten. It was the initial thing that got me into noetic sciences and all the awesomeness of the quantum world, as my research into this matter led me away from 'A dead person who hasn't crossed over because...' I no longer personally believe they were ghosts. When i refer to these stories now, i refer to them as entities, and I believe that there are entities we cant perceive normally, but during our times as children, we function in generally an alpha and theta state of brainwave activity. I believe this is very important as to what we perceive. I also think that states of high stress, anxiety and sadness increase this type of activity, as clearly i was going through a turbulent time in my life.

So there are my experiences, as best as I can remember them, and my personal thoughts on what i think happened. Im 30 years old now, and still to this day don't have conclusive definition of what they were.

So ATS, what do you think these entities are? what are your experiences, and what do you think is the best way that we could study this particular subject?

Thank you very much for your time.


posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: pr0ph3t

I've watched a lot of paranormal investigation shows. I've also had friends and family who have experienced very strange paranormal activity. All of that information has led me to believe the "entities" as you so well put, are exactly that. I, however, believe them to be part of the fallen Angels in the bible, simply meandering about, giving the illusion that there's some kind of purgatory. Some say "demons" but I simply call them what they are. There is also speculation that they might be remnants of the Nephilim, the abominations that were created between the fallen Angels and humans procreation.

One thing is certain, there is "something" beyond our immediate comprehension that is just outside our grasp. There IS most definitely a spiritual/dimensional realm that we don't have direct access to. That being said, I don't think we want access to it, because it's controlled by dark entities. I've not ever heard of a case where a ghost/poltergeist story wasn't either manipulative or severely negative.

I'm really glad you got out of that house.

I should add that I've had my own personal experience with shadow entities that would watch me when I was younger. I don't remember it too well, but my mom remembers on several occasions when I mentioned them. Once I became consciously aware of my own self, I never saw them again. I vividly remember some time around 4 years old when I became conscious of my own actions, no longer in "baby mode" so-to-speak where everything was reactive and automated.
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posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:30 AM
My friend's car broke down on an old country road miles from home . Back then there were no cellphones. It was around midnight. We had no choice to start walking. It was just a one lane dirt road almost all the way home. Dense woods on each side.
We had been walking fro about 15 minutes , when to our shock a man in his 40s just appeared with us. I have no other way to describe it.He asked if he could walk a while with us. Once past the surprise we said ok. Long story short , we were almost home when he said thanks for the company , and was no longer there . No ,he didnt walk away . He just wasnt there .Later , my friend and I were talking. It never came on us to ask his name , we had never seen him before or since. And both of us talked about the feeling of peace we had as he was there with us

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:44 AM
a reply to: Gothmog

I love Angel stories. A long time ago, there were these two women walking home, when they parted to go to their own houses, one of them was raped. When the rapist was asked why he didn't try and rape the other woman, he exclaimed that there was no way he was going to take on the huge man walking with her.... She was alone...

I've heard lots of stories like that over the years. I think it's nice to know that we do have advocates on the other side as well.
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posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:52 AM
Many will reject this as a hoax and it is because they have never experienced a supernatural event. One main reason why some refuse to believe is because it would rule out their beliefs in the spiritual world which would also include the possibility of a supernatural being we come to know as God. All atheist do not believe in God which includes ghosts, demons, angels, the entire supernatural world. By getting them to believe would destroy their beliefs.

A couple of reasons why man can not see God:

John 4:24 - God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth."

1 Corinthians 15:50 - Now I say this, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed,…

I hope more people post their supernatural experiences.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 08:10 AM
a reply to: Aedaeum

All of that information has led me to believe the "entities" as you so well put, are exactly that. I, however, believe them to be part of the fallen Angels in the bible,

Thanks for the churchian perspective, all ghosts are the devil… thats so old and tiresome. People have spirits, too. You are a spirit, ghosts are just people without bodies, some still haunt the places they lived. That mean old man ghost (whose daughter 'fell' down the stairs), was probably an asshole in the flesh, too.

He finally got his way, selfish bastard, even in death he still drove others away from his property. There he probably sits to this day, guarding his boarded up house from everyone who gets close.

What a jerk, scaring little kids half to death. May he rot there, all alone, he deserves it.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 08:57 AM
Some people call them ghosts some angels others call them ET's or spirits kids call them secret friends! You should read Dr Karla Turners book masquerade of angels. She's dead now but has researched this topic for years and suspects governments are aware

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 11:52 AM
Wow, that is some story, thanks.

a reply to: pr0ph3t

So ATS, what do you think these entities are?

I think those entities may have been souls who, for some reason or another, have decided to stick around the Earthly plane.
Maybe the gentleman you witnessed was a relative who stayed behind to help guide you through life. I'm not suggesting that you are, but, if you perceive these things as negative, they will manifest in that fashion. Think positive whenever possible, and next time send any entity you encounter the feeling of "unconditional LOVE." Ghosts need LOVE too.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 03:56 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. I don't believe they are spirits of people passed, nor do i think they are biblical, i tend to stray away from mainstream explanations as it seems they are just a quick go to reason without any substantial evidence. I am borderline skeptical when it comes to these subjects myself, even though i have witnessed all this. Its a baffler!

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