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It's time for another Reformation.

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 11:31 AM
Martin Luther, where are you now? I sometimes must revere the Germans, for they have been, if anything, advocates of bold reforms and revolutions. From Luther and the German Reformation that brought Europe out of the Dark ages, we have firmly established that Christian Liberty is superior to the authorities of the world.

In this era, in the final stages of these times, we again see the rise of a global authority, with whom the forces of darkness agree and compliment in power. The nature of this authority is such that it seeks to displace both State and Religion, and implement a system of interdependent economies.

This system is the New Church, it has become the new governing authority of the world, and it seeks to establish itself over all nations, peoples, and tongues. I say "New Church" because it is a whole way of life called consumerism and is the product of merchantmen and luxury. It is called the "mother of all abominations" because it is creation of the world and its powers, it is the construction of the enemies of righteousness. Righteousness was never obedient to the world and its authorities, for the authorities of this world have never been righteous.

Our lesson from the German Reformation was nature of global power, and what it does to mankind. It becomes an authority of its own, and discards the principals and ideals of its foundation in favor of the politics and things of this world.

More could be said concerning the spiritual power associated with worldly affairs, and how the invisible forces that surround us have combined with this new global power, and seek to hurry it along. Perhaps that is because these invisible forces prey upon human consumption and vice, and this new global system generates it in great abundance.

This is why I draw the analogy between this present day, and the time of Martin Luther, who challenged the authority of Rome and its hold over the people of his world. Our American ancestors did the same thing against the tyranny of England, and because of their fortitude and bravery they won Liberty and Sovereignty of Reason.

The key is Liberty. Liberty was the cause of Luther's reformation, and Liberty was the cause of our foundation in America. Liberty, dwelling in the hearts of many of us, remains the greatest threat to the authorities of this world.

This is why the authorities of this new global order have conspired to weaken and enslave our people, to make them ignorant and dependent. Our Liberty - Our treasured inheritance - remains a threat to them and their designs. Strong, free men do not surrender themselves to the will of the masses, nor do they accept another’s rule over them.

Their design is for the combination of all monies and powers into a system of thinly veiled plutocracy. They seek to make a whole new order of power, that exceeds governments, nations, and constitutions, and causes the population of the earth to forsake all virtue and reason in favor of material consumption.

This becomes the new religion of the people; they become docile and sated, and no more develop their minds. So plentiful are the luxuries and distractions of this new world order that human nature atrophies, minds shrink, and evil rules entire populations because the strength and excellence of its people's spirit wanes and weakens.

The nature of evil is such that it exerts an active force against the minds of the people, and if the nature and spirit of the people becomes weak and corrupt, then evil can dominate the minds and lives of the people, forming giant combinations and group-minds. In such conditions human misery and vice multiply, such that the structure of civilization itself sags and rots.

Even as the Old Roman Church became the servant of the authorities and powers of darkness and materialism, our "new world order" is the same. What worse is that this new order is "secular", which in this instance means "amoral" and there is no philosophy or reason behind it. If you carefully study it, it does not ever champion Liberty or independence, or even reason, but "democracy" and economic policy.

It really is just an elaborate system of buying and selling. It needs populations to service it, in exchange for a consumer paradise. This is your new church, and your new creed.

So again I call on you Christians, it is time for reformation. Again your Liberty is threatened, your sacred inheritance! These merchantmen, these thieves, have plotted against your liberty, your faith, and your nation.

One day, perhaps when my generation and I are older, we will nail our own 95 theses to the door of our churches, and re-affirm our right of Liberty, and Self-determination, and the sanctity of our nation from the filthy and envious foreign powers that have combined against our national sovereignty.


posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 08:14 PM
i think your observations of this new world system have accuracy in them, if it continued to run its course, it would be a system perfect to allow the negative lower frequency and evil emotions of the lower realms, to work through and around people more so than is happening now.

the system you describe would be a haven for negative/evil emotions, with confused/tricked people as slaves to the lies of negative emotions and thoughts.

[edit on 1-1-2005 by MysticOfRadiance]

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 03:07 PM
That is an excellent point. I call such energies demonic, but perhaps they are not entirely so. They seem to be simply of a lower order of energy, which has the effect of degraading human minds and spirits.

The effect of consumerism is a whole population of lower-energy beings, who become disinterested in any mental pursuit, or spiritual understanding. Eventually they become hostile to the human mind itself, and persecute those who are spiritual. That is how the kingdom of Satan grows.

The NWO promises to make a whole world of consumerist nations, so the net outcome of NWO policies is a degradation of the human race on large scales. Eventually, this will cause nations to collapse and much bloodshed.

That is why I so strongly oppose materialism and globalism, and the rise of the merchant class to power.



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