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'NORAD And The UFO Smokescreen'

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posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 12:40 AM

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 12:45 AM
The government is involved in the UFO phenomenon.

I've personally had physical contact with the Nordics and seen he spheres and had a close encounter with one flying out of Mt Shasta.

Because I'm so vocal about it even though the Nordics I let told me to keep my mouth shut in waiting for a knock on the door.

Let me tell you they will get a serious confrontation when they do.

posted on Apr, 25 2016 @ 01:14 AM

originally posted by: Constance
a reply to: Gothmog

Yes, and it continues. The earliest examples of ufo activity over atomic and nuclear sites that I've read about took place over the Hanover nuclear fuel production facility in Washington in 1941. There is probably a thread here concerning the recurring sightings at that location for many years.

The earliest report I see Karl Has linked is a 1944 Hanford report

but still curious about the 1941 report mentioned.

I have a report from Hanford in 1945. Please let me know if you have an earlier one and source if possible.


Mid-July, 1945

Case report from NICAP files

Radar detected a fast-moving object that was in a holding pattern directly above the Hanford plant. It was extremely high and the pilots couldn't see it at first. As they rapidly increased altitude the pilots all spotted it at about the same time and headed directly for its position.

None of them could recognize it, but they could see it well from their vantage point. It had a saucer-like appearance, was bright, extremely fast, and very high.

The F6F had an operating ceiling of 37,000 feet, but on this day they exceeded that considerably and still couldn't get close enough. It didn't make any overt moves, gave no signals, just hovered there as if observing, staying well enough out of reach.

When some of the engines began to fail, and fuel consumption got critical, the planes returned to base one by one, and the strange craft disappeared as quickly as it came. The six F6F "Hellcats" made visual contact with the object described as the size of three aircraft carriers side by side, oval shaped, very streamlined like a stretched-out egg and pinkish in color.

The witness who filed this report said that some kind of vapor was being emitted around the outside edges from portholes or vents. The object was observed at noon in a clear sky at an estimated altitude of 65,000 feet. After hovering in a fixed position above the Hanford Nuclear Reactor for an additional twenty minutes, the object disappeared going straight-up as the six Hellcats limped back to the Pasco Naval Air Station (Washington).

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posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 07:22 AM
Hi all.. My Part 7 of NORAD and the UFO Smokescreen is now out..

posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 07:41 AM
Karl12.. you mentioned on another part of this site that you had docs or references to NORAD not showing any interest in UFO reports after 1965. Have you got anything you can send me. Youll be credited for sure.

posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Of course, the claims that there is no risk from UFO's could actually be true, even with clear reports of them - if they were the work of other agencies within your military.

The contradiction isn't much of a contradiction when you look at it this way.

They're not considered a threat because they're US experimental craft being caught in test by other pilots who know nothing about them.

Pretty much every credible story I have seen regarding UFO's tells me the US government is not "in league" with Aliens, it's simply testing its own experimental aircraft.

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 02:43 AM

originally posted by: PaulJamesDean
Karl12.. you mentioned on another part of this site that you had docs or references to NORAD not showing any interest in UFO reports after 1965. Have you got anything you can send me. Youll be credited for sure.

Hi mate, haven't had free time recently but thanks for the message, is this post you mean?

If so then JGJ brings it up in the interview below and is a member here - will certainly have a good rummage around for any documentation when time allows.

All the best

posted on May, 31 2016 @ 01:54 PM

posted on Jun, 3 2016 @ 06:20 AM
a reply to: PaulJamesDean

Thank you for such an excellent and interesting piece of investigation. I should think this is of great interest to anyone who has even a passing fascination with this subject matter.

I don't know if you still follow this thread, but I thought I would ask you two questions which have intrigued me a bit. Maybe you, with your seemingly considerable knowledge on this topic, could offer some insights.

First question: What is your feel for the reasoning behind the effort to keep this data under wraps, if this is indeed the case as seems to be indicated by your research?

Second question: Are you aware of any other entity that might have similar data to what NORAD might posess? I am thinking both civilian agencies and agencies of other countries with comparable technologies to that of the United States.

In advance, thank you for any reply and keep up the good work!

Anyone else with insights are, of course, welcome to chime in.



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posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 08:46 PM
Hi BT.. I actually better explane.. I am very hopeless with computers and media like this site, and all of them. I have no idea about replying to one ''post'' or replying to all of them at once and who can see what and all this stuff. I am WAY better at email. I am at and Ill answer everything you want and more.

To answer your first question is complex. I can do that via email. It goes back though to embarrassment, confusion and lethargy, and operationally sensitive information (identification methods for aircraft that are novel or unique, radar outage schedules, etc). One thing that I have learned is that NORAD, and others, make decisions that involve often large numbers of directorates and subordinate cells, and if even just one or two officers/committees/units or whatever find a legitimate reason to keep records classified, then the whole lot of them will salute that decision. So, you may have a dozen committees and units and even single officers who are happy to declassify some specific records, but if there is just one reason not to, the whole bunch of them will agree with that process. Anyway.. The second question you ask is far more important. NORAD is large, and they are one of the prime US commands that raise and store data, plus write policy and such, on 'unknown tracks' and 'NORAD Remaining Unknowns'. But they are interoperable with the wider USAF (esspecially Air Combat Command, 14th and 20th Air Forces, Air Force Space Command (esspecially 21st and 30th Space Wings and the various missile/space warning squadrons) and also the Federal Aviation Administration (who they sure the Joint Surveillance System) with. Also, NORAD and the other space components work in Canada and the RCAF are as much a part of NORADs overall mission as say the USAF is (except on budget and fiscal matters, etc). Wider still is NATOs Air Defence Ground Environment (NADGE) based throughout Europe and run from bases in the UK, Germany and Belgium. They work, independently from US agencies in a geographical and war fighting sense, but are also made up of assets from US agencies too. I could go on and on. There is no way to describe this here. I can send you records up records that have never been seen.. that do deal with UFOs.. that have been received by me after heavy FOI work.. I have published a lot of this on my blog of course.. But there is an absolutely huge amount to do..

To be honest...... I could, with what I have now, publish 50 more large posts on NORAD and I still would have more to do.

There are some bombshells coming too...

Just so I know that people have access to my work.. Here are all blogs on NORAD publsihed so far--

Email me at

posted on Jun, 13 2016 @ 11:30 PM
Here we go Karl, declassified AAF files on 1945 Hanford UFO intrusions -



23 January 1945
SUBJECT: Daily Diary (Period 1600 22 January 1945 to 1600 23 January 1945).
TO : Commanding General, Army Air Forces, Washington 25, D. C.
(Attention: Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Training).

. . . .

2. Air Defense Measures at Hanford Engineering Company SECRET

Resulting from an unidentified aircraft flying over the Hanford Engineering Company Plant at Pasco, Wash. on at least three nights in the past month (this Company is engaged in undisclosed projects for the War and Navy Departments) this hq was requested by WDC, about ten days ago, to move one Btry of searchlights from Seattle to the Pasco plant.

The Thirteenth Naval District has made arrangements for Naval Air Station, Pasco, to employ both radar and fighter aircraft in attempting interception of these unidentified aircraft.

The airspace over the Hanford Company is both a Danger area and a Restricted area.

Our battery of searchlights has been in place since 15 January; one incident has occurred since that date in which a brief radar contact was made - attempted night interception again failed.

It is understood that WDC has obtained permission from War Department in this instance for the Navy to fire on such unidentified aircraft as can be intercepted over this area.

The U.S. Army Commanding Officer at the Hanford Project was called by this Division and agreed to release the searchlights this week, however, he desires to withdraw only approximately half of the battery; i. e. one platoon of six lights.

This proposal was passed to both 4th AAA Command and WDC who concurred and instructions have been issued to withdraw one Platoon this date, the other platoon will remain approximately one week, depending on further incidents.





25 January 1945
SUBJECT: Daily Diary (Period 1600 23 January 1945 to 1600 25 January 1945).
Two-Day Period
TO : Commanding General, Army Air Forces, Washington 25, D. C.
(Attention: Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Training).

1. 1. Commanding General's Office. UNCLASSIFIED

Major General Charles R. Parker assumed command of the Fourth Air Force effective 25 January 1945.

. . . .

3. Security Measures, Pasco, Washington CONFIDENTIAL

a. "Danger Area" over Handford Eng Co.

At the request of G-3, Western Defense Comand, Hq Fourth Air Force has, through the Seattle Control Group, sent special notification to: (1) CAA, (2) Ferry Command, (3) ATC and (4) Navy, as well as to Fourth Air Force bases in the Northwest, re "Danger Area" to flying, over the Hanford Eng. Co, near Pasco, Wash. This same information is carried in Chart 2 of the "Weekly Notices to Airmen" for 11 January 1945. Naval Air Station, Pasco, Wash, has WD authority to fire on unidentified aircraft intercepted over this "Danger Area."

b. Request for Night Fighters at Pasco, Wash.

Western Defense Command and Army Commands represented at the Hanford Eng Co, Pasco, have informally asked Hq Fourth Air Force for one or more night fighter aircraft to be based, temporarily, at Naval Air Station, Pasco, for employment against the alleged "bogie" which has been detected by radar on several nights in the past three weeks. Presumably, such night fighters as we might furnish would operate under Naval GCI Station at Pasco. Decision is being withheld pendng more definite information regarding this incident.


These sightings are in addition to the July sighting posted earlier.

Quite understandable that shoot em down orders were given since work on the A- bomb was still 6 months away from completion.

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posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 03:41 AM
Some very interesting reading there mate - Hanford truly has had more than its fair share of freaky UFO incidents over the years -would be nice one day (when time allows) to make a thread on it.

Part 9 is up!

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 12:33 PM
Pretty fascinating (and extremely relevant) video with Paul Dean, Lee Speigel and John Greenewald Junior discussing military UFO reporting procedures, NORAD and 'OPREP 3'.

The military has claimed they have no interest in UFOs and say they do not investigate UFO cases. However, through the Freedom of Information Act, investigators have uncovered several documents that would indicate UFOs have been of interest, and that the most important files were most likely never made public.

Regardless of whether one believes the UFO phenomenon is real or not, what is clear from the Air Force's own records is that they have taken at least a hand full of UFO reports seriously since 1969, despite claims to the contrary, and they do not seem to feel obligated to share this information with the public. We at Open Minds feel differently, and will continue to bring you our findings and share with you the findings of others digging for the UFO information the Air Force seems reticent to share.

posted on Mar, 31 2018 @ 12:39 PM
More info on 'OPREP 3" - previous sections linked in article.

OPREP-3" - A Classified US Military Reporting 
Channel For UFO Incidents?
Part 9

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