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Ferret and the mountain top

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posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 06:20 PM
Once there was a magical ferret, he lived under the floors of house built by a troll on a mountain top. Every day, the troll stomped on the floor tile above the ferrets head, and screamed;"one day ill get you!"
But everytime the troll stomped, the mountain moved a little bit. The troll never noticed but the magical ferret felt every move.
The magical ferret, only wanted a place to be, and asked the troll, what can i do to make you let me be?
"Make my every wish come true", the troll replied. The ferret looked at the troll, and said, every wish i make come true, you must stomp three times on the exact spot where i tell you too.
I want sheep to fit the valley below, the troll wished;
The ferret did his command, 350 sheep came out of nowhere, at the valley bellow. And the ferret said, jump three times, so the troll did, and on the third jump the mountain moved more than ever. The troll never noticed, so he did another wish; I wish for a castle on the mountain top, so the ferret said, close your eyes count to three. So the troll did, and a castle appeared, the ferret said, jump three times, so the troll did and the mountain moved even further. The troll filled with pride, wished for all the gold in the land. His castle filled to the brink, and the ferret said, now jump three times. So the troll did, and the mountain broke off, fell down and buried all his wishes. The ferret looked up and said the ground still stands where it was. But the three hundred trolls in the land heard of this and gathered, what have you done, ferret. - I made his wish come true, the ferret said. So the threehundred trolls looked at each other and said, we will catch you. And the ferret dissapeared into thin air, and said. I never hurt anyone, i see, i feel, but yet you see me as a monster, the fantasies i give is nothing more than giving a life ahead. Yet this is your world, mine is above. So i beg of you leave me alone.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 01:19 PM
a reply to: Hyperia

If I were in the place of the ferret I would be a porcupine.

The troll would have learned his lesson with only his first stomp.

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