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'NORAD And The UFO Smokescreen'

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posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 04:02 PM

originally posted by: BiffWellington

originally posted by: game over man
So why can't any amateur astronomers see these events?

They can, and they do.

My comment was a slight sarcastic jab on previous threads and endless debates that there are no UFO's/Alien Flying Saucers because amateur astronomers would see them. There are many people on ATS who strongly hold this opinion. FACT.

posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: Aliensun

Speaking of "Fastwalker," I was in contact with Ron Regehr a few years ago and he confirmed that his DSP satellites have detected UFOs and he even described one of the objects to me personally, which told me that another space surveillance system was involved.

posted on Sep, 27 2015 @ 10:45 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Also brought up are the subjects of JANAP 146 procedures and CIRVIS reports as well as info taken from official government documentation involved in cases such as the Flight JAL 1628 incident, the SAC Base flyovers and other historical cases - according to Mr Dean the documents 'establish that NORAD, even so long ago, was very much concerning itself with serious UFO sightings made by US or Canadian forces, and any claims to the contrary are absolute nonsense'.

Since a UFO overflew my base in Vietnam in 1968, I have been very interested in UFOs. Amazingly, after leaving Vietnam, I was assigned to Hill AFB, UT, which was involved in the investigation into the Malmstrom AFB Minuteman missile/UFO incident because Hill AFB was the depot of the Minuteman missile. UFOs have affected other SAC bases as well.

One of the Air Force officers who wrote a report on another UFO incident at Malmstrom AFB, was Lt. Col. Lewis D. Chase, who is the same Air Force officer whose RB-47 was chased by a UFO over multiple states.

posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 07:27 PM

originally posted by: Constance

Paul Dean also writes at the end of the third blog you linked that there is more to come at his blog site on this subject:

"In my next blog post I will be discussing the current and ongoing efforts by myself and UK researcher David Charmichael to get to the bottom of how NORAD currently handles the UFO matter. Stay tuned."

The more cracks in the cover-up that get exposed the better. Dean refers to 'thousands' of such cracks in documents that he and other researchers obtained through the FOIA window while it was open. Dean is bringing the details forward now. It would be good to see the development of a website presenting all this, linked to Robert Hastings's site concerning UFOs and Nukes.

Certainly look forward to that Constance and it really is a great shame that window isn't open anymore - apparently the Bush administration made several changes to the 'interpretation' of the FOIA laws and, as early as 2003, the Department of Justice actually held meetings 'to train FOIA officers how to keep more information from being disclosed under FOIA' (link) so it looks like they've got things sewn up pretty good.

Still lots (and lots) of very interesting government UFO documentation to go on and certainly agree with you about the nuke/atomic connection -there's some specific info about Hanford nuclear plant UFO sightings here on Easynow's thread and even as far back as Captain Ruppelt's Bluebook tenure they appear to have made the connection.

Also found Robert Hasting's work on the 1966 Minot Air Force Base documents very intriguing as it's reported the place experienced some extremely strange UFO incidents in 1967 and 1968 as well.

originally posted by: Gothmog

There were always UFO flyovers of SAC bases. Ask anyone that has been to Eielson AFB or Shemya island with Big Martha. They got tired of scrambling the interceptors in the late 70s early 80s

Would love to hear more about that Gothmog but unfortunately I'm in Europe, if you've got any links then post away and would also be interested if the interceptors were ever equipped with gun camera (as there's never been a single frame of gun camera UFO footage ever released).

As for those Sac base overflights, it's not in its entirety but Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood's classic book 'Clear Intent' is freely available here and contains some further info - NICAP's Francis Ridge has also wrote a very interesting article below.

The Night NORAD Went On Top Alert

posted on Oct, 17 2015 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Thanks for posting that vid mate, hadn't heard that one before -never heard of the code words 'Uf-con' or 'F-con' either but you never know. Also found it interesting that he mentions all the UFO info gets sent to Fort Meade in Maryland which does tend to pop up quite a bit in UFO research (also home to the NSA) -doesn't really help that NORAD is completely exempt from the FOIA due to the espionage act and it being a 'binational organization'.

Could be nothing but there's also some interesting reading in this Huff Post article about the USAF, NORAD and deleted passages from official documents.

Air Force UFO Rules Vanish After Huffington Post Inquiry

..As recently as early September, Air Force members who came across anything they didn't recognize were told to note "altitude, direction of travel, speed, description of flight path and maneuvers, what first called attention to the object, how long was the object visible and how did the object disappear?"

Eyes in the sky and on the ground were commanded to treat a UFO as they would if they had seen a missile, hostile aircraft or unidentified submarine.

All details were required to be included in a report to NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), which protects the airspace over the U.S. and Canada.

On Sept. 2, The Huffington Post made inquiries to the Air Force about the UFO directives. A spokesman said he'd arrange an interview with an appropriate officer. But before the interview was set up, the 111-page instruction manual was revised on Sept. 6, and the UFO instructions were deleted, as were other portions of the document..


originally posted by: skyeagle409
a reply to: Gothmog

I have been aware that UFOs were flying over the Alaskan region for years. JAL 1628 is an interesting case. About two months later, a gigantic UFO came close to an Air Force KC-135.

Skyeagle good to see you posting here mate! When it comes to the other Alaskan sightings there was also yet another one on the same day but unfortunately all the links have now been removed (post) - there was also a thread here dealing with Vietnam war era UFO incidents but the video interviews with Larry Workman, Don Delano and Roy Haye have also been taken down.

posted on Nov, 7 2015 @ 07:27 PM
Part 4:

NORAD And The UFO Smokescreen - Part 4

In recent months I have established that the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) have been, despite claims to the contrary, involved in the core “UFO phenomenon”. I have highlighted over a dozen pages of legally declassified and officially released US and Canadian military documents that show – in undeniable black and white – that real UFO events have come to the attention of, if not plagued, the staff and systems that make up the formidable NORAD behemoth.

posted on Nov, 7 2015 @ 08:28 PM
I remember walking across a parking lot at night and seeing a ball of light come down from the sky and split into 4 balls of light and loop back up into one ball of light and go back up into the clouds, I also remember sweeping the parking lot out in Sacramento when I worked the night shift at a 7-11 and looking up at the sky and seeing a star blink out, I followed it and it was a cigar shaped craft when it went in front of the moon, it was close enough to freak me out and I went back inside the store. I don't need a guy in a 3 piece suit to O.K. what I saw, I know what I looked at and that's good enough for me.
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posted on Nov, 11 2015 @ 12:18 PM

posted on Nov, 12 2015 @ 04:56 AM

originally posted by: WhoWhereAndWhen


Care to elaborate a little more on that one?

posted on Nov, 12 2015 @ 05:35 AM
Awesome thread Karl 12,

A dear family friend who has since passed on, was the chief ATC in my home town in the 60's when I was young, who told me about seeing a saucer land on the runway and sit there for 20 minutes. He called his boss who instructed him to divert traffic and wait for it to leave, and then forget about it and tell no one and nothing written or reported further.

He later was promoted as chief controller for Santa Barbara INTL then LAX, and then Phoenix and finally Tucson until he retired. He was a really awesome guy as well and a very tough old guy. He was a hand ball champ and nobody he ever played could ever beat him. His name was Jay Olson. What he told me appears to still be the standard operation of the FAA regarding incidents with unknowns like the Chicago incident shows. The pattern of denial is sure the same. Whenever he talked about what he saw he got very serious and talked slow and deliberate about it. I trusted him as 100% reliable, and he was.
Some people don't believe anyone is 100% reliable, but that's only because they themselves have never achieved relationships with people like that because their own development in life has remained stunted and ignorant of higher principles and value systems that some people achieve because of personal honesty and moral and ethical incorruptibility based upon a lifetime of dedication to those very principles, which inevitably can and does lead some to be able to discern the real truth from the false.

I believe you are someone who can appreciate that, and wish there were more who could understand those things in relation to what it means when weighing the value of testimony and how certain witnesses can destroy years of disinformation with the report of a single story. The work done by those mentioned in your OP definitely do that as well!
(I love it when that happens)!

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Skyeagle good to see you posting here mate!

Thank you! I have been very interested in UFOs after my sighting in Vietnam in 1968. We thought that it was a jet in afterburner but when it passed over the base, it was very clear to us that the object was not an airplane of any type.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 05:45 AM
I am Paul Dean.. I am the one taking NORAD to task.. There are more blog posts now.. And I have no idea how to use this site.. lol..
a reply to: karl 12

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 05:55 AM
a reply to: PaulJamesDean

Glad to have you here...if you truly are who you say you are, and I'm sure you are. To add, that will be the last time I use the word are today, as I've reached my daily limit.

Looking over your blog, quickly mind you, you've put together quite a bit of information on NORAD.

Have you ever been contacted by one of their representatives, and if so, what was the Tone of that interaction..?

Either way, thanks for fighting the good fight, and hopefully you stick around and give some solid input on the subject.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 06:09 AM
Im the guy alright.. I have another 12 or 15 or who knows how many blogs to do. There is WAY more to come out yet. Then I move on to the old US Space Command, the current US Stratigic Command, the 614th, the Joint Functional Componants for Space, the 7th MWS, the 21SW Op(s), etc.. a reply to: BestinShow

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 07:00 AM

originally posted by: PaulJamesDean
Im the guy alright.. I have another 12 or 15 or who knows how many blogs to do. There is WAY more to come out yet. Then I move on to the old US Space Command, the current US Stratigic Command, the 614th, the Joint Functional Componants for Space, the 7th MWS, the 21SW Op(s), etc.. a reply to: BestinShow

Looking forward to it...I'm assuming the information regarding the above entities will be geared towards cover-ups and disinformation, but any chance you got more, like what Gary McKinnon found regarding non-terrestrial officers..?

If so, you win the Internet...

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 06:58 PM

originally posted by: PaulJamesDean

I am Paul Dean.. I am the one taking NORAD to task.. There are more blog posts now.. And I have no idea how to use this site.. lol..

Honour to have you on the thread Paul and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say keep up the very good work.

When it comes to 'observations of unknown objects' did see this UFO statement that might be relevant.

"There was something definite in the sky...If it had proved to be hostile we would have destroyed it."

Major Gerald Smith, USAF--One of the F-106 pilots scrambled under orders from NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) to investigate a UFO over West Palm Beach, Florida on September 14, 1972. The UFO was viewed through binoculars by the FAA supervisor, George Morales, sighted by an Eastern Airlines captain, police and several civilians, as well as being tracked on radar by Miami International Airport and Homestead AFB.

UFO Statements

This one from a few years back is also a pretty intriguing one.

The Washington, D.C. Jet Chase 2002

In an incident that is awash with conspiracy theories; NORAD and the Air National Guard picked up an unknown object that entered Washington’s restricted flying zone on 26 July 2002. As the object’s track caused concern, F-16’s were scrambled to intercept the object but the pilots claimed that they saw nothing when they arrived on the scene—the object also disappeared from radar. At the same time in Maryland several witnesses saw a fast-moving bright blue light in the sky; the witnesses also said they saw jets pursuing it at high speed. According to NORAD, that was all that transpired and they view the matter as closed. But, according to the witnesses more than 2 jets were in the air which indicated that the scramble was unique; one dipped its wings on approach as if to communicate with the unknown object and they also claim that the jets trailed the unknown object but the object flew too fast for the jets to keep up. The event featured on FOX news as well as the Washington Post.

10 Mysterious UFO Incidents Confirmed By Radar

originally posted by: PaulJamesDean

There is WAY more to come out yet. Then I move on to the old US Space Command, the current US Stratigic Command, the 614th, the Joint Functional Componants for Space, the 7th MWS, the 21SW Op(s), etc..

Certainly look forward to it and, when it comes to undisclosed UFO info, did think MUFON's John F. Schuessler made a mighty fine point here about ending controversy and the mass of information awaiting release being 'phenomenal' - also, when it comes to data sets and DEW line would dearly love to know what happened to the radar report in this case where a unknown 'domed' object emerged from the ocean and flew alongside an aircraft witnessed by 31 passengers and crew (am not holding my breath though).


posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 08:17 PM
a reply to: skyeagle409

Hola SkyEagle I remember discussing the UFO subject with you over on another forum and you certainly know your stuff - when it comes to gov docs and UFOs over Nuclear installations thought this was a nice article (shame it would never get printed nowadays) as it mentions the 1975 SAC flyovers and reports of a football shaped reddish object over Loring Air Force base.

UFOs: What's In Secret Papers?

a reply to: NoCorruptionAllowed

NoCorruptionAllowed, certainly do appreciate it mate and many thanks for sharing the account.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 08:48 PM
I used to live in Colorado Springs with a clear view of Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD) from my back patio. I saw at least 4 crazy UFO events that cannot be explained by conventional aircraft or known technology. I saw an orb (White) as bright as the sun come from behind the mountain (late afternoon) shooting upward (Not downward, which could be construed as a meteor) and went from Horizon to Horizon in 2 maybe 3 seconds.
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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 08:18 PM

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 06:02 AM
More from Paul Dean on reporting procedures, CIRVIS reports and possible censorship.

There are some new leads regarding the mysterious removal of special UFO reporting procedures from official United States Air Force (USAF) doctrine. In October, 2011 Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post published an article titled “Air Force UFO Rules Vanish After Huffington Post Inquiry”....

In regards to raw CIRVIS reports, it is important to be aware that North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) is the prime recipient when a CIRVIS report is made. Apparently, all CIRVIS reports end up there, or, are held briefly by regional Air Operations Center’s (AOC) on NORAD-dedicated systems as needed.

United States Air Force Continues To Duck And Weave Over UFO Reporting

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