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Destruction of the "Aryan Root-Race"?

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 04:59 PM
Since I can't edit, I've fixed the errors from the first post, in a new post:

"Now I don't know what the deal is with the whole "Root Race" concept; nor do I necessarily subscribe to it.

But you may just find yourself agreeing with alot of this(the bold parts at least).

It was written by Samael Aun Weor(Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez) a Hispanic man(Columbian by birth but of Mexican nationality) who founded the Modern Gnostic Movement.

He and his wife Guru Litelantes established Gnostic Lumisials all throughout Mexico and South America.

Many of his followers consider him to be the Avatar of the Age of Aquarius.

From The Doomed Aryan Race(A.K.A. The Solar Bodies) by Samael Aun Weor:

The great authors of modern Anthropogenesis such as H.P.B., Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel and others, committed the very lamentable mistake of supposing that in their epoch they were in the Fifth Aryan Sub-race of the Fifth Aryan Root Race, as if the Latin-American people did not exist, as if the Latin-American were also Anglo-Saxon or Teutonic, or something of the sort.

It is an absurdity to ignore the racial phenomenon of Latin America; by all means, it is logical to see that from the mixture of the Spanish Conquistadors with the Indo-American tribes, we get as a matter of fact and by its own right, a new Aryan Sub-race, that is, the Sixth Branch of the Aryan Trunk.

The labor of forming the Sixth Aryan Sub-race in the Red Native Skin Territory (USA) was more difficult because instead of mixing themselves with the native indigenous people, the English Conquerors destroyed them; they assassinated them. Thus, in North America an insignificant amount of blood mixing was performed between the two peoples causing enormous difficulty for the formation of the Sixth Aryan Sub-race. Therefore, the Occult Fraternity who governs the fate of the world foresaw the necessity of converting the North American territory into the Melting Crucible of all Races. This is why all of the Races of the world are integrating within the United States.

The authors of Anthropogenesis and Occultism should not ignore that the Sixth Aryan Sub-race was easily formed in Latin America.

The Seventh Aryan Sub-race is the last to exist. The Seventh Aryan Sub-race will exist until the end and will be among the survivors of the Great New Cataclysm that will very soon destroy this Aryan Root Race.

Powerful spiritual civilizations from the First Aryan Sub-race existed in those kingdoms of Central Asia, in the countries of Gobland, Marapleicie, etc., which were situated in the heart of Asia and that presently have vanished. In the Himalayas, around the country of Tibet, only their ruins exist.

Formidable esoteric cultures and tremendous civilizations existed in Pearland, (the sacred land of the Vedas, the ancient Hindustan) as well as in the entire regions of southern Asia where the Second Aryan Sub-race developed.

Babylon (before its decadence), Chaldea and its ancient mysteries, Egypt and its pyramids, were all scenarios of very rich and powerful civilizations created by the Third Aryan Sub-race.

Athens, the great city founded by the Goddess Athena, Rome (before its degeneration and destruction), were the marvelous scenarios where the powerful civilizations of the Fourth Aryan Sub-race developed.

The First and Second World Wars, with all of their barbarism and moral corruption, aimed their accusatory fingers at the men and women of the Fifth Aryan Sub-race.

South America is the scenario of the Sixth Aryan Sub-race since their cousins, "The Gringos" from North America, are still extremely Anglo-Saxon by majority.

Presently, instead of evolving, the Aryan Root Race [this entire humanity, in every country and place] has devolved, and its corruption is worse than that of the Atlantean Root Race. The Aryan Root Race's malignity is so great that it has reached unto heaven. Therefore, this Aryan Root Race will be destroyed, so that Ra-Mu's prophesy (which he uttered before the submergence of Atlantis) will be fulfilled:

"If these people forget that they should not amass material things, not only for their own progress, but also for the generosity towards mankind, the same fate will surprise them."

...It is indeed impossible to deny that we presently live in moments of global crisis; in the history of our Aryan Root Race, there have never been such terrible moments.

Woes and weeping are heard everywhere; executions are occurring the world over; unhappy people remember their beloved relatives with supreme anguish as they waste the last moments of their life in hard labor camps; widows with children who die of starvation, etc.

The entire Earth is filled with armies and wars; rumors of wars are heard everywhere.

The present chaos is awful; nonetheless, the tyrants, while seated on their blasphemous thrones, uselessly intend to establish a "New Order" based upon blood and drugs.

Paris, as a Great Harlot, continues wallowing in its filthy bed of pleasures. London has become a new Sodom; it even intends to establish the legal bond of matrimony between homosexuals. The United States of America has fallen into a collective madness, because they have not only destroyed other countries, but moreover, they are also destroying their own. China, the venerable China of Confucius and Lao-Tse, has fallen as a prostitute in the arms of Marxism-Leninism. China has imported a corrupted doctrine from the Western world; nonetheless, they have declared themselves "enemies of the West."

The Third World War is inevitable because the ones who planned and performed the First and Second World Wars are already working very actively in order to make the Third World War a reality. The Third World War will be millions of times more horrible than the two former World Wars.

Any sense of pity has disappeared. Today it is considered a luxury to have a heart of stone, a flint stone heart. Many schools and colleges teach their pupils that charity is weakness and that they must never give alms. This is how the students become perverse and cruel while sitting at their desks in school.

The moral epidemic of the so called "Rebels without a Cause" fell upon the entire humanity after the Second World War; these rebels are the children of the "New Age" who without God and without Law go around organizing gangs. Everywhere and anywhere they go about killing, hurting, raping, getting drunk, etc., and the governments cannot control them.

The gravest part of these "Rebels without a Cause" is their state of Absolute Moral Irresponsibility. When they are taken in front of the tribunals, they do not know why they have killed, why they have hurt others, and worst of all is that they don't even care to know why.

The sublime world of art has reached the maximum degree of degeneration. The Temple of Art has been converted into a whorehouse; it has become a brothel where homosexuals, drug addicts, alcoholics, harlots, assassins, thieves, etc., search for refuge.

Human corruption is so great that even homicide has become an art form. Moreover, the breaking point of madness is the fact that there presently exist organizations for assassins and an abundant amount of literature on the art of assassination.

All branches of present day art acknowledge lust, alcoholism, drugs, homosexuality, blood, horror

In this day and age, classical composers are seen with infinite despise. To play Beethoven or Mozart in any modern festivity signifies the general withdrawal of the guests.

The Four Blasphemous Clowns (the Beatles) from the degenerated music of England were endowed with the mark of distinction by the Queen of that Empire. The idiotic multitudes even kissed the ground that they walked upon.

Everywhere there abundantly exists assassinations, robberies, infanticides, matricides, parricides, uxoricides, assaults, rapes, genocides, prostitution, hatred, vengeance, sorcery, merchants of souls and merchants of bodies, greed, violence, envy, pride, arrogance, gluttony, love of luxury, slander, etc.

Indeed, the Aryan Root Race is a rotten fruit, a fruit that will fall from the Tree of Life by the weight of its own rottenness.

[edit on 6-8-2005 by Tamahu]

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 05:48 PM
Samael Aun Weor wrote in The Pistis Sophia (with the comments of a certain individual-of whom I will leave anonymous-in parantheses):

The Great Illuminated Beings (the White Lodge), that is to say, Sabaoth, fight in order to make the multitudes of the Left (the egotistical humanity) comprehend the crude realities of the facts. Unfortunately, the multitudes of the Left think that they are doing everything very well. (therefore they reject the Doctrine of the Christ, especially as expressed in the Fifth Gospel, the Christic Doctrine of this Age, the Doctrine of Samael)

This terrestrial Aryan humanity has reached the maximum of perversity. (and is a total failure, because the Monad cannot incarnate in them)

The Aryan Humanity frightfully devolves in this instant of mundane crises and total degeneration.

This devolving Aryan terrestrial humanity is entering into the submerged mineral kingdom (the Klipoth) in surges.

Human beings will destroy each other amongst their own selves in a horrifying way if the expected cataclysm is delayed too long.

Unquestionably, the ego becomes more and more complicated as time passes.

The complicated ego becomes terribly malignant.

Frightfully, this Aryan terrestrial humanity has already failed and will become more and more perverse with time.

To live normally upon the Earth will be something more than impossible within a short period of time.

Malignity will be so great that within a short period of time, human beings will in fact, have two thoughts in their minds: first, to kill and second, to be killed. (which is already the case in so many places around the world)

Soon, death, assassination, vice and perversity, multiplied to its maximum, will reign within every home at the rate in which we are going. (which is already the case in many places)

The great catastrophe that is expected has converted itself into an urgent necessity.

Only the great catastrophe can save us from the most horrifying terrors that the ego will let loose over the face of the Earth. (because humanity is not changing for the better)

We presently have no more hope except for the universal blazing Fire.

With the Mysteries of the Light-Kingdom, Christ is the Virtue that departs from space. The Intimate Christ, expressing Himself through the perfect Man, is always the Master who teaches. (in this case through Samael, the Regent of Mars, the Real Man (Monad), who taught the complete path through his son, Samael Aun Weor)

Christ always speaks. He is the Verb who shows us the danger. The Word of the Lord has already warned us about the present time and the catastrophe that is approaching.

Before the great catastrophe, wars, hunger and sicknesses will multiply and horrible atomic holocausts will destroy this perverse civilization of vipers.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 03:53 PM
The seal of the Irano-Aryan language or the oldest sister language of the later Indo-European or IE. languages including Hittite, Greek, Italic, Germanic, Celtic, and Slavic language families, and the seal of the Irano-Aryan creed, was Zoroaster, who, according to the Greeks, Romans lived in the year 8000. Zoroaster's composition of the Irano-Aryan language and creed is important, monetarily, because Zoroaster's vocabulary and larger concepts such as monotheism, have preface over its, latter, imitative, Indo-European sisters, since the world of Intellectual Property or IP. For example, the Irano-Aryan words, Xod-a, and, azem, are the older sisters of the words, God, and, I. Mazda, was the Irano-Aryan concept of "the all good supreme being responsible for everything," which was transmitted into Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.

For more information go to
Irano-Aryan Roots and Intellectual Property Forum

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 01:30 AM

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